Best Foundations for Oily Skin

Every woman in the world wants to look pretty and stylish for which they use different thing like clothes, shoes, bag and especially makeup. Makeup is quite common and major thing while styling a woman with the perfect look and things. There are many brands which are involved in making for ladies among which some international brands are very expensive while some other brands are available at affordable price ranges. Foundation is a most important item of makeup on which the whole makeup of the face depends on. As the foundation is applied first on the whole face, then further makeup is done including eye shades, blush-on, and Best Face Moisturizers for any Skin. Selecting the best and suitable foundation for your skin is the most important step as a bad foundation can ruin your whole look, and it is recommended that people should always select a lighter shade of foundation than their complexion to make it more suitable for the face. Spending on a foundation is totally worth it to look beautiful as then whole makeup will depend upon the setting and color of the foundation.
The following are 10 top rated foundations available in the world:

10. Mac Studio Finish Foundation with SPF 15:

List of Top Ten Best Foundations for Oily Skin Mac is quite famous and expensive international makeup brand which is available all over the world. Most of the people are a huge fan of Mac makeup items, and their base is also exceptional which is also best for dermis care. It is also the best option for the people with oily skin because it has the feature to reduce the pores with a single use. It is also enhanced with the SPF 15 feature which protects the epidermis from the damage of sun and keeps it safe. It is a little expensive option but will glow your skin when combined with makeup.

9. Clarins Ever Matte Oil-free foundation:

Top Ten Best Foundations for Oily Skin Again here comes a famous and best makeup brand that is Clarins, which is a great base to be applied before makeup. It is very effective for the woman with oily skin as it tightens the pores of the face. It is made without any harmful ingredients so it can be applied for a whole day and night as well. It comes to be used for all types of epidermis but more effective for the oily skin which is its main feature.

8.  Burberry Velvet Foundation:

Top Ten Foundations for Oily Skin Burberry is a famous brand regarding other things rather than makeup which include clothes, bags, and shoes as well. But they have recently launched their luxurious makeup line for the people who are quite effective. The base of Burberry is like applying a get which provides a matte finish to the dermis and keeps the whole skin very smooth. It is also enhanced with ingredients like rose extracts which is good for the nourishing the epidermis and make the skin shine.

7. Lorac Natural performance foundation:

Top 10 Best Foundations for Oily Skin Lorac base is the one which is associated with the people with oily and sensitive skin. It is the foundation which is made free of Paraben and also fragrance-free that is the reason it is loved by the users. It is also made with the rich formula of olive leaf extracts and also vitamin A which keeps the skin smooth and shiny. It is available in different shades from which people can choose according to their complexion.

6. Nars Sheer Matte Foundation:

List of Top 10 Best Foundations for Oily Skin Nars sheer is the base which has received quite a positive response from all its users who have given 100% positive response to it as it reduces the oil from the epidermis. It is made for the people with oily skin. It is the very smooth base which can layer the whole dermis with full coverage. It enhances the glow of the skin without adding any mask on it. It also brightens the complexion of the skin and improves their textures which all are its main benefits for the epidermis and makeup.

5. Kat VON D Lock-IT tattoo foundation:

Top Five Best Foundations for Oily Skin Kat VON D lock is the foundation which comes with 21% pigment which means with all coverage. It is the very effective base which can even cover tattoos. It is made with natural polymers which also absorb the oil of the skin which provides it a matte finish and make it looks shiny. It can last for more than 24 hours without any damage to the epidermis and makeup and can be worn at night as well. As a whole, it is a very effective foundation to be used for makeup and to finish it with a perfect look.

4. Laura Mercier Oil free supreme foundation:

Top 5 Best Foundations for Oily Skin As the name of the foundation shows that Laura Mercier has made it especially for the people with oily dermis as it is made with vitamin E. It is also enhanced with green tea extracts which keep the skin moisturized and block the pores as well. It is the very lightweight foundation which can last for the whole day. It remains on the dermis and not settles into the fine lines of the face and covers the whole pores and skin.

3. Makeup Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation:

Top Three Best Foundations for Oily Skin Again here comes a foundation by Makeup Forever, which is effective for oily skin and keeps the skin radiate without much shiny. It is completely oiled free product which is made from all rare minerals which enable the skin to nourish and bright. After applying it, your skin will be bright lightly but will look very stunning. It is quite creamy but looks beautiful after applying makeup on it and is invisible as well which most of the people can’t recognize whether the foundation is applied or not.

2. Bareminerals SPF 15 Matte Foundation:

Top 3 Best Foundations for Oily Skin Bareminerals is the foundation which is made from 5 pure ingredients which keep the skin smooth and covers it completely. It is developed to increase the whole look of the skin and can regularly be used. It also has SPF feature in it which protects the skin from sun damage. It is the best foundation for the oily skin which has no harmful effects on the skin and is very lightweight to be worn it for long hours.

1. Stila Stay All day Foundation and Concealer:

Best Foundation for Oily Skin Stila Stay is the foundation which is very latest and innovative one in the whole world of foundations which is best for oily skin and all other types of skin. It comes with different oxygen technology which nourishes the whole skin without using any oil. It also protects the skin from anti-aging effects and also includes a brush and concealer to apply it completely and get the amazing results from it.

Best Foundations for Oily Skin – Top Rated

Sr.No. Names
1 Stila Stay All day base and Concealer
2 Bareminerals SPF 15 Matte base
3 Makeup Forever HD invisible Cover base
4 Laura Mercier Oil free supreme base
5 Kat VON D Lock-IT tattoo base
6 Nars Sheer Matte base
7 Lorac Natural performance base
8 Burberry Velvet base
9 Clarins Ever Matte oil-free base
10 Mac Studio Finish base with SPF 15


Makeup is a quite important thing in the life of every woman which makes them beautiful. Foundation is the most important item of makeup on which the whole makeup is based. It is said that a bad foundation can ruin the whole makeup and look as well. All these foundations belong to famous brand among which some are expensive while some are affordable. All items of makeup are quite worth it for the amount paid for them to get the best look.

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