Luxurious Rental Apartments

In this article, we will talk about the top ten most luxurious rental apartments in the world. These flats are the piece of most costly urban communities on the planet. A global HR counseling firm made a study and distributed a rundown of most expensive urban communities and their most extravagant flats. As indicated by this company New York and Tokyo are the most costly urban communities on the planet. As these urban communities are most expensive so convenience in these urban communities are additionally exorbitant and costly.
Long haul living in these lofts implies that you need to spend an incredible measure of cash with regards to lease. These extravagant condos give you good looking and multi discretionary administration as per your want. These super sumptuous rental flats have well notoriety on the planet.
Here is a list of top 10 luxurious rental apartments in the world.

10. Sydney, Australia, Average monthly rent $2,551:

top apartments in sydney australiaThis beautiful rental house is from Australia; monthly rent of this house is $2,551. Surroundings of this Palm Beach are very beautiful and lovely. This four- bedroom sandstone masterpiece will capture you and take you in the world of your dream land. The inspiring style of this house creates a spell and you will stick here. The accommodation of this Palm Beach house is suitable for those who has lust after luxury- living. Sereia Palm Beach offers excellent facilities and features that will take you in the realm of dreams. This house contains two king size rooms and two single rooms. You can enjoy the extreme open sun shine by the side of pool. The swimming pool of this house is solar heated here you can take a deep dip in this heated pool. For your comfort the over beds are fixed beside the pool. There is also outdoor shower and bath with expensive stuff. You can start your day with full of energy and strength and can enjoy your holidays on this luxurious and expensive spot.

9. Bern, Switzerland, Average monthly rent $2, 687:

Most luxurious rental apartments in bern switzerland luxurious apartmentsThis luxurious rental house is unfurnished and the monthly rent of this house is $2,687. Bern the beautiful city in which this house is situated is fertile and awesome region. There is a great and famous museum and this museum is a big reason of the fame of this city. Bern is considered a true haven of culture. Bern’s theater is very impressive and lively. If you are looking for beautiful and special luxurious apartments then Bern is a right destination for you. There are also luxurious hotels and shopping malls which can easily bound your attention. It is said that “beauty has a tradition in Bern” fine jewelers and exclusive fashion stores always treat you warmly in Bern.

8. Zurich, Switzerland, Average monthly rent $3, 915:

Zurich switzerland luxurious apartmentsThis house is in Zurich and the monthly rent of this house is $3,915. This luxurious rental house keeps eight rooms. The kitchen of this luxurious house is made up with combination of white and black tiles, looks brilliant and beautiful. Every room of this luxurious rental house is wide and well-lighted. Zurich is a beautiful place for living and you can also spend your holiday season at this great place.  Zurich keeps a treasure of luxury shopping malls and fashion stores. So this is an amazing place for living.

7. Geneva Switzerland, Average monthly rent $4,350:

Geneva Switzerland top apartmentsGeneva is a beautiful city of Switzerland and the luxurious rental house which we are going to discuss now is located in Geneva. This house is furnished and the monthly rent of this house is $4,350. Geneva is the coolest city of Europe for holiday’s trips and for shopping. The apartment is on a great location, it is very well furnished and has everything you want in a contented stay. So this is a modern elegant and well light apartment in a beautiful building. It is very convenient to get there from airport and also easy move to Lake; the settings of this Lake provide you a wonderful and panoramic view. This awesome place is very famous amongst the artists and photographers. Geneva has a beautiful climate; winter and summer seasons are so charming and suitable for fun and enjoyment. So this is a beautiful and amazing place best for holidays.  Geneva is a cultural city and has plenty of museums and galleries like Natural history museum and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art.

6. Hong Kong China Average monthly rent $7,092:

Hong Kong China luxurious apartmentsThe house which we are going to discuss here is a pretty rental luxurious house and monthly rent of this house is $4,350. Celestial garden is situated on a hill between central and South side of the city.  The building of celestial garden is a single 2D story Block with three wings. There are four bedrooms, a powder room and a fitted kitchen. There are also a balcony and a car parking with a living room and combined dining room. Celestial garden is situated on great beaches and it is just 15 mints away from central. Hong Kong is one of the most exciting cities in the world. The community of this city is multi-cultural so this place is a point of colorful traditions. There are 223 outlying Islands throughout the region. So this is an amazing place for fun and exciting place for relaxation.

