Best Airlines in America

America is very developed country and has a strong economy as well. Airlines are very important for every country and play an important part in the economy of the country. Airlines are very helpful in every country as people are more comfortable in their journey due to their airlines, and the fare charges are also cheap as compared to other airlines. Some of the airlines are very luxurious and provide ultimate comfort and luxuries to their passengers. Every airline has different classes in them which have different charges because the facility in every class is different from the other one like economy class, business class, etc. The business class is the most expensive one as they provide separate cabins to the passengers by keeping in view about the privacy, comfort of their passengers and are served with different types of food with the best quality. Passengers are provided with different movies, magazines and newspapers for their entertainment and spending their time easily rather to get bored. America has a large number of airlines for the people that are a good thing about the country and for their economical conditions as well.
The following are top 10 best airlines in America:

10. Spirit Airlines:

List of Top Ten Best Airlines in AmericaSpirit Airlines is not considered as the best air route working in America. The fare charged by this air service is very normal, and its domestic flights have a large number of passengers according to daily records. It provides a limited weight for the luggage and passengers have to pay extra money to load extra baggage. It is the air service for the people with limited budget and wanted to get to their desired destination on time and is not in search of more luxurious facilities. The overall airline experience index is 65. It also has some horror stories that are told by some customers and are still in the minds of people.

9. Hawaiian Airlines:

Top Ten Best Airline in AmericaHawaiian Airlines is very famous in whole America because of its different name that was kept in the name of the bird that is very friendly. This airline not only travels within Hawaii but in many other places. The planes of this airline are very colorful and bright which are loved by the people, and the name of airlines gives a gesture of customer friendly services to its passengers. It is also famous because in the history of this airline only a few flights have been delayed due to different reasons. It has been ranked at the 82 position among the all airways of the world working for the people.

8. American Airlines:

Top Ten Best Airlines As the name of the airline shows that it is the airlines of America which covers large number of networks domestically and internationally as well which is the best feature of this airline. The domestic route of this airline is very extensive which is very convenient for the people of America. It is also ranked as the largest airline because of its fleet size, number of passengers and the luxurious lounges. It has very famous program in the world which is named as the AAdvantage frequent flyer. It was ranked at the 79th position in the overall ranking of airways in the world. It has been given 97 points in the airline experience index.

7. American Eagle:

Top 10 Best Airlines in AmericaAmerican Airlines is basically the parent of this airline named as American Eagle, which is also ranked in the 78th position in the overall ranking of airlines. These both airlines work on the combined fleet of 290 aircrafts including some planes with cheap fares. It is not very expensive airline and can be affordable for the people with limited budget which is the main reason for its popularity and the quality is also very good.

6. Southwest:

List of Top 10 Best Airlines in AmericaSouthwest is considered as the favorite airline of the whole America for traveling across the America. Their planes are designed in different colors that are gold, blue and red and their routes covers almost all routes of America like Caribbean, Mexico. It is a low-cost brand in the world of airways and is growing strongly because of its quality services. The overall ranking of Southwest airline is in 67th position. The services of this airline are very efficient which are loved by all passengers and is the main reason for the success of the airline.

5. Alaska Airlines:

Top Five Best Airlines in AmericaAlaska Airlines are very famous one not only in America but all over the world as well. It is ranked in the number one position regarding customer satisfaction as its quality is excellent which satisfies all its customers and made a much-reputed name on the market. It is very convenient for the people, and the ticked is also not very expensive which the main benefits of this airline are. In the overall ranking of the airways of the world, it is ranked in the 65th position.

4. United Airlines:

Top 5 Best Airlines in AmericaUnited airline is the one that is ranked in the position of 60th in the overall ranking of air services of the world. It is considered as the largest airline regarding the destinations covered by this airline which includes Asia, Europe, Australia and many others. The ticket charges of this airline are normal and very budget friendly. Their planes are also very latest, and the services provided to the passengers are also of best quality.

3. JetBlue:

Top Three Best Airlines in AmericaJetBlue is the favorite airline of mostly people of America that is ranked in the 50th position in the overall ranking of airlines. JetBlue provides a large number of facilities which includes direct televisions, free snack, etc. It is very luxurious kind of airline that work for the satisfaction of their customers and is little expensive than some other airways of America. JetBlue has been given 130 points on the experience airline index.

2. Delta Airlines:

Top 3 Best Airlines in AmericaDelta Airline is the most famous airline not only of America but the whole world, and it has been ranked in the number 45th position in the overall ranking of airlines. Delta Airlines have almost 800 latest aircrafts and covers almost 6,4000 daily flights which is amazing and shows that it is a very large airline. It also has the best-connected lines and is most successful airline as well which is continuously improving.

1. Virgin Airlines:

Best Airline in AmericaVirgin Airlines is the number one airline in America and 26th position in the overall ranking of airways in the world. It offers special cabins for the people to maintain their privacy and keep their passengers more comfortable. The fare charges by this airline are also quite affordable for all types of people.

List of Best Airlines in America

Sr.No. Names CEO Founded
1 Virgin America C. David Cush 2004
2 Delta Airways Richard H Anderson May 30, 1924
3 JetBlue Robin Hayes August 1998
4 United Oscar Munoz April 6, 1926
5 Alaska Airways Bradley D. Tilden 1932
6 Southwest Gary C. Kelly March 15, 1967
7 American Eagle Jay L. Schottenstein 1977
8 American Airways Doug Parker 1930
9 Hawaiian Airways Mark B Dunkerley January 30, 1929
10 Spirit Airways B. Ben Baldanza 1980


The above ranking of top best airlines in America is given according to the ranking Skytrax’s World’s Top Airlines and the experience index given by the people. Air services are very important for the economy of the country and helpful in the progress of the country. All these air services are best in their ways and serving a large number of people not only in America but other parts of the world.

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