Smartphones of 2015 With Prices

With the invention of latest technology, there are many latest things that are introduced in the world. Mobiles phones are the best invention in the world on which now people are totally dependent and are now the basic need of every person. The smartphones are now invention in the world of mobiles which are equipped with latest facilities as the Internet can be easily accessed from these mobile phones and many others facilities as well. These new smartphones are very helpful for the people and provide many facilities to the people that will amaze the users. These smartphones are the best combination of quality, performance, and new features as well. These are very expensive and are only affordable for the rich people, not everyone. But the features of these phones are completely equivalent to the price paid to grab them. In 2015, many latest Smartphone’s are introduced by different brands with latest features and are luxurious as well. All the famous luxurious mobile phones brand are working to introduce something latest to capture the whole market of the world.
The following are top 10 best rated Smartphone of 2015 in the world:

10. Nokia Lumia 830:

Smartphones of 2015 With PricesNokia is a very famous brand in the whole world for their mobiles. Recently they came into partnership with the Microsoft and launched Windows operating system in their mobiles phones series called Lumia. The Nokia Lumia 830 is the best phone that is known for its performance, and the price of this phone is $400. It is an affordable phone that is combined with the latest features in it for windows mobile phone. Nokia Lumia 830 has latest Windows 8.1 and is made with 16GB internal memory with 10 mega pixels camera. It is made with the metal frame, and the screen of this phone is gorilla that is unbreakable.

9. Motorola Nexus:

Top Ten Smartphones of 2015Motorola is also a very famous brand in terms of mobile phones. It is now only involved in making luxurious and expensive mobiles. Motorola nexus is the latest model introduced in the market which has Android operating system with 13MP camera. Motorola Nexus is available at the price of $499. Motorola mainly works on introducing something new in their next models with the introduction of the latest features in them. It has the best camera, battery long time, HD display and powerful features as well. It is a large phone that has the screen of 5.96 inches which is not suitable for many people.

8. LG G3:

Top Ten Smartphones of 2015LG is not the company of mobile phones and was Electronics Company, but recently it has introduced mobiles as well. LG G3 is a large phone with the screen display of 5.5 inches with 13MP camera. It is a Korean company and is introducing something new continuously in their smartphones. It has Android operating system in it which is easy to use. LG G3 is available in the whole world in $500. It is premium mobile phone that has a top display and the best-recommended phone in the world. It is expected that its next models with some new features will be launched in coming months to be active in the market.

7. Sony Xperia Z3:

Top 10 Best Smartphones of 2015Sony is the brand that has the best series of Smartphone’s called Xperia and in this series there are many models. Sony Xperia Z3 is their latest model introduced in 2015 with the price tag of $529. It has a large display of 5.2 inches, and its camera is 20MP which provides amazing results. It is a waterproof phone that is the best feature of it. It is considered that this phone can do anything in the world. It has HD display with the bright colors. It also has a remote control for playing games like play station and PS3 as well.

6. Motorola Droid Turbo:

List of Top 10 Smartphones of 2015Motorola Droid turbo is again the mobile that is from the brand Motorola and is a very high-class phone as its price is $600. It has large HD display of 5.2 inches with the camera of 21MP. It has android operating system in it which is easy to operate. It has a large number of features in it which make it call a blockbuster movie. It has very sleek and attractive design and has the plastic casing that makes it handle easily. It has the latest feature of a wireless charger that is made from latest technology that is now introduced in mobile phones.

5. Google Nexus 6:

Top Five Best Smartphones of 2015Google is the brand that introduces a latest Nexus mobile phone every year with some new features. It is made with wireless features and is filled with many latest introduced features in it. There is no specification left behind which is not in this phone. It is a large phone with 5.9 inches and has two storage capacities like 32 and 64GB. It is waterproof mobile that makes it safe. It is a very attractive option available in the market to be purchased with all the latest features. Google Nexus is available in two prices that 32GB is available in $649 while the 64GB is available for $699.

4. HTC One M9:

Top 5 Smartphones of 2015HTC has the best mobile phones that are made with latest features but are expensive as well. HTC one M9 is a Smartphone with the HD display of 5 inches and with 20MP camera. HTC one M9 is available in the market in $649. It has been introduced in the world at the start of 2015 and has received many positive reviews from all the users. The look of this phone is very stylish and slim which is the main priority of the people these days. It is the best phone in terms of the features and its look as well to be available in the market.

3. iPhone 6 & 6 Plus:

Top Three Smartphones of 2015iPhone is the best smartphone in the world and has best reputation in the world for its features and performance. The prices of these phones are different that iPhone 6 is available in $649 while the iPhone 6 Plus is $749. It has 8MP camera in both the models. The operating system in Apple phones is iOS. It is filled with the best features which are very impressive and latest as well. These are the most popular mobile phones in the world because of their features and market value in the world.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 4:

Top 3 Smartphones of 2015Samsung is very high-class mobile phone that has recently launched latest phones in the world. It has large screen display of 5.7 inches with 16MP camera. The price of this Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is almost $729. It has 16MP camera and is equipped with the Android operating system. It is very stylish mobile phone that is very large not very suitable for everyone. It is available in different colors. It has play store that has perfect applications for the use. It has latest features and applications in it.

1. Samsung Galaxy S6 and Edge S6:

Best Smartphone of 2015Samsung has recently launched an S6 smartphone in the world which is very latest and best one in the world. The price of this Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 is $949 that is very expensive and not affordable for everyone. It has the 16MP camera with the Android operating system in it. It is made with many best features like best camera, wireless charging, Samsung pays for online purchasing of applications, etc. It is very fast and can be connected to the smart watch of Samsung to receive all notifications on the watch rather than looking at mobile.


List of Best Smartphones of 2015 With Prices

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge $ 949
2 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 $ 729
3 iPhone 6 and 6 plus $ 649
4 HTC M9 $ 649
5 Google Nexus 6 $ 649
6 Motorola Droid Turbo $ 600
7 Sony Xperia Z3 $ 529
8 LG G3 $ 500
9 Motorola Nexus $ 499
10 Nokia Lumia 830 $ 400


The above ranking of the most expensive Smartphone’s of 2015 is given according to the price of these phones prevailing in the market. All of them are best phones made with latest features and are very expensive as well. These phones are made with the latest technology and are very expensive which are not affordable for everyone. These phones are now basic need, and phone lovers are willing to pay this high price to get the best one.

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