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Here we will discuss top 10 most expensive treatments in the world. We as a whole realize that these days numerous illnesses are exceptionally regular among the general population. These ailments are spreading because of the dirtied condition and undesirable nourishment which is expanding various sorts of sicknesses among the general people. Individuals are not cognizant about their wellbeing but rather are partial to garbage food that is the fundamental explanation behind numerous illnesses. Various sicknesses are presently exceptionally basic like a tumor, hepatitis, HIV, heart issues, and so on. Individuals couldn’t manage the cost of their treatment in light of expensive drugs and the entire treatment. For the most part, powerful solutions are made by worldwide pharmaceutical organizations that are the principal purpose of costly medications. Improvement of most modern medicines needs a ton of research and trials to make it for individuals. Every single expensive prescription is for the most part utilized for the treatment of rare and perilous ailments and some for excellence medications. Every single pharmaceutical organization is attempting to make more drugs that are compelling and accessible in some small costs. For the most part, white collar class individuals couldn’t bear the cost of these prescriptions because of their high costs that outcome in death. By perusing this article, you will have the capacity to think about best ten most costly medicines on the planet. These treatments are offers in different clinics those are loaded with all most recent and luxurious facilities for their patients.

10. Cerezyme:

List of top ten most expensive treatmentsCerezyme is a famous medicine used to reduce growing fats in lungs, bone marrow and brain as well. This specific drug can also be used for rare problems like in the internal process issues. It is not much-used medicine as only used for rare diseases like only one patient in every 50,000 to 100,000 people. It can also be used to cure dangerous problems related to brain and nervous system as well. It has many side effects as well as bruising, pain in bones, anemia, etc. It is not much dangerous medicine according to side effects but a very effective one for the cure of fatal diseases.

9. Fabrazyme:

Top ten most expensive treatmentsThis particular medicine is used for the treatment of Fabry problems. This problem is very rare among the people. It is mainly used for the prevention of fat from metabolizing which also causes many problems in biological processes. This disease has many symptoms by which people can know about their problem like kidney problem, ear pain, swelling on eyes, heart issues, etc. This disease is mostly common in men not in women but very rare like almost only one patient from 60,000 people. This drug has many dangerous side effects that can be controlled by some other medicines as well.

8. Arcalyst:

Worlds most expensive treatmentsArcalyst is expensive medicine that is used only for rare disease. It is used for the treatment of inflammatory issues in the body like syndrome. It is very rare disease like only a single patient among one million people. This disease causes increased production of proteins among the body that is further main cause of inflammatory problems especially in cold weather. This medicine has many side effects as well like joint pain, kidney problems, skin rash, etc. Only few companies are manufacturing this medicine because there are some rare cases that suffer from this disease.

7. Myozyme:

Ranking of top ten expensive treatmentsThis medicine is commonly used for inherited problems like syndrome, etc. In this disease, the body does not process the glycogen in the form glucose. This medicine helps to prevent this serious problem. This specific medicine is not available on some medical centers to ensure allergy problems among patients after the procedure. It is very rare disease that occurs in only one person among every 40,000 people. It is very dangerous disease if not treated properly.

6. Kalydeco:

Ten most expensive treatments in the worldKalydeco is a medicine that is used to control cysts in the body which occurred due to hormonal changes. This drug reduces the increased proteins in the body that causes cysts and fluids as well. This particular medicine is only made by two famous companies that are: Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Vertex Pharmaceuticals. It is only treatment available to control cysts in the body.

5. Cinryze:

Top ten expensive treatmentsThis medicine is used for the treatment of very rare disease called Hereditary Angioedema. In this disease, patient has a severe swelling on the whole body of the patient that is very dangerous if not treated properly. This disease mostly occurs because of malfunctioning of proteins in the body which cause swelling. It is mostly inherited from family. This disease has many symptoms in patients like vomiting, nausea, abdominal pain, etc. It is very expensive medicine not possible to be afforded by everyone.

4. Folotyn:

List of most expensive treatmentsFolotyn is medicine that is mostly used in for relapse of cancer among patients and failure in any other treatment as well. It is used to increase the life span of the patient. It is mostly recommended to the patients of blood cancer that spreads very quickly in the body. In America, almost 5,600 patients suffer from this disease every year to those patients this medicine is always recommended. It is the expensive drug not affordable for every patient.

3. Naglazyme:

Top ten expensive treatmentsNaglazyme is an expensive medicine that is also used for the treatment of rare and inherited problems called Maroteaux Lamy syndrome that causes damage in the body due to the inability of nutrients. It can cause damage to almost whole body of the patient like skin, teeth, liver, etc. This medicine acts as a replacement for the enzymes lack in the body. This medicine is injected in the body of the patient in 4-hour process. It is very expensive drug not affordable by everyone.

2. Elaprase:

List of top ten most expensive treatmentsElaprase is medicine that is used in almost all over the world; almost 2000 people are treated by this medicine every year. This medicine is used for the treatment of Hunter syndrome. This disease is always inherited with the X chromosome. It increases the sugar in the body and also reduces the reactions occurred by the use of this medicine. It is very expensive medicine that is why include in this list of most expensive medicines in the world.

1. Soliris:

Top ten most expensive treatments in the worldSoliris is the most expensive medicine in the world which is manufactured by Alexion Pharmaceuticals. This medicine is used to control blood disorder in the body and control the destruction of red blood cells. It also decreases the symptoms of diseases like pain, blood clots and headache. It also increases the life span of the patient. This medicine behaves in the same manner like natural immune system of the body.

Sr No. Names Amount Spent $ per year
1 Soliris 409,500
2 Elaprase 375,000
3 Naglazyme 365,000
4 Folotyn 360,000
5 Cinryze 350,000
6 Kalydeco 307,000
7 Myozyme 300,000
8 Arcalyst 250,000
9 Fabrazyme 200,000
10 Cerezyme 200,000
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