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Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops for 2015

Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops for 2015

Laptops are very common in the whole society and according to roughly estimated idea each person has almost a laptop. In past, there was no trend of laptops and people were forced to use the desktop computers that were difficult to use as compared to laptops. But with the invention of laptops, the world of people became easy as they can use them at any time and any place. Laptops are used for many purposes for social media, studies, and most commonly young generation uses it for gaming purposes. There are many brands that are making powerful laptops for playing games perfectly. Most of the games played by people are very heavy and need powerful laptops for playing them properly. These kinds of laptops are available in different price ranges, and their performance completely satisfies their users. Some of the best gaming laptops are very expensive because of their powerful features and systems so that rich people can afford them and enjoy their favorite games easily on them. But technology has made it possible for everyone to own a laptop for their use in their limited budget.
The following are top 10 amazing laptops for games available in the market for game lovers:

10. Asus ROG G751JY:

List of Top Ten Best Gaming Laptops for 2015Asus ROG G751JY is commonly known as the gaming tank in the world because of its features. The size of this laptop is only 17 inches that are the normal and portable size. It is designed with proper latest technology and capable of running heavy games easily on it. It is designed with aluminum and all parts placed in it are very powerful. It is also designed beautifully to make it stylish for the fashion conscious people. It comes up with many latest features that include core i7 processor, WiFi, Bluetooth, camera and 32GB ram in it. It is a little expensive option as its price is $1,962.

9. Digital Storm Triton:

Top Ten Best Gaming Laptops for 2015Digital Storm Triton is the laptop that is very powerful and beautiful as well, but the only problem with the laptop is that it is very rare and difficult to find in the market. It is designed with all powerful components for the modern heavy games and further enhanced with a latest graphic setting. The most important thing about this laptop is that it is an affordable option for the people with limited budget. It comes with many features that include core i7, 8GB RAM, 120GB storage, Bluetooth, 2MPcamera, etc.

8. HP Omen:

Top Ten Best Gaming LaptopsHP is a very famous brand regarding laptops available in the whole world. HP Omen is the laptop that was specially designed for the gaming purpose with style. The edges of a laptop are tapered and combined with lights to make it more attractive for the users. It is enhanced with a powerful processor to make it perfect for games, and the power capacity of this laptop is also perfect to play even latest games on it. The price of this HP Omen laptop is $1,399. It is very stylish option for the game lovers plus fashionistas as well. It is enhanced with many features that are core i7, 16GB RAM, touch screen and camera.

7. Origin EVO15-S:

Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops for 2015Origin EVO15-S is the super thin laptop available in the market for the game lovers which is little expensive than some other options. It is considered as the laptop that is totally worth it for the amount spent on its purchase. It has large RAM capacity and mainly three storages drives. It is named as one of the best-performing laptops for games available at affordable price in the market. The only problem in this laptop is that it has short battery life but is excellent options to enjoy games on it.

6. Aorus X7 Pro-sync:

List of Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops for 2015Aorus X7 Pro-sync is the laptop that is very thin but is fully loaded with all the powerful components. It provides the best performance for the users because of two graphic cards installed in it and the heavy processor as well. It has the latest Nvidia display feature in it which provides the bright and highest frame to the users. The price of this laptop is $2,529 which is little expensive to afford by everyone. The main features of this laptop are core i7, 512GB storage, Bluetooth, 17.3 inches screen, wireless connection and light weight as well.

5. Alienware 17 (2015):

Top Five Best Gaming Laptops for 2015Alienware 17 is a very latest laptop and is very expensive one, but the performance of this laptop will completely satisfy the user. Its price is estimated to be $4,943 which is very high. It is the laptop that is fully loaded with enhanced power to use it for games and can play almost all types of games. It is a small laptop but the perfect one available on the market. It comes with many features that are a large screen, Core i7, 16GB RAM, Bluetooth, 2MP camera, 256GB storage and many others.

4. Gigabyte P55K v4:

Top 5 Best Gaming Laptops for 2015Gigabyte P55K v4 is the laptop that is a perfect one for games in the limited budget and perfect in its performance as well. It comes at the same price of the famous Apple MacBook of 12 inches with the core i7. It is made with many latest features that include IPS colorful screen, Dolby digital speakers, core i7 processor, 15.6 inches screen, webcam, 8GB RAM, etc. It works with fast speed and is considered as the best gaming option for the budget conscious people in the whole world.

3. MSI GT80 Titan:

Top Three Best Gaming Laptops for 2015MSI GT80 Titan is a notebook that is specially designed for the high performance in games. It is also very lightweight as its weight is only estimated to be 10 pounds and very slim as well. The size of the laptop is 18 inches and is enhanced with many graphic settings. The price of this notebook is $2888. The main features of this laptop are 16GB RAM, 18.4 inches screen, 256 GB storage, camera, Bluetooth and mechanical keyboard as well. It is not possible to use this laptop on your lap because of its powerful working.

2. Aorux X3 Plus v3:

Top 3 Best Gaming Laptops for 2015Aorux X3 Plus v3 is very powerful laptop specially designed for gaming purpose and is also portable. The size of this laptop is 14 inches, and Cal plays even very heavy video game cards. The graphics settings are much enhanced and are perfect for playing games on it. The price of this laptop Aorux X3 Plus v3 is $2,199.99. The main features of this laptop are 16GB RAM, 14 inches screen LCD, webcam, light weight, Bluetooth and 256GB storage as well.

1. Origin EON15-X:

Best Gaming Laptop for 2015Origin EON15-X is the laptop with the total size of 15.6 inches and performs exceptionally well. It is the most famous and the perfect laptop for playing heavy games on it without any disturbance. The performance of this laptop is totally worth it for the money paid to grab this. Its main features are corei7, 8GB RAM, 240GB storage, video camera, light weight, Bluetooth, LED display, etc.

List of Best Gaming Laptops for 2015

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Origin EON15-X $ 2699
2 Aorux X3 Plus v3 $ 2199.99
3 MSI GT80 Titan $ 2888
4 Gigabyte P55K v4 $ 1485.59
5 Alienware 17 (2015) $ 4943
6 Aorus X7 Pro-sync $ 2529
7 Origin EVO15-S $ 2199
8 HP Omen $ 1399
9 Digital Storm Triton $ 1620
10 Asus ROG G751JY $ 1962


The above ranking of top 10 best gaming laptops is given according to the features and the reviews taken from their users in the whole world. Games need a powerful laptop and heavy processor to play games on a laptop easily and enjoy them more. All these laptops are made with latest technology and powerful components which are considered as the best for the game lovers in the whole world. Game lovers are willing to purchase them to get the best experience for them.