Luxury Greek Islands
Best for Parties, Mykonos

We all know that islands are very beautiful and peaceful place. Islands are full of natural beauty and people love to visit them to relax themselves from this busy life. These Greek islands are located in Greece where there are many islands that range from 1200 to 6000. In which some of them are very small and not much developed, but some islands are well developed and are the main attraction for the people and tourists as well. Usually, their islands are grouped into different clusters in which there are different islands as a group in which there are some small islands and some are big. About 30 islands are very crowded and are most visited by the people because of their beauty and different facilities. Mostly people prefer to visit busiest or well-developed islands to spend their time more comfortably and enjoy there as well. In this article, we will specifically talk about top 10 most luxurious islands in Greece.
The following are top 10 best Greek islands in the world:

10. Best Undiscovered Island, Gavdos:

List of Top Ten Best and Luxury Greek IslandsIt is a famous islet that came into existence about 40 years ago. This islet is not much crowded, and people can relax there. It also has two beautiful beaches with it which are the main attraction for the people visiting this islet. In past, there were fewer visitors on this islet but the number of visitors is increasing day by day due to its awareness among the people. It is not very easy to go to this islet, and if the wind is in the wrong direction then it becomes impossible to come back from there. Still ferry does not go to this islet. Mostly people go to this islet in June as it is suitable going there at that time.

9. Best New Age Holiday, Skyros:

Top Ten Best and Luxury Greek IslandsIt is the first isle that was discovered and is located in Skyros. It provides all basic facilities especially the transportation to go to this isle. It is considered still the best Greek islet instead it is the oldest one. The people visiting this islet will surely love this islet because of its natural beauty and people love going to this luxurious isle.

8. Best for Holiday Reading, Corfu:

Top 10 Best and Luxury Greek IslandsThis isle is more famous because a famous writer Lawrence Durrell wrote his book called Prospero`s cell. Not only this book many other famous books are also written on this islet which made it more famous all over the world and its name is also kept on that as the name shows holiday reading it is suitable for all the readers of those books. All these books were written about different places of this isle and to tell the whole world different stories of this islet. It is a very beautiful islet that is full of natural beauty.

7. Best Classical Site: Nas, Ikaria:

Top 10 Luxury Greek IslandsIt is a very beautiful isle but is very crowded. The most amazing thing about this isle is that it has many historical temples that are very beautiful and loved by the persons. All these temples are very old, and persons think that these temples are magical places that inspired them as well. Humans mostly spend their time on this islet in discovering different precious stones that are very beautiful. The nice thing about this island is that on this islet there is also the facility to get a bed on the side of the bay to enjoy the trip and make it more memorable. It is still considered as the nice island for spending a time and relaxing.

6. Best for Wildlife, Tilos:

Top Ten Best and Expensive Greek IslandsIt is not a much developed islet, and most of the humans are still not aware of this islet. The most famous thing about this islet is tigers that can be seen wandering here and there and is dangerous as well. As the name of this islet indicates wildlife on this islet there are many animals that can be appealing for the people and dangerous as well. It also has very different species of elephants that are loved by the people. Most of the animal lovers love this islet and are mostly visited by them as well.

5. Best Uninhabited Island, Farmakonisi:

Top Ten Best and Luxury Greek IslandsThis isle became more famous when Julius Caesar was kidnapped and was kept on this isle for a year. The kidnappers asked for the money and his family paid almost double amount for his release. It is not a much-developed isle on which there is not more transportation available as no ferry goes there. Mostly people visit this isle by taking life from a yacht. On this isle, there are no basic facilities and people have to bring their supplies to survive on this isle. It is not much crowded which is loved by most of the people.

4. Best for Food, Anywhere & Nowhere:

Top 5 Best and Luxury Greek IslandsGreek has not much enhance a collection of food, but here people will find simple food that is very tasty as well. Mostly people prefer that fish is the best option on this island. Fish on this island is made with olive oil and pure herbs which is amazing. Tilos island also has a wide range of drinks available near the beach that are loved by the people. Mostly tourists from all over the world loved the food of this island and thought that the best food is available on this island as the name also shows.

3. Best View, Santorini:

Top Three Best and Luxury Greek IslandsIt is very Ancient Island that was discovered in 1500BC. It is very beautiful and Natural Island. The most amazing thing about this island is that the blue sea nears this island that looks very beautiful and appealing for the people. This island is very famous all over the world because its different sceneries are printed on the postcards. It is very famous island and people from all over the world visit this island.

2. Best for Parties, Mykonos:

Top 3 Best and Luxury Greek IslandsIt is very beautiful and well-developed island. The beautiful views and fashionable culture of this island will never make you think that it is an island it looks like more a well developed country or city. As the name shows that it is best for parties’ means, it is full of life and all basic facilities are available for the people visiting it.

1. Best Neoclassical Harbour, Symi:

Best and Luxury Greek IslandIt is a very ancient place and looks very historical as well. The ferries were coming there shut down their engines and then glide into a narrow harbour to get to this island. On this island, the most amazing thing is that no matter what the time is as it is very beautiful and lighted island. Everyone knows that this island is historical and will never come to end.

List of Top 10 Best and Luxury Greek Islands:

Sr.No. Names
1 Best Neoclassical Harbour, Symi
2 Best for Parties, Mykonos
3 Best View, Santorini
4 Best for food, Anywhere or Nowhere
5 Best Uninhabited Island, Farmakonisi
6 Best for Wildlife, Tilos
7 Best Classical Site: Nas, Ikaria
8 Best for Holiday Reading, Corfu
9 Best New Age Holiday, Skyros
10 Best Undiscovered Island, Gavdos


We conclude that there are many luxury islands of Greece that are very beautiful and luxurious as well. All these Greece islands are the main attraction for the people and tourists from all over the world. All the above-explained islands are very beautiful, and every island has some specialty in its own which is also shown in their names as well. These islands are loved by the people and are visited by all the people from all over the world.

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