Best River Cruise Ships

Here we will talk about top 10 best river cruise ships in the world. Cruise ships are very large and luxurious. As these ships travel in the water, so the main purpose was to make them comfortable and luxurious to make the passengers’ experience more happening. The trend of cruise ships in the world is from the past, but very few were available but now from 2014 their trends are continuously increasing so is the number of cruise ships in the whole world. The latest cruise ships are unique and innovative to provide them all the luxurious facilities. Every cruise ship comes with some new features, and people are attracted towards them. As people have to travel on these cruise ships for many days so, it should be made comfortable and relaxing. The facilities provided in them are luxurious and modern. These cruise ships are very expensive one and not affordable for everyone due to their high charges for the facilities given to the people. These cruise ships come up with limited capacity to which they can accommodate the passengers to provide them all luxurious facilities properly, and they can live there comfortable. It is difficult to assess which cruise ship is best as compared to other, but it will be considered by some facilities and décor of the ship.
The following are top 10 best river cruise ships in the world:

10. Holland America Line`s Vista Class:

List of Top Ten Best River Cruise Ships in the WorldHolland America ship is the one which provides a simple plus traditional experience to the passengers traveling in it. The programs and the activities for the kids are extended continuously to make it more attractive and refreshing for them. It further has 4 more ships in same size and facilities and is also named as the best one in providing kids facilities. Most of these cruise ships are used for going to holidays on private islands and to play with the water toys like dolphins, whales, etc. It is very safe and kids friendly cruise that have the capability to amuse the people.

9. Ventura:

Top Ten Best River Cruise Ships in the WorldVenture was the cruise ship that was started in 2008 and only operates on the routes of England. It was further extended and modified in 2013 to make it more modern and equipped with all facilities. It is also famous for providing the biggest kids club in the whole world of voyage ships with large pools and small dip pools on the deck for the youngsters. As voyage ships are used on holidays and to provide the best and long term experience there. It is the best one to enjoy the family dates.

8. Carnival Breeze:

Top Ten Best River Cruise ShipsCarnival Breeze is the new one introduced in the world in 2012 and is very large. It is the perfect for the families to enjoy more by restraining to their limited budget. It has water parks in it with the waterslides, water twisters, and funnel rides, etc. The food facilities there are also very exceptional to enhance the experience of the people, especially their breakfast is very famous and luxurious. It is the best option to travel to the desired destination while enjoying the whole journey as well.

7. Royal Princess:

Top 10 Best River Cruise Ships in the WorldThe Royal Princess is the cruise ship that was introduced in 2013 in the Caribbean with some new features and entertainment. It is considered as the most luxurious and fine option for traveling in winters. The pastry gallery on the ship is very tempting which covers almost hundreds of desserts in it. It also has an outdoor lounge and swimming pools and also some sports area for the football and basketball. It is the very beautiful ship that is decorated and designed perfectly to provide the memorable experience.

6. MSC Divina:

List of Top 10 Best River Cruise Ships in the WorldMSC Divina is the cruise ship that travels in the river of Europe and was introduced in 2013. It is very luxurious one that has the stairs covered with the Swarovski crystals and throughout marble flooring and glittery one. The deals given to this voyage ships are unbeatable and best one. The water slides there and the parks are loved by the people. They offer outdoor dinner facility on the deck with some evening entertainment for the people is the main attraction for the people traveling in it.

5. Queen Mary 2:

Top Five Best River Cruise Ships in the WorldQueen Mary 2 is very well organized and the best cruise ship available in a river for the perfect family holiday. It mostly travels on 8 day trip from New York to Southampton. It is loved by the youngsters there who are full of entertainment facilities that include computing games, songs, competitions, and dances. It is also famous for the romantic experience to the people in evening. Their buffet of this cruise ship is very famous and covers almost all types of cuisines in the world.

4. Celebrity Cruises Millennium Class:

Top 5 Best River Cruise Ships in the WorldCelebrity Cruises Millennium class is very sophisticated one traveling in the sea. It offers the best welcoming gesture to the passengers with kids. It has further four ships with the same facilities and size and it was recently upgraded to provide best and latest, facilities to the people. It also has Xbox and other latest technological products for the kids in it and some arranged game theme nights for the entertainment and Movie Theater as well.

3. Disney Cruise Line:

Top Three Best River Cruise Ships in the WorldDisney is very famous thing in the whole world and this cruise ship was designed with the same cruise theme for make the vacations more entertaining. It has further two more ships of the same kind. These all ships were introduced in 2012 which is the best experience to the youngsters and kids. It has large clubs in it and movie theaters as well. It is designed in very stylish and sleek style to make it more luxurious and high class voyage ship.

2. Norwegian Breakaway:

Top 3 Best River Cruise Ships in the WorldNorwegian Breakaway is the largest cruise ship in the whole New York and is named after the family ship. It was made with the partnership of Nickelodeon for the special appearances of the cartoons that are loved by the kids. It is fully equipped with the latest facilities for the people that are very comfortable to make their journey very entertaining and memorable for the lifetime.

1. Royal Caribbean Oasis Class:

Best River Cruise Ship in the WorldRoyal Caribbean Oasis Class is the largest cruise ship in the world which was introduced in 2009 and with all the latest features in it. It also has an ice skating rank in it which is the latest and unique thing every introduced by any cruise ship. All the famous cartoon characters are also there for the entertainment of kids. It is very large and luxurious cruise ship but very expensive one as well.

List Of Best River Cruise Ships in the World

Sr.No. Names
1 Royal Caribbean`s Oasis Class
2 Norwegian Breakaway
3 Disney Cruise line
4 Celebrity Cruises Millennium Class
5 Queen Mary 2
6 MSC Divina
7 Royal Princess
8 Carnival Breeze
9 Ventura
10 Holland America Line`s Vista Class


The above ranking of top 10 best luxurious river cruise ships in the world is given according to the features and the facilities provided to them. Cruise ships are very large and expensive but provide all types of facilities to make the journey of the people comfortable. All these ships are very large and come up with some unique features to attract more people towards them and make the journey of the people more memorable.

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