Expensive Ever Sold Books

Books are a very precious thing in life and are very informative as well. These books provide wide knowledge to the readers about the whole world. There are hundreds of books written in the world on different topics. The topics of books are different as some of the books are written on the life of the famous personalities and some on other topics. Some people in the world are fond of books and love to read them. There are many different themes in the books on which they are written like horror, thriller, love story, etc. The prices of the books are different in which some of them are very expensive while some are cheap as well. There are hundreds of writers in the world who are writing books, and their books are read in the whole world. Mostly the books on the biography of famous personalities are very expensive in the world and not affordable for everyone. Some book lovers are willing to pay millions even on the books.
The following are top 10 most expensive books ever sold in the world:

10. Comedies, Histories & Tragedies, The first folio William Shakespeare:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Ever Sold Books in the WorldIt is the famous book by William Shakespeare which was completed and published in 1623. The modern scholars of that time named it as the First Folio. It was first printed in the pattern of a folio in which there were 36 plays. It was considered as the reliable text written in it and was a valuable book as well. Shakespeare is a very famous writer of the world and his books very precious and read in the whole world. Still he is famous among all volume lovers of the world. This precious volume for sold to a normal buyer for almost $8.2 million in about 2001.

9. Copy of the Constitution, Bill of rights and other key acts of the first Congress:

Top Ten Most Expensive Ever Sold Books in the WorldThis book was very precious and contains the information about the copy of the constitution, and all the key points included in it for the first Congress in 1789. Congress is one of the leading parties of India. In this book, all the rights and objectives of the party were described for which it was made. It was a very precious book and was sold for the high price tag that no one in the world has imagined. It was sold to the Mount Vernon Ladies Association for almost $10.2 million which was a nonprofit organization in 2012.

8. The Canterbury Tales Geoffrey Chaucer:

Top Ten Expensive Ever Sold Books in the WorldThe Canterbury Tales were the book in which there were almost 20 stories and was written by Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century. It was written as a story telling contest but was then very famous in the world. It also won that contest that made it famous. Chaucer was known in the world for his poems but later after the introduction of this book, he was famous in the world as a poet. It was purchased by the famous painter of England for the price tag of $11.1 million in 1998.

7. Birds of America John James Audubon:

Top 10 Most Expensive Ever Sold Books in the WorldBirds of America are a very famous book that was written by the painter and Naturalist called John James. It was made on all varieties of bird available in the USA. It was published in three different series for the readers. It has beautiful paintings of unique birds in different sizes which increased its price and made it successful in the world. It is estimated that it has almost 100 paintings in it. It was sold to the art dealer of London called Michael for $12.6 million in 2010.

6. The Rothschild Prayerbook:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Ever Sold Books in the WorldThe Rothschild Prayerbook was a famous and different kind of book that is the manuscript book of hours. It has almost 254 folios in it. It was also kept in the Austrian National Library for sale in 1999 but was not sold there. Then it was auctioned in 2014 and was purchased by the Medieval Devotional for the high price tag of $13.9 million.

5. Bay Psalm Book:

Top Five Most Expensive Ever Sold Books in the WorldBay psalm-book was first introduced in British North America. It is a Metrical book that was first printed in 1640. Then later it was translated into English. It also has some tunes that were the appealing part of the book. It got many achievements and awards as well. It has many editions that were introduced after some time in the world. In 2013, Rubenstein purchased this book for the price of $14.5 million which was unbelievable for many people.

4. St. Cuthbert Gospel:

Top 5 Most Expensive Ever Sold Books in the WorldSt. Cuthbert Gospel is a kind of pocketbook. It is well decorated with the leather covering to make it safe for the long period. The text of this book is not well decorated but an ordinary one. It was displayed in the library but later in 2011 it was sold to the British Library for the high price of $15.1 million and is now displayed there.

3. Magna Carta:

Top Three Most Expensive Ever Sold Books in the WorldMagna Carta was written in the charter of King John of England. It was very famous among the people and includes all the details about the charter. The rules and regulations were clearly described in this book about the charter. It became the important point for the English Political life. The book was published in 17 editions, but only one edition survived which was sold in 2007 to the American Billionaire Ross Perot for the price of $24.5 million.

2. The Gospels of Henry, the lion order of St. Benedict:

Top 3 Most Expensive Ever Sold Books in the WorldThe Gospels of Henry the Lion is considered as the masterpiece of a Romanesque book ever written in the world. It was a very precious book and was of almost 266 pages. It was purchased by the German Government for the high price tag of $28 million in about 1983 which are unbelievable to pay such high price for a single book.

1. Codex Leicester Leonardo Da Vinci:

Most Expensive Ever Sold Book in the WorldIt is the book that was written on the scientific writings and was very famous in the world of science. It has almost 30 science journals. It was a handwritten book not printed which made it more precious to the writer and people as well. It was purchased by Bill Gates in 1994 for the price tag of $49.4 million which made it the most expensive book in the world.


List Of Most Expensive Ever Sold Books

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Codex Leicester Leonardo Da Vinci $ 49.4 Million
2 The Gospels of Henry the Lion order of St. Benedict $ 28 Million
3 Magna Carta $ 24.5 Million
4 St. Cuthbert Gospel $ 15.1 Million
5 Bay Psalm Book $ 14.5 Million
6 The Rothschild Prayerbook $ 13.9 Million
7 Birds of America John James Audubon $ 12.6 Million
8 The Canterbury Tales Geoffrey Chaucer $ 11.1 Million
9 Cop of the constitution, bill of rights and other key acts of the first congress $ 10.2 Million
10 Comedies, Histories and Tragedies, the first folio William Shakespeare $ 8.2 Million


We conclude that books are read by every person in the world, but some people are fond of books and wanted to read different kinds of books. There are many talented writers in the world who are writing exceptional books for the book lovers. All these books explained above are very famous and expensive as well which marked the history by their high price tags and are unbelievable for many people a swell.

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