Best Powder Foundations for Makeup

Every woman in the world uses makeup to look beautiful and attractive as makeup completes the whole look of the person and make them stylish. Foundation is quite common and important makeup item which is used all around the world before doing makeup which includes eye shades, eyeliner and blushes on as well. Foundations are available in two different forms which are liquid, and powder and the best one can be selected according to your type of skin. It is said that mostly powder foundation is used for the people with oily skin and mostly in summer. There are almost thousands of brands which are involved in producing makeup for ladies and are available in different price ranges. People should be more conscious of selecting the best foundation according to their skin tone as the whole look of the person depends upon that and can easily ruin their look when selected odd one. Some of them also provide some other benefits like protection from the sun, nourishes the skin and makes it bright.
The following are top 10 best foundations for skin in powder form available for makeup:

10. Smashbox Halo hydrating perfecting powder:

List of Top Ten Best Powder Foundations for MakeupSmashbox Halo Hydrating Perfecting Powder is the foundation which claims to decrease the signs of anti-aging within only in 10 minutes. It is very high rated makeup product in the market as its whole formula is made from pure gold which also includes 11 amino acids and 48 rare minerals for the skin. It also provides protection to the skin and is hydrated as well. The price of this perfecting powder is $59.

9. Laura Geller Beauty balance-n-brighten baked color correcting foundation:

Top Ten Best Powder Foundations for MakeupLaura Geller Beauty Baked color foundation was designed to provide color correction to the whole skin and can easily adjust all types of skin. It also provides a flawless skin attraction and also protects the skin from UV rays which harms the skin. It is also enhanced with anti-aging protection as it is made with white tea extracts. The price of this brighten baked foundation is $33 which is much affordable for everyone. It also provides shine to the whole skin for a longer period.

8. Laura Mercier mineral powder SPF 15:

Top Ten Powder Foundations for MakeupLaura Mercier comes here with very perfect and fine powder foundation which is made from 15 amino acids which enhance the radiance and makes the skin healthy. It also reduces the appearance of anti-aging effects on the skin like wrinkles and lines. It is very lightweight and soft for the skin. The best features of this foundation are that it’s oil free and are water resistant as well. The price of this mineral powder is $38 which is very affordable to get this best foundation for makeup.

7. Pur minterals 4 in 1 pressed mineral makeup SPF 15:

Top 10 Best Powder Foundations for MakeupPur mineral is the foundation which is 4 in 1 and is considered more than a simple foundation. It is a powder, concealer and SPF as well in its single one. It is made with ingredients like vitamin E and shea butter and is gluten free. This powder foundation is available at an affordable price which is $27, and people cannot ask much more than this one in this little price.

6. Chantecaille Compact Makeup:

List of Top 10 Best Powder Foundations for MakeupChantecaille compact makeup is a perfectly powdered foundation which is considered as the best one for the people with oily skin. It is made from all vegetable protein which protects the skin from any irritation and leaves the skin perfect and smooth. It comes in matte form and has the natural coverage feature in it which makes you fell in love with this product just after using it once. The price of Chantecaille compact makeup is $65 which is expensive but totally worth it because of its benefits.

5. Makeup forever duo mat powder foundation:

Top Five Best Powder Foundations for MakeupMakeup Forever powder foundation which is perfect for all types of skin tones and enhances the shine of the skin. It also helps to remove the blemishes and spots from the skin. It is made with best ingredients to avoid any irritation and is long lasting one. It is also oil free which is a positive benefit of this foundation. The price of this foundation is $30 which is considered as a great buy.

4. Makeup forever pro finishes multi-use powder foundation:

Top 5 Best Powder Foundations for MakeupMakeup forever pro finish is not an ordinary foundation available in the market as it comes with a matte finish and settles perfectly. It is made with a formulation of vegetal coated bio-mimetic pigments and some nourishing items which make it perfect and light one. It is the very long lasting foundation which also has the property of hydrating. The price of this foundation is $40 at all stores and online as well.

3. Philosophy the supernatural airbrushed foundation:

Top Three Best Powder Foundations for MakeupPhilosophy the supernatural foundation is the one which is Oil-free and fragrance-free as well which is settled on the skin perfectly. It is very simple to apply on the skin and also provides protection from the sun as it is made with SPF feature. It also comes with fill sponge applicator with which it is easy to use and then washed after use to use it again when needed. The price of this foundation is $35 which is not very expensive but affordable.

2. Benefits Cosmetics Hello Flawless SPF 15:

Top 3 Best Powder Foundations for MakeupBenefits Cosmetics Hello flawlessly comes with SPF 15 feature which can enhance the skin naturally and makes the skin very shiny and beautiful with a full amount of coverage. It is also best for acne effects and also reduces the open pores which enhance the beauty of the face after using it. The price of this foundation is $34 which is very effective and affordable.

1. Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Powder Foundation SPF 20:

Best Powder Foundation for MakeupJosie Maran Argan powder foundation can easily remove the imperfections of the face and enhances them. It also covers the pigmentation of the skin as it is white mix powder which is very effective for makeup. It also increases the tone of the complexion which also nourishes the dry patches from the skin which also absorbs the oil from the skin and makes an it perfect look. The price of this foundation is $34.

Best Powder Foundations for Makeup – Top Rated

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker powder foundation SPF 20 $ 34
2 Benefit cosmetics Hello Flawless SPF 15 $ 34
3 Philosophy the supernatural airbrushed Base $ 35
4 Makeup forever pro finish multi-use powder foundation $ 40
5 Makeup forever duo mat powder Base $ 30
6 Chantecaille Compact makeup $ 65
7 Pur minterals 4 in 1 pressed mineral makeup SPF 15 $ 27
8 Laura Mercier mineral powder SPF 15 $ 38
9 Laura Geller beauty balance-n-brighten baked color correcting Base $ 33
10 Smashbox Halo hydrating perfecting powder $ 59


The above ranking of top 10 best powder foundations for makeup is given according to the features and benefits of these foundations rather than their price. All these powder foundations are made by famous brands of the world, and some of them are quite affordable. All these powdered foundations are used by the people with oily skin and mostly in summer.

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