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Top Ten Most Expensive Postage Stamps in the World

Top Ten Most Expensive Postage Stamps in the World

There are different needs in the world which are fulfilled by various products. Postage stamps are required from the past, not their invention is launched these days. Most of the people used to use these in past for different purposes which are now considered as the symbol of the historical background. Postage stamps are always attached to the history and show others about it. Every place has its historical context which differs according to the location and period. Some people have the hobby of collecting such marks which are their main hobby and wanted to collect them from all over the world. These old postage have much high value in the world and are available at their collectors. There are different unique and rare stamps wanted by people which are available or kept in the museums to depict the history of various places to the people coming there. These postage stamps differ from different time periods to show their cultural background and strong history.

Here is the list of most expensive stamps in the world which are very rare:

10. Basel Dove:

most expensive stampsBasel Dove is the stamp which was issued by the Canton of Basel located in Switzerland in 1845. It is the first tricolor stamp which comes with the face value of 2.5 rappen. It is one of the most famous three Swiss stamps used there as postal stamps. It was designed by the best architect called Melchior Berri. It was made in different colors which include blue, crimson and black. Only 42,000 stamps of the same design were made, and the value of this stamp is estimated to be $20,000 which is very high now in the market.

9. Penny Black:

most expensive stamps in the worldPenny Black was the first ever postage stamp which was first introduced in Britain. The idea behind the design of this stamp was by Rowland Hill, who is famous with the name of Father of postal stamps. It features the face of British queen named Victoria. It was first issued in 1840 and was much demanded there. It has extensive series of stamps there with the estimated value of $3000, and many unused stamps of this series were still kept safely in the postal museum of British.

8. The whole Country is Red:

top ten most expensive stamps in the worldThe whole country is red is the Chinese stamp which was issued in 1968 during the period of Cultural Revolution. This stamp depicts the communism culture in China. It also has the map of China made in red color and the picture of workers as well. It was in the complete control of China and was collected by the people in high volume. It is quite a rare postage stamp nowadays because of its strong historical background.

7. The Hawaiian Missionaries:

top expensive stampsThe Hawaiian Missionaries is the postage stamp which was made by the Kingdom of Hawaii in 1851 and is included in the rarest stamps of the world. It comes in three different values which include 2, 5 and 12 cents. It was made of very cheap quality paper but still was much famous among the people. The stamp of 2 cents is the rarest option among the all three which is kept in the museum there.

6. Tyrian Plum:

10 most expensive stampsTyrian Plum is the postage stamp of Edward VII and is one of the rarest one of Britain. It was first launched in 1910 and made in two different colors which feature the picture of the King Edward VII. At that time, total 24 million stamps were made of this same design which was destroyed later. Few stamps of this design are still present in the world, and now the only single mark of this design is located in the Royal Philatelic Collection. It comes in pink color and depicts their history.

5. Canada 12-Pence black:

expensive postage stamps

Canada 12-Pence black is the coin which is also called as Black Empress of Canada and was issued in 1851 and is included in one of rarest stamps of the whole world. It features the profile of Queen Victoria which is based on the portrait of the queen. This design of the stamp is also called Chalon Head. Only 50,000 copies of this coin were printed at that time and were sold as well. Then in 1857, the unsold ones were destroyed and only a few were available there. The estimated value of this single stamp is almost $500,000.

4. Inverted Jenny:

top expensive stampsInverted Jenny is the postage stamp which is also famous with the name of Upside down Jenny. It was printed in the USA with the value of 24 cents. It was first issued in 1918 and was made with small printing error but was very rare one. It features the picture of JN-4 airplane on it. Only 100 stamps were made of this design and were destroyed later only a few were left there. A single stamp from this collection was sold at auction in 2007 at the price of $977,500.

3. Mauritius Post Office:

expensice most stampsMauritius Post Office launched this stamp for the British colony in 1847. It was made with two denominations as one side is dark blue, and another one is orange-red. It features the profile of Queen Victoria. It was considered as the legend stamp because of its design and whole history. Only 26 pieces of this patch were available till now in the world which has the value of $4 million for a single stamp.

2. Treskilling Yellow:

list of Most Expensive Postage Stamps

Treskilling Yellow is also one of the rarest postage stamps of the world which was a Swedish stamp and was issued in 1855. It has also made a record with the value of $2.3 million at an auction conducted in 1996. It was one of its kind stamps which also have small printing error and were printed in blue, green color. It was discovered by the schoolboy in 1886 which has been kept at the museum to depict the history of their place to the whole world.

1. British Guiana 1c Magenta:

Most Expensive Postage StampsBritish Guiana 1c magenta is the stamp which is the most valuable one, and it sold at the highest price of $9.5 million at an auction conducted in 2014. It was only 1 of its type and was made in the shape of an octagon. It was made in very limited quantity in 1856, and few numbers of this stamp were also discovered by the Scottish schoolboy which are now considered as the rarest stamps of the world and are shown in different movies.

Most Expensive Postage Stamps – List of Top Ten

Sr No. Name Value
1 British Guiana 1c Magenta $9.5 million
2 Treskilling Yellow $2.3 million
3 Mauristius Post Office $4 million
4 Inverted Jenny $977,500
5 Canada 12-pence black $500,000
6 Tyrian Plum $70000
7 The Hawaiian Missionaries $40000
8 The Whole country is red $36000
9 Penny Black $30000
10 Basel Dove $20,000


The above is the list of valuable stamps for collectors. Postage stamps depict the strong history of different countries of the world and their culture as well. All these marks explained above have much higher value in the world and are kept at various museums to make them available for the people. Here you knew that what are postage stamps worth.