Most Fuel Efficient Car Brands

There are many brands in the world which are making vehicles for the people with some latest features and innovations in them. As the prices of everything is increasing with every passing day and living of people is becoming difficult which is becoming unaffordable for the people. Fuel is quite an expensive thing without which these cannot move and to meet this demand brands have launched fuel efficient vehicles which consume very less quantity of fuel and are quite economical. These brands have all types of options for the people in which luxurious cars are available at high prices while affordable ones are also available. These fuel efficient cars can be sufficient for saving money and fuel as well which is currently basic need of every person. These are the best car brands in the world.

Here are the following top 10 brands making cars with most fuel-efficiency in the world, which are as follow:

10. Kia:

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Kia motors are a brand of South Korea which is named as the 2nd largest automobile manufacturing company in the world. The estimated sales of this brand are 2.75 million vehicles only in 2013. In 2013, its 33.88% shares were purchased by the Hyundai Motor Company. They are launching their cars with direct injection engine for the fuel efficiency of the people. Their fuel engine works through the combustion cycle which is decreased the lower emissions.

9. Scion:

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Scion is the company which was launched in 1999 by the USA and is the company which was owned by Toyota, and their vehicles are also sold under the name of Toyota. It is a Japanese brand which became quite famous among the people in less time. Scion is the brand which is producing fuel efficiency vehicles with some latest design. Their latest 2016 model has reduced the wind resistance and provided the fuel efficiency up to the 54% which is an amazing thing in the field of automobiles.

8. Volkswagen:

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Volkswagen is a German car manufacturing brand which was established in 1946. It is named as the 2nd largest manufacturing car brand of the whole world. It has introduced many latest and fuel-efficient vehicles for the society which can cover exact 28 miles with a single gallon than any other car brand. Their hybrid models are also launched in the society and their prices starting from the $30,000 which is quite economical to get benefits for the long period.

7. Mini:

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Mini is a small manufacturing company which was made by the British Motor Company, which was started in 1959. It was voted as the 2nd most influential car brand of the 20th century. Their modern fuel efficiency vehicles are very impressive and efficient than some other brands. Some of its models are getting with many improvements and popular. Their Mini Cooper launched in 2005 can go 36 miles on the highway in a single tank while the 2016 model provides 39 miles.

6. Subaru:

top fuel efficient carsSubaru is a Japanese automobile manufacturing brand and is also named as the 22nd largest automaker brand in 2012. It produces all types of cars and in all price ranges. It produces all types of cars for the people with all range of incomes. It is named after the best brands because of their vehicles reliability. It has recently improved the fuel efficiency in their vehicles which has resulted to increase their market and also made their engines more powerful and fast.

5. Honda:

top ten best carsHonda is a Japanese brand which is not only producing cars but also motorcycles and other power equipment. It was started in 1959 which is named as the world largest automobile manufacturing company of the world which produces almost 14 million cars in a single year. Honda is the brand which is known for its dependability and efficiency in their models which can cover 29.25 miles with each gallon. Their model of 2008 called Honda Civic can cover 34 miles with a single gallon.

4. Mazda:

fuel efficient cars in the worldMazda is the brand which operates with its full name called Mazda Motor Corporation which is a Japanese brand. It was estimated that in 2007 it produced 1.3 million cars in the whole years. It was named as the 15th biggest automobile brand of the world in 2011. It is always named as the best car brand due to its fuel efficiency features. It can cover almost 40 miles with each gallon and remarkable. It is said it is more efficient as compared to Honda and Toyota.

3. Fiat:

top 10 fuel efficient carsFiat is an Italian brand which is producing best cars with different latest features in them and is the largest manufacturing brand of Italy. It was started in 1899 and is still successful in the world. Their cars are made with some Italian style and deliver fuel efficient cars for the society. It can cover 31 miles with a single gallon. Their latest versions are much successful in the world which is recent and made with the latest technology. Fiat is the name which is well known among the people of the world.

2. Smart:

Most Fuel Efficient Car BrandsSmart automobile is basically a German brand. Their cars are available in almost 46 countries of the world and selling 1.7 million cars in 2015. Their designs of cars are very different and made with latest features which are affordable for people with all levels of income. As the name of the brand shows their car are very small and comes with impressive styles. Their models are best in their performance and fuel efficiency which can cover 35.5 miles with each gallon which makes them quite efficient cars and effective as well.

1. Tesla:

top 10 fuel efficient car brandsTesla is an America brand of cars which are perfect for the energy storage which is involved in producing all types of cars including electric cars and battery cars as well. It also produces sports cars which are known in the whole world. It has worked a lot on the engineering of the cars, and their S model is available at the price of $59,500. It is said that it can reduce the fuel charges of a year to $8000 which is an amazing thing and much saving for the people with limited budget.

Most Fuel Efficient Car Brands – Top Rated

Sr No. Name Founded
1 Tesla 2003
2 Smart 1994
3 Fiat 1899
4 Mazda 1920
5 Honda 1948
6 Subaru 1953
7 Mini 1959
8 Volkswagen 1937
9 Scion 2003
10 Kia 1944


Cars are the basic needs of every person which are available in all prices ranges for the people. Fuel efficient cars are the latest edition to the market to decrease the expenses of the people and saves money for them. We have presented the list of top rated cars in the world. These are the best car brands in the world. All these brands are working to produce fuel efficient cars for the people of the world with limited budgets and low prices to make them affordable for all types of people. The article unveiled all the most famous car brands in the world.

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