5. Singapore, Average monthly rent $45,080:

Singapore most luxurious apartmentsThe next apartment is from Singapore, it is a beautiful luxurious rental house. The Belgian house is one of famous luxurious rental houses. The Belgian house set in an exclusive royal environment in Singapore. Anne-jean Lietaer and Panagiotis Lynas, both are graduates. They have founded the Belgian house; their unique creation is famous throughout the world.  They are also the ambassadors of Belgium so they have a great experience in the past abut house decoration.This is a beautiful luxurious rental house and the monthly rent of this house is $45,080. Here you can spend your holidays with full of fun and enjoyment. So if you are looking for a rental house then Belgian house is a correct option in this regard.

4.  Ndjamena, chad, Average monthly rent $2,245:

Ndjamena, chad, top apartmentsOur next selection is a luxurious rental suite is a presidential suite of Ndjamena hotel. Your every wish and desire will fulfill when you will visit here. There is a separate living room and bedroom. A lap-top size safe and a working desk is also a part of this luxurious rental room. Some rooms have connecting doors and a dining room is also available. In- room coffee/tea service is available and there is a personal balcony and wide lounge area. Ndjamena welcomes you with African beauty and charm. In this hotel an ATM machine is available in the main lobby. You can enjoy the various facilities here like laundry, in-room dining, and warden. So Ndjamena is the true depiction of African culture and hospitality. The monthly rent of this suite is $2, 245.

3. Tokyo, Japan, Average monthly rent $4,513:

Tokyo, Japan luxurious apartmentsThe next selection of luxurious rental house is from Tokyo. This apartment is the part of Tokyo apartments, and the monthly rent of this apartment is $4,513. The apartment which we are going to discuss now is a master piece of architecture by Cesar Pelli who is famous world wildly. There is a gym and grand pool on the top of building.  Every room is super clean and well-lighted. This fully furnished apartment has created for your comfort and ease. Bed linen, towels, kitchen utensils are not included in monthly rent. For long term stay this apartment is an ideal place to live. This apartment offers stylish luxury furniture according to your desire. Standard design and quality fittings are making our lives easy and interesting.

2. Moscow, Russia, Average monthly rent $4,600:

Moscow, Russia top rental apartmentsThe luxurious rental apartment which we are going to describe is from Moscow and the monthly rent of this apartment is $4,600. The rent of this house is obviously a large amount but the people who want love to live here, then rent has no matter for them. Usadba Company, the creator of this apartment, was founded in February 2000. In a very short period this Company is now considered to be the top five prestigious companies which are working for deluxe and luxury for 14 years.
Moscow is the capital city and federal subject of Russia. Moscow is a great political, scientific, cultural center in Russia and Eastern Europe. So this is a great place to spend a good and memorable time.

1. Luanda, Angola, Average monthly rent $6,500:

Luanda, AngolaOur next and last selection of luxurious rental apartment is from Angola. This beautiful luxurious apartment is so expensive, monthly rent of this apartment is $6,5oo which is very heavy cost in the context of a rent. This beautiful luxurious apartment keeps luxurious furniture which is very comfortable and lovely. The color combination of furniture’s accessories is so beautiful and appealing.  There are three bedrooms and a beautiful swimming pool. Generator system is also available for every time. Luanda is beautiful city and great attractive point for visitors. So this apartment is a great choice for spend a cheerful time. You can feel the texture of deluxe, luxury, comfort and ease here.

Top Ten Luxurious Apartments at a Glance

Rank Locations Average Monthly Rent
1. Luanda, Angola $6,500
2. Moscow, Russia $4,600
3. Tokyo, Japan $4,513
4. N’Djamena, chad $2,245
5. Singapore $45,080
6. Hong Kong China Average $7,092
7. Geneva, Switzerland $4,350
8. Zurich, Switzerland $3, 915
9. Bern, Switzerland $2, 687
10. Sydney, Australia $2,551
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