Expensive Cosmetics Brands

There are different things which are known for completing the whole look of the person. The makeup is considered as a most important aspect of the overall look of the women and ladies are more conscious about it. There are different things which are included in makeup, and a large variety is available for the people. There are scores of brands prevailing in the market which are known for offering the best makeup in the world and are selling it at high prices.

Makeup is typically expensive, and the quality of the composition matters a lot so proper care should be taken to choose the best one because it is a question of the skin. Their goods are broadly available all over the world at different prices from which people can choose according to their budget and need. The most famous brands of makeup are well-known in the market because of various celebrities and professional makeup artists which enhance their demand among the people.
Here are the following 10 top rated makeup brands available in the whole world, which are as follow:

10. Smashbox:

Most Expensive Cosmetics Brands for your MakeupSmashbox is the brand which was mainly established by the two brothers Davis factor and Dean in the photo studios. It is the brand which mainly focuses on the lipstick and the eye products of high quality. It is known for having the best oil feature introduced in their products which make them more expensive and perfect. It produces oil free makeup which keeps the skin clear. Most of the famous celebrities are using its products and are now owned by another best cosmetic brand that is Estee Lauder and has recently launched 3 in 1 mascara for the ladies.

9. Nu Skin:

Most Expensive Makeup BrandsNu Skin is another beauty brand which was started in 1984 in Provo all over the world. Their beauty products are made with high level of antioxidants which are mainly used in their anti-aging products. All of their products are made free from fragrance and are enhanced with the Sun protection. It is the brand which is operating in almost 53 countries of the world. It comes with the annual net income of $221,645.

8. Oriflame:

Top Most Expensive Makeup Brands In The WorldOriflame is a brand which was established by the Swedish Jochnick brothers in 1967. It is a very famous brand because of the quality of the products. Their products are made with the natural ingredients that are the reason their products are very expensive which are not affordable for everyone. The annual sales of this brand are estimated to be $1.5 billion and are available all over the world in different countries because of high demand.

7. Elizabeth Arden:

Most Expensive Makeup Brands EverElizabeth Arden is a beauty brand which is known for providing the best products since World War 1 and was started in 1910. It is named as the brand for providing the best mascara and lipsticks to the people which are the main products used by them. It was also the brand which has got the chance on the cover of the Time Magazine in 1946. It is an expensive brand which has the net income of $40.9 million according to the report of 2011.

6. Artistry:

Top Most Expensive Makeup Brands EverArtistry is the brand which was started by a couple and is known for producing the products mainly based on the nutrition and science. It is known for creating the beauty products with the fruits of Africa to enhance the quality of the outputs. It also provides the skin care products which are available in 108 different countries of the world and is very expensive brand due to the healthy ingredients. It is the brand of prestige quality and is quite a famous one.

5. Estee Lauder:

Most Expensive Makeup Brands EverEstee Lauder is the brand which was started in 1946 in New York and is quite famous all over the world. It is named as the first brand to introduce the men care products in the market. It also offers fragrances, skin care, hair care, and makeup as well. Most of the famous celebrities are seen in their commercials which enhanced its demand in the market and in 2013 it has the total sale of $10 billion.

4. MAC:

Top Most Expensive Makeup BrandsMAC is the world famous brand which was founded in Toronto. It is a brand which is known for manufacturing the makeup for the professional makeup artists and a broad range of colors. It is a very expensive brand because its quality is much higher that is the reason it is an expensive brand. It is named after inspirational brand which enhances the look of the women, and all types of beauty products are offered by this brand.

3. L`Oreal:

Most Expensive Cosmetics BrandsL`Oreal is named as the largest cosmetic brand in the world which is mainly working from France. It offers a broad range of products which are the primary requirement of the ladies. It is little expensive brand due to the quality and standard offered in their products. It also provides the large color range in the hair colors. This brand has total 72,640 employees who are working day and night to provide the best beauty products to the customers all over the world.

2. Mary Kay:

Most Expensive Makeup Brands Ever In The WorldMary Kay is the brand which was established in 1963 in Texas. It is another expensive brand in the market because a large amount of money is spent on the training of the consultants in their making. They are known for offering the products of best quality to meet the expectations of their customers all over the world and is an expensive brand which is not affordable for everyone. It is the brand which has a strong background and provides perfect quality in all its products.

1. Chanel:

Most Expensive Makeup Brands In The WorldChanel is named as the number 1 makeup brand in the whole world. It was started in 1909 in France by the famous Coco Chanel. It is the brand which offers valuable makeup products of high quality. It offers an extensive range of makeup items to the people which are very expensive. It is known for providing the excellence and perfect products which are unique. It is also named as one of the most expensive makeup brands in the world.

Most Expensive Cosmetics Brands for your Makeup – Top Rated

Sr. No. Name Establishment Year
1 Chanel 1909
2 Mary Kay 1963
3 L`Oreal 1909
4 MAC 1984
5 Estee Lauder 1946
6 Artistry 1968
7 Elizabeth Arden 1910
8 Oriflame 1967
9 Nu Skin 1984
10 Smashbox 1996
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