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Top 10 Most Expensive Steaks in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Steaks in the World

Beef is used all over the world and is loved by most people except the vegetarians. There are many dishes which can be made from beef, but the most famous one is its steaks which are loved by the people. These are available all over the world and in all restaurants of the world from where people can easily purchase to make their meal more enjoyable. It is prepared on the charcoal or hot plates which have perfect taste and smell as well. Some of the beef cuts in the world are very expensive and are not affordable for everyone. The cows from which expensive meat is obtained are pampered and are best of their respective species. These are also helpful in losing weights as they are grilled and made in less oil. These steaks are served with mashed potatoes and some different kind of sauces to make their taste more good and delicious. In all western countries, these are served with the bottle of expensive champagne to complete the meal of the person which is considered as the luxurious foods.

The following are the most expensive steaks in the world:

10. Wagyu Kobe Rib Eye Cheese steak:

ten most expensive steaksThe cheese steak was first started by the Barclay Prime of Philadelphia, which was a new invention in the world of meals and was a perfect thing as well. It is cut with Foie gras and is made by sprinkling cheese, onions, truffles, and tomatoes, etc. This delicious cheesy meal is served with the glass of Dom Perignon 2000 to make it more luxurious. It is considered as a high class food item and is best food for the dinner date which is served with the bottle of champagne which is a creative thing.  The price of this steak is $100.

9. Wagyu Tomahawk:

ten most expensive steaks in the worldThe wagyu steak is the best meal on the plate which is served at the Rhode Island Restaurant for the high price of $109. This restaurant started to serve this dish almost two years ago, but it is their particular recipe and is not mentioned in their menu. It is only served in the particular dining room which provides the luxurious effect to the whole meal. It is made with the 22 ounces of beef. The restaurant when started it was worried that due to its high price people will not purchase it but after its introduction, it was opposite. It is made almost 30 to 40 times in a week. It is also served in some traditional style of the restaurant.

8. Wagyu No Sumibiyaki:

list of ten most expensive steaksIt is the particular dish which is available in the Zuma Restaurant in London. It is a Japanese sushi made on the charcoal and served in the best atmosphere to make the whole experience memorable. It is served with the citrus sauce to give it a different and delicious taste. The restaurant is not famous for the casual dinners but is known for the world famous steak offered in it. The price of this meal is almost $139 which is worth spending on this dish to taste the best dish with the best presentation as well.

7. Japanese Wagyu Rib eye:

list of ten most expensive steaks in the worldIt is a very expensive dish as only 8 ounces of this steak are sold for $144. It is served at the Beverly Hills’ restaurant and is made by their famous chef. This restaurant is known for this steak and the highlight of their menu. It is very soft when perfectly cooked that it can be cut without a knife. Wagyu steak is considered the star of the show in this restaurant. It has also been listed in the Forbes magazine as one of the best steakhouses in the whole world.

6. Wagyu Kobe Steak:

list of ten expensive most steaksWagyu Kobe steak is offered at the Nobu located in Dallas. It is an expensive one which is available in $144 only for 6 ounces. The most unusual feature of this restaurant is that all the steak eaters will cook their steaks on the grills which are located on the side of their tables. It is expensive but is the perfect experience for all the steak lovers in the world. It is served with the seasonal vegetables and different kinds of dipping sauce. It is the best steak available and is worth trying once in the lifetime.

5. Wagyu Sirloin:

list of ten expensive most steaks in the worldDubai is the most famous place in the world and people traveling to Dubai should spend on the 10.5 ounces for this particular steak. It is available at the Muntaha restaurant which offers the complete range of European dishes and is located in the famous building Burj Al Arab which is the best experience of eating the best steak at 700 feet above the sea level. It also provides the best view for enjoying the meal. It has the best taste in steak and perfect experience as well. The price of this steak is $169.

4. Select Special Kobe Filet:

Most Expensive SteaksIt is the special steak that is available in the Restaurant in Kobe, Japan which is famous for its taste. It is 5.6 ounces that are prepared in the female kitchen and has a large variety of salads and desserts as well for the justification of high price paid for it. Their main ingredient in cooking is Japanese pepper that provides the best taste after grilling. Their style is very professional and running from the last 200 years. It is considered as the best cultural dish served on ceremonies. The price of this steak is almost $246.

3. Charbroiled Kobe Filet:

top ten steaks listIt is the most famous dish of Japan that is available at a high price tag. It is served at the Aragawa restaurant located in Tokyo. It is made with very high-class ingredients. It is very simple decorated serving. The beef is done with the mustard and pepper which are the primary flavors in this dish. It is also listed by the Forbes to be treated as the best place to eat. The price of the steak is almost $258.

2. Fullblood Wagyu Tenderloin:

top ten best steaks meal in the worldIt is the main dish of the Prime restaurant in Sydney of Australia. It is considered as the best dish which is very tender and fat-free as well. It is made from the meat of cows that are fed for almost 600 days. It is considered as the most expensive meat in Japan and the luxurious one as well. The cows of this steak are raised in Alexandra, and their beef is only sold to the Prime restaurant of Sydney. The price of this delicious steak is almost $295.

1. A5 Kobe Strip Steak:

Most Expensive SteaksIt is the dish which is served in the Old Homestead steakhouse located in New York. It is at the top of the list of best steaks dishes. It is made in very luxurious style and big Apple-style. They have some very popular items in their menu among which steak is the most famous one. It is made with best ingredients to make it best taste and is fat-free. It is very tender that melts on the tongue without any further need. The price of this steak is almost $350.

Most Expensive Steaks in the World – Top Ten List

Sr No. Name Price
1 A5 Kobe Strip Steak $350
2 Fullblood Wagyu Tenderloin $295
3 Charbroiled Kobe Filet $258
4 Select Special Kobe Filet $246
5 Wagyu Sirloin $169
6 Wagyu Kobe Steak $144
7 Japanese Wagyu Rib eye $144
8 Wagyu No Sumibiyaki $139
9 Wagyu Tomahawk $109
10 Wagyu Kobe Rib eye Cheese steak $100


We conclude top rated steaks list by saying that all these steaks are made with some different ingredients and have the best taste in the world which makes them famous in the world. All these are available at the high price tags which are not affordable for everyone, but the real steak lovers are willing to spend a great price to get the best steaks in the world.