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Android system is very easy to use by all users as it is very simple one as compared to some other system like iOS, Windows, etc. The play store on the Android phone is very simple and has millions of applications in them among which some of them are paid while most of them are free for the users. There are many brands that are making Android phones for the people because most of the people prefer to use Android phones rather than others like Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG and many others. These Android phones are available in different prices for all classes of people while some Chinese and local companies are providing these phones at very low prices that have made mobiles very common in the whole society. But some brands are continuously introducing latest phones with innovative features and are very expensive for the upper class of the society. The best thing about Android phones is that upper class can purchase the expensive ones to maintain their status in the society while people with a limited budget can also purchase the cheap editions with good features.

10. Samsung Galaxy Alpha:

List of Top Ten Best Android Phones which you can BuySamsung is the brand that is working continuously for providing some innovative products to their customers. This Samsung Galaxy Alpha is the mobile that is introduced into the world with much stylish design. It is very classy kind of mobile which has the size of 4.7 inches and comes with the 12-megapixel camera. It is an android mobile that has an excellent quality. It is very stylish in design and available in different colors. It is the best mobile with all the latest features for the people who can’t purchase the most expensive phones but wanted to have all latest features. The price of Samsung Galaxy Alpha is $158 in the market.

9. Sony Xperia Z3 Compact:

Top Ten Best Android Phones which you can BuySony has introduced the latest range of phones with the name Xperia and has made them with the latest technology, and their mobiles are in small size and come with many latest features. It is also a perfect android mobile that has 20-megapixel cameras and size of this phone is of 4.6 inches. Sony has made it possible for the people to purchase something perfect in the market with all the features they desire in a mobile. The price of this mobile is $376 in the market which increases the memory of the mobile increases from 16GB.

8. Google Nexus 6:

Top Ten Best Android PhonesGoogle Nexus is very famous mobile in the market that is full of latest features. The size of this mobile is 6 inches which is quite large and offers much more than people were expecting from it. It has the android lollipop software on it and comes with the 13-megapixel camera. It is available in different memory options like 32 and 64GB. It is very slim and stylish mobile. The price of this Google Nexus 6 is $459 in the market.

7. OnePlus 2:

Top 10 Best Android Phones which you can BuyOnePlus 2 is the smart mobile that was introduced with many innovative features in the mobile and available in much affordable price than all other competitor brands. The size of the mobile is 5.5 inches and enhanced with a powerful processor. It is made in stylish design as its back is made of wood and has a fingerprint scanner in it for the security purpose. This android moible is affordable for everyone and is also available in different storage sizes, and the price also increases according to the storage of the mobile.

6. HTC One M9:

Top 10 Best Android PhonesHTC is very well reputed brand of mobile phones and is famous for creating something beautiful for the users. It is said that Samsung has done a lot of work in improving their design but still HTC has won the game. It was made with a 20.7-megapixel camera and perfect for clicking selfies. It is very stylish phone that is enhanced with the silver outline. It has many latest features that have the size of 5 inches, Android system, 32GB storage and many others. The price of this phone is $410 and its price increases with the increase in the storage capacity.

5. Sony Xperia Z3+:

Top Five Best Android PhonesSony Xperia Z3+ is the latest and the best phone available on the market that has the Android system. The price of this mobile phone is much affordable than some other Android phones in the market as its price is $384, but it is the best phone regarding features. It also has a PS4 remote play in it and best for the game lovers in the world. The size of this phone is 5.2 inches, 20.7-megapixel camera and 32GB storage capacity that are its main attractive features.

4. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+:

Top 5 Best Android PhonesSamsung is famous for introducing some latest phones for the users and phone lovers of the world. It is the phone has comes up with the curved display and very stylish one. The screen of this phone is HD and has the size of 5.7 inches. The battery life is not much impressive because it is an android phone and has many applications working at a time which take more battery. It is available in storage capacity of 32 and 64GB. The price of this stylish and beautiful phone is $310 in the market.

3. LG G4:

Top Three Best Android PhonesLG is the brand that has not much variety of mobile phones in the market but still their phones are made with latest features. The design of this phone is unique and comes with the strong camera of 16 megapixels. It has a removable battery that can be changed easily. The whole design of this phone is made with the perfect combination of glass and metal. The price of this mobile phone is $449. The screen size of this phone is 5.5 inches, and its storage capacity is 32GB.

2. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge:

Top 3 Best Android PhonesSamsung Galaxy S6 Edge is the latest phone introduced by this brand in the market that is very beautiful that attracts all the phone lovers from the world. It is made with the curved display and is much expensive than some other Android phones because of its specifications and style. The size of this phone is 5.1 inches, and its camera is 15 megapixels that are enhanced with the Octa-core processor. It is extremely stylish phone that is the compulsory phone to be purchase. It is available in different storage capacity that includes 32, 64 and 128GB. The price of this excellent smartphone is $430.

1. Samsung Galaxy S6:

Best Android PhoneSamsung Galaxy S5 has disappointed many users, so Samsung came with a latest phone with much-improved features. It is made of metal body and enhanced with glass. The size of Samsung Galaxy S6 is 5.1 inches. The camera of this phone is quite impressive and beautiful look. It is not only beautiful, but its performance is excellent. It is considered as the best android phone available in the market. The price of this phone is $400 which is quite expensive but totally worth it because of amazing features.

List of Best Android Phones which you can Buy

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Samsung Galaxy S6 $ 400
2 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge $ 430
3 LG G4 $ 449
4 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ $ 310
5 Sony Xperia Z3+ $ 384
6 HTC One M9 $ 410
7 OnePlus 2 $ 389
8 Google Nexus 6 $ 459
9 Sony Xperia Z3 Compact $ 376
10 Samsung Galaxy Alpha $ 158


The above ranking of top 10 best android phones in the market is given according to the price of these phones and their specifications. All these phones have Android system in them and are made by different brands. All these phones are made with latest technology to provide something new to their customers. These phones are available in different price ranges from which people can chose the best one according to their own budget. Android phones are normally easy to use as compared to other software’s in phones.

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