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List of Best Cosmetic Brands in the World

List of Best Cosmetic Brands in the World

Cosmetic brands have seen an upward trend in the past years. We can see some of the staple cosmetic brands and also a lot of new brands that are taking the market by a storm. Here we will talk about some of the top rated cosmetic brands that have been accumulated from the survey and consumer reviews. The list will have a high end as well as drug store brands that are loved by women around the world. Best cosmetic brands are those that have a good reputation in the market and those that have the highest sales.
Let’s list here the best cosmetic brands according to consumers in the world

10. Chanel

Best Cosmetic Brands In The WorldChanel has been famous where ever it steps. No need to state the obvious that it is a luxury design house that also makes fragrances, skincare products, and makeup products. Customers are a huge fan of their packaging and efficient after sales service. It is a dream brand for every woman, and it delivers what it promises. Its skincare is very popular among customers, and so are its makeup products. Chanel foundations are ranked among the best foundations for makeup in the world. It is an expensive brand priced from $50-$250.

9. Lancôme

Top Best Cosmetic Brands In The WorldLancôme is a French brand that is known for its luxurious element to the products. It makes skincare, makeup, and fragrances. It has been successful in all three branches. Lancôme has a reputation for being reliable and people trust it with their face and skin. It is an expensive brand but delivers quality. Prices range from $30-$80.

8. Estee Lauder

Best Cosmetic BrandsEstee Lauder is a name that is not new to anyone who even has the faintest idea about cosmetic brands. It produces skincare and makeup products both. It has been an old classic endorsed by some of the greatest personalities of the world. It’s skincare products are known to be of the highest quality and dermatologists swear by them. Its makeup is equally good, and makeup artists and consumers alike are raving about it. It is an expensive brand with prices starting from $35 and leading to more than hundred dollars.

7. Nyx

Top Best Cosmetic Brands In The WorldNyx is another brand that is drugstore and very affordable. It is even more reasonable than Maybelline and other cosmetic brands. Its prices start from as little as $1.50. It is known for making some great dupes of the high-end products. Consumer’s reviews suggest that Nyx does not compromise on quality and yet sell it for a low price. It is an American company but is available in most countries.

6. Maybelline

Best Cosmetic Brands Highly RatedMaybelline is a drug store brand that is very popular among women. It is available at drugstores and their website. It is not available in makeup shops like Sephora or Macy’s makeup segment. Maybelline produces some great products that are equally good as the high-end products but are priced very reasonable. One of the plus points is that Maybelline has a wide variety of property and lines catering to all ages and all needs. It is priced $7-$25.

5. Benefit

Top Best Ever Cosmetic BrandsThe benefit is a relatively new name in the cosmetic industry, but it did not take long to establish a stable customer base. Other than the products itself benefit is famous for the artsy and cute packaging. Benefit has a huge range of highlighters and bronzers that are very famous among customers. Recently its mascaras and eyebrow products are hot favorites of customers. It is a medium priced brand with prices being $25-$35.

4. Clinique

Top Best Cosmetic Brands EverClinique is a brand that is equally famous in both makeup and skincare industry. While it has some great skincare products like cleansers and moisturizers, it also has some great foundations and blushes. Clinique has been on the market for long and has gained popularity among customers over time. It has a loyal customer base that claims they only buy Clinique. Consumer reviews of Clinique are amazing thus on the 4th position. It is a high-end brand with price ranging from $30-$55.

3. Urban Decay

Best Cosmetic Brands Highly RatedThe first thing that comes to mind when we hear urban decay is the naked palettes. The naked palettes are an old eyeshadow favorite. Though there are a plethora of eye palettes out in the market ever since the release of naked palettes none could reach the popularity that naked palettes have achieved. Makeup artists regard it as a must-have makeup product. Today urban decay is also very famous for its foundations, concealers, blushes and makeup setting sprays. Urban decay is also a high-end product with price ranging from $30-$55.

2. Nars

Top Best Ever Cosmetic Brands Highly RatedNars is a comparatively new brand that is taking the makeup industry by a storm. Consumers have a love-hate relationship with the brand while some rave about it others are not big fans. But the fact that Nars is here on 2nd customer proves that the fans greatly outnumber the haters. Customer surveys