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Top 10 Best Fitted Hats in the World

Best Fitted Hats

Some people are very fashion conscious and wanted to dress up appropriately. Proper dressing means sufficiently fashionable clothes further combined with a cap to enhance the whole look. Dressing up is always a challenge for the people and it has become a daily lifestyle. Specifying the list of best hats is always difficult because there is a large variety available in the market. There are many brands available in the market for the people in different price ranges from which people can choose the best one according to their dress and budget as well. Brands are working to introduce something else to the people of various materials and in different colors to match them with their clothes. These hats can be mostly spotted on famous celebrities of the world, and they represent them to the audience with a high style which makes them a style statement especially for their fans. These hats cannot be given ranking according to some particular reasons because all of them are very stylish and attractive, so we will give the ranking according to the best one.
The following are top rated fitted hats available in the market:

10. Mystery x New Era Heart 59 fifty fitted cap:

top 10 most expensive hatsMystery x is the hat which is especially made by the baseball players because of its look and benefits. The logo of the brand is printed on it to represent to in black color. Their logo is a broken heart which is seen in the middle of the hat. It is very stylish hat which enhances the personality of the players with its look. It is not much expensive one but totally worth it for the price paid for it.

9. Lafayette x DJ Clark Kent x Paulie’s x New Era 59 Fifty fitted baseball cap:

top rated hats

Lafayette celebrated their 7th anniversary in 2010 and for its celebration, they collaborated with DJ Clark Kent and Paulie to get their style in their hats. This hat features the reflective 3m bill under the print with the neon yellow embroidery, especially for the anniversary. It was much in demand by the people and was fully sold out only within a single week of its release in the market which shows the success of this hat.

8. Cruzeiro x Fifty fitted caps:

top 10 best fitted hatsHere comes the famous hat of a sports club called Cruzeiro which was released in 2010 when many Brazilian football clubs were joining the official team. It was enhanced with the logo and fantastic color combination which was named as one of the best in the hat for the whole year. It was created in the best color combination of blue and yellow to make it more attractive.

7. MAJOR x New Era Major back 59 fifty fitted cap preview:

10 most expensive hats in the worldIt is a hat which was inspired by the famous luxury car makers of the world called Maybach and Ricky Rose and was released with much hype in the market because of its look. The logo on this hat was given the full flavor of Gucci, and its style is also very attractive. It provides the opportunity to add different seven figures on the pictures to make it more appealing and look fresh.

6. FIVE-O x 50 Duppies x New Era 2 face 59fifty fitted cap:

10 best hats in the worldHere comes a unique and beautiful fitted hat which became more famous due to its expected graphics and design. It was made by the talented Japanese duo called Duppies 2-Face and Five-O to design hats for the baseball players. It was done in amazing royal blue and white color as the embroidery is done on it is in white color.

5. HALL OF FAME x Mitchell & Ness x NFL Raiders flip fitted cap:

top rated caps in the worldIt is the hat on which there were several logos of different sports teams which were embroidered on it. It was named as one of the fastest moving product in the market of the whole world in 22010. It was named as the favorite one of almost all the people and players as well. It was sold immediately as went into the market which called the people fortunate who purchased this hat on time.

4. Supreme x Ebbets Field back hit fitted baseball caps:

most expensive caps in the worldSupreme x Ebbets is the hat which was made with the best and authentic quality wool and was called as the best baseball cap available in the market. It was released in 2010 with four different colors according to the design of American classic in this hat. It was published in various attractive colors which include black, blue, red and green as well.

3. Bedwin & the Heartbreakers x Malcom fitted baseballcap:

expensive most capsAgain here comes an attractive Japanese fitted hat which has strike the whole market of the world in 2010. It was said that handsome is never used for hats, but it fits completely on this hat. It was very stylish and attractive for the people. It was given the title of Malcom on it which is embroidered on it with white color as hat comes in a black color to complete its look.

2. Lower X New Era Empire State 59 fifty fitted baseball cap:

10 most expensive capsLower is a Japanese Brand, which has designed the most attractive fitted hat for the people by transforming the style with it. It was developed with the collaboration of Jay-Z to design it and make it more famous. It was introduced in 4 different colors. This hat was then advertised by Jay-Z to attract more people towards it and increase its market as well.

1. Champion X New Era 59 Fifty Fitted Cap:

top 10 most expensive caps in the worldChampion X is the hat which was first released in Japan and has suddenly changed the market of the whole world with it. It was made in navy blue color which has the further design of the logo in white and red color. It is very stylish and beautiful hat to get the best smart and fashionable look as a whole by wearing it.

Best Fitted Hats in the World – Top Rated

Sr No. Name
1 Champion X New Era 59Fifty Fitted Cap
2 Lower X New Era Empire State 59 fifty fitted baseball cap
3 Bedwin & The Heartbreakers x New Era Malcom fitted baseball cap
4 Supreme x Ebbets Field back hit fitted baseball caps
5  HALL OF FAME x Mitchell & Ness x NFL Raiders flip fitted cap
6  FIVE-O x 50 Duppies x New Era 2 face 59fifty fitted cap
7 MAJOR x New Era Major back 59 fifty fitted cap preview
8 Cruzeiro x New Era 59 Fifty fitted caps
9  Lafayette x DJ Clark Kent x Paulie’s x New Era 59 Fifty fitted baseball cap
10 Mystery x New Era Heart 59 fifty fitted cap


Fitted Hats are now in fashion, and everyone loves to wear them to complete their look. There are many brands which are making fitted hats for the people with different designs and styles, and their prices also vary. Many of them were promoted by famous celebrities to increase their market and attraction among the people.