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Top 10 Countries Famous for Animals Cruelty

Top 10 Countries Famous for Animals Cruelty

Animals are loved by most of the people in the world while some of the fond of keeping them as pets. Animals are there for love and very loyal to their owners especially dogs and cats. Most of the people have strong love feelings for their animals and love to pamper them by purchasing special pet food for them and providing them with all the facilities they need and train them as well. But not only love, but some cruel people are also there in the world who behaves badly with the animals. The wrong practices done with the animals are not advocated by anyone except animal welfare association. In the 20th century, some special rules are made for the rights of animals and special rules are given for taking care of them. It is said that people should not treat animals as their property but love with as their family members. Animals are present in almost all countries but some countries have set bad examples for treating their animals badly and have made the reputation of their country bad.
The following are top 10 countries where animals are not safe and are treated badly in the world:

10. Netherlands:

List of Top Ten Countries Famous for Animals CrueltyNetherlands is famous for the stories related to cruelty to beasts in large number from the last decade. This country is mainly famous for the trading of sick animals and some other fiends which include cats, geese, ducks, etc. A known Dutch artist called Tinkerbell was also in the news for killing different beasts in the country. In some recent years, the Dutch government has introduced some strict laws for the protection of fiends against the cruel behavior with them which is implemented strictly now in the whole country.

9. Greece:

Top Ten Countries Famous for Animals CrueltyGreece is the country which has strong examples of animal cruelty and abuses there. Every single passing day there comes with many reports of cruelty with the animals especially dogs and cats which are given poison by the people and are slaughtered as well. In past, this country was also involved in giving poison to the innocent fiends especially to the little kittens and putting them in plastic bags. Recently, it was also reported the brutal killing of a turtle and was found by the police there which was of rare species.

8. Romania:

Top Ten Countries Famous for AnimalsRomania is the country where their citizens treat animals in the very bad way. Romanians are famous in the whole world for slaughtering the beasts and then selling them on the market. Most of the tourists there have also witnessed calves hanging on the tree with their head down the earth, and many fiends are also seen swimming in the water with their blood which is killed by the locals there. Sometimes people also observe the killing fiends without any reason brutally.

7. Bulgaria:

Top 10 Countries Famous for Animals CrueltyBulgaria is among those countries which have a high practice of slaughtering animals straight away on the roads. Bulgaria is famous for the torturing of fiends. Most of the people have given poison to animals like dogs and cats. Their reports are also with the police, but no one has taken reaction on them. It is known as the main tourist’s attraction which has also witnessed the cruelty of people with their animal’s even pets. Another practice is very common there which is mutilation of dogs, and most of their citizens are involved in that.

6. Venezuela:

List of Top 10 Countries Famous for Animals CrueltyVenezuela is the country which is famous for some extreme practices of animal’s cruelty which includes cats, dogs, etc. There are many reports which show that cruelty to animals is quite a common task there and with all types of beasts. People there not only kill animals but also torture them with different ways especially the ones who have lost any competitions or playoffs. The news was very viral on the internet which has shown the video of a local there who has twisted the tail of beast till it died which has shown the whole world their cruelty.

5. Egypt:

Top Five Countries Famous for Animals CrueltyMost of the people will be shocked to see the name of Egypt in this list, but it is common practice there. The examples of cruelty are common there not only by adults but young people as well. They have also involved in torturing the fiends. The news came in which 6 years old boy was caught his kitten which was dropped on the ground by him and his leg was broken in this accident. It is said that Egyptians is the worst nation when it comes to treating animals. They have recently established new rules for their protection rights which are implemented these days as well.

4. Spain:

Top 5 Countries Famous for Animals CrueltySpain is the most beautiful country which is also the main tourist’s attraction. But animals in that country are totally in distress because of badly treated by their owners. Some of the families there have also slaughtered their pets. There are many reports that people there have killed dogs brutally, cats, and pigs as well. A teenager was also famous on the internet when he was torturing his kittens till they died and also cutting the heads of pigs which is shocking for all the readers.

3. China:

Top Three Countries Famous for Animals CrueltyChina is very well developing country and rich as well but still not developed for providing rights to animals. Several reports have been submitted from 2006 in animal cruelty. They are killing animals only to get their skin to make different products. China is the country which produces the largest number of coats with the skin of beasts by killing them. They also catch the fishes especially and remove their internal organs even when they are still alive. They also have many videos while torturing birds and fiends which are very viral on the whole internet.

2. Australia:

Top 3 Countries Famous for Animals CrueltyAustralia is famous for the slaughtering of animals. People living there are famous for killing animals with different ways and beating them as well. They have many worst examples of cruelty there by the citizens of Australia. It was once reported that an Australian was reported giving electric shocks to a bull till it died. It went viral on the internet which has shown that this nation is very violent.

1. Japan:

Top Country Famous for Animals CrueltyJapan is one of the Asian countries which are known for the cruelty of animals. It is very well developed country but treating fiends badly especially when they are alive to torture them. Almost 300,000 domestic dogs and cats are killed brutally by the citizens there. Recently, protection has been launched for the animals which are now providing those homes and picking the stray ones from the roads for their safety.

Countries Famous for Animals Cruelty – List

Sr.No. Names Capital
1 Japan Tokyo
2 Australia Canberra
3 China Beijing
4 Spain Madrid
5 Egypt Cairo
6 Venezuela Caracas
7 Bulgaria Sofia
8 Romania Bucharest
9 Greece Athens
10 Netherlands Amsterdam


Animals are loved by everyone, but some cruel people treat them badly. All the countries explained above have a bad reputation in treating the animals there and killing them. All of them have a bad reputation in the world which is a bad thing about them. Recently some of them have launched animal protection rules for them which are being implemented as well for their safety.