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The 10 Places in the World Where Cars are Expensive

The 10 Places in the World Where Cars are Expensive

Cars are the most important thing in the life of humans and some recent years these become their basic necessity. There are many different cars made by different car brands among which some of them are affordable while some are expensive ones. The expensive cars are the luxurious ones that are the true symbol of a high standard of living and the luxurious living of the person. People in the world purchase cars according to their budgets. Cars are available at different prices in different countries because taxes, clearance, registration, etc. are different in each country. These charges also vary for different cars as small cars have less charge while big cars have high charges that rich people can afford easily. The fuel charges are also different in all countries that change the whole view of keeping expensive cars. People should select their appropriate cars according to the road of their place. In all countries, the big and luxurious cars are very common among the people as it is said that cars are cheap there.
The following are top 10 places in the world where cars are very expensive:

10. Cuba:

List of Top Ten Places in the World Where Cars are ExpensiveCuba is a famous and well-developed place where automobiles are normally very expensive. The market of this place is liberated as the prices of the automobiles were raised very high in 2011. The business in Cuba is very down which in return decreases the income then the purchasing power of the people is also very low. But the cars there are very reliable and are worth driving there because of the best and latest infrastructure facilities there. Cars there are very expensive but the income of the people is not very high, and only rich people can afford them.

9. North Korea:

Top Ten Places in the World Where Cars are ExpensiveNorth Korea is a place that is famous for the expensive motors. It has some clone motors in the market that are available at the cheap prices than the original ones but still are difficult to afford. North Korea has been importing spare parts for the last 20 years which also makes the automobiles more expensive. Most of the population there cannot afford to own a car and prefer to travel on the public transport that saves their income as well. Due to expensive machines, the traffic in this country is very limited as that is a good thing if it is compared to the Japan as it is the country of automobiles.

8. St. Kitts and Nevis:

Top Ten Places Where Cars are ExpensiveSt. Kitts and Nevis is an island that looks like a paradise. It is a very beautiful place, but machines are very expensive there. Automobiles are expensive because the taxes of importing motors are very high and shocking for the people. It is a small island but very well developed. Most of the automobiles used there are by the company Toyota. Used motors are also available there at suitable prices like Prius car costs almost $171,405 in 2012 which is a very high price.

7. United Kingdom:

Top 10 Places in the World Where Cars are ExpensiveThe UK is very famous and rich country and has the royal family ruling there. Second-hand motors are very cheap there, but the latest ones are way too expensive. Mostly used motors, there are right hand drive that is not suitable for the Europeans that is the reason these sold at low prices. The price of new Scion FR-S is almost $39,031. The insurance and other charges for motors there are very high which are difficult to afford for all people but only rich people can afford them to live a luxurious life.

6. Brazil:

List of Top 10 Places in the World Where Cars are ExpensiveBrazil is the country that is very expensive one in terms of auto machines. The automobiles have to pay 100% tax charges and the gas charges there are also very high. Automobiles are difficult to afford for the people as the price of Corolla in 2014 is almost $25k while the price of this same car in the US is $16k. It will completely show the difference between the countries and the high rates in Brazil.

5. China:

Top Five Places in the World Where Cars are ExpensiveChina is considered as the homeland of the auto machines, and most of the machines are made from Chinese spare parts but still automobiles are expensive there. The new mobiles, there are very expensive. The price of New Scion FR-S is almost $43,919. But still people there have many automobiles that are the reason the traffic is very high on the roads. There are many other options editions of reasonable cars available on the market that people can afford easily.

4. Nicaragua:

Top 5 Places in the World Where Cars are ExpensiveNicaragua is the place located in Latin America and is considered as the worst place for purchasing automobiles in the world. The motors, there are not the best and latest but still are very expensive and not affordable for most of the people. The chances of stolen motors are also very high there which restricts people from purchasing them. The motors there are expensive because the importing charges are very high which raised their charges.

3. Indonesia:

Top Three Places in the World Where Cars are ExpensiveIndonesia is a very well developed country where the prices of automobiles are very high, and people feel them crazy. The normal price of automobiles there starts from 60k normally. Auto Machines there are very difficult to purchase and maintain them. Most of the motors there are imported from other countries that are perfect in manufacturing automobiles that add the additional taxes and duties on them which raised their prices. Auto Motors are not affordable for people there that is the reason automobiles there are very less.

2. Malaysia:

Top 3 Places in the World Where Cars are ExpensiveMalaysia is an Asian country that is famous for the luxurious cars. The cars there start from the price of $75,000. The brand new automobiles there are available at the prices of $600,000. The most famous cars there are Camry and Accord, which are considered the most luxurious cars. The excise duty there is very high which increases the charges there which the local people are facing.

1. Singapore:

Top Place in the World Where Cars are ExpensiveSingapore is the country that is very developed and people there are living a high standard of living. The cars in Singapore start from the price of $135,000. It is very difficult to own a car in this country and seems like the impossible thing for most of the people. Singapore is not the manufacturer of automobiles that is the reason the cars are very expensive there.

List of the Places in the World Where Cars are Expensive

Sr.No. Names Initial Price
1 Singapore $ 135000
2 Malaysia $ 75000
3 Indonesia $ 60000
4 Nicaragua $ 45000
5 China $ 43919
6 Brazil $ 25000
7 United Kingdom $ 39031
8 St. Kitts and Nevis $ 171405
9 North Korea $ 20000
10 Cuba $ 23700


The above ranking of the top 10 most expensive places where cars are expensive is given according to the prices of cars in different countries. All these countries are very well developed and rich, but the taxes, and duties in these countries are very high which raised the prices. It is very difficult to own cars in these countries that hinder the standard of living there.