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List of Christmas Gift Ideas For Teenage Girls

List of Christmas Gift Ideas For Teenage Girls

Looking for something to gift your girlfriend, sister, daughter or a friend? Here you need to know about best Christmas ideas for girls. Teenage girls are very excited about Christmas, and they expect well thought out Christmas gifts from their loved ones. Here is a  list of some of the things that are high in demand in teenage girls. Browse through the list and decide what your girl will like the most. We have tried to cover all price ranges and a lot of interests of teenage girls.

Monochrome Ring

Christmas gifts for girlsA customized gift is always bliss. It goes on to show that effort has been put in the buying of the gift. A good gift idea would be a ring with the girl’s initials or her date of birth. This can be made from any jewelry store that is near to where you live. Such a ring would not cost more than $40 provided it is not made out of some precious metal.

Kylie Lip Kit

Christmas Gift Ideas For Teenage Girls 2016Sorry for the second mention of the Kardashians in the article but it cannot be denied that many trends have been started by them. Kylie Jenner is also a teenager and has come up with a makeup line that produces lip kits, eye shadow palettes, etc. The package contains a lip pencil and a liquid lipstick. With the obsession with liquid lipsticks, this is a fantastic gift for a teenage girl. The lip kit retails for $29.


Christmas Gift Ideas For Teenage Girls These Australian shoes are taking the fashion market by storm. Their long boots are a winter staple. As teenage girls are starting to get particular about their dressing, these shoes are the best gift. They are comfortable to walk in yet very trendy. They have a wide variety, and their boots start from $60.

Sephora Collection Beautiful crush blockbuster palette

Gift Ideas For Teenage Girls This all in one makeup palette is not something a professional would you but for starters; it’s nice. As teenagers have only started makeup and are yet to discover what suits them and what don’t this kit is very useful as it has a lot of variety. It has blushes, eye shadows, and lip colors. This multi-function palette is an online exclusive and is sold for $35 but is currently on discount and is sold for $29.99.

Instax Polaroid camera

Christmas Gift Ideas For Girls 2016Polaroid camera is a lovely gift. Even though all smartphones come with a camera and DSLR’s are used for better quality pictures still, the charm of a Polaroid is still present. Instax has a very modern interpretation of the Polaroid. The design is beautiful, and it prints the photograph instantly. Instax Polaroid ranges in price from $110 to $180.

Forever 21 dress

Christmas Gift Ideas for teenage girlsForever 21 is a brand that is very popular among young girls. The target market of the brand is teenage girls and those in their early twenties as the name suggests. They have some fabulous clothes and gifting one of their dresses to a teenage girl would be a great option. They have a wide variety of formal and casual dresses. Buy according to the likes of the woman you are buying it for. It would cost you $25-$50.


Gift Ideas For Teenage Girls 2016Converse shoes are very much in trend. Girls and guys alike love these shoes and are spotted wearing this around the world. Converse some in a wide range of designs and colors. Their star logo shoes are very popular. Gifting a pair of converse would make a teenage girl triumphal. These are sold online and in stores. Price ranges from $40-$70.

LuMee LED Phone cover

Christmas Gift Ideas For Teenage Girls 2016This phone cover with LED lights on all four sides is a perfect accessory for a selfie lover. Girls are going gaga over this phone cover that makes you look so flawless in pictures. This Kim Kardashian famed cover is in high demand ever since celebrities were spotted with it. If the girl you are gifting it to loves taking pictures this is the best gift. This phone cover is sold for $45.

Dorm Room Décor

Christmas Gift Ideas For Teenage Girls 2016Teenage girls put great emphasis on their living space, and the decorating dorm room is a tradition in girls. A single bed Duvet cover for dorm room bed by Victoria’s secret or a study lamp will make a great Christmas gift. You can also gift her a wall frame that has some cute quote written in it. This gift would cost you around $30-$40 depending on the present you choose.

Lindt Chocolate basket

Christmas gifts for girlsChocolate is a girl’s best friend. No matter how old you are, you can never go wrong with a gift of chocolates. We suggest you get a basket decorated for Christmas and fill it with chocolates. Lindt products some great chocolates that are carved into shapes like hearts, bunnies, baskets, etc. These cute chocolates are equally good in taste, and she would love it. It will cost you around $100.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Teenage Girls List

    1. Lindt Chocolate basket
    2. Dorm room décor
    3. LuMee LED Phone cover
    4. Converse
    5. Forever 21 dress
    6. Instax Polaroid camera
    7. Sephora Collection Beautiful crush blockbuster palette
    8. Uggs
    9. Kylie Lip Kit
    10. Monochrome ring

These are the top Christmas gifts for teenage girls according to the trends of Happy Shopping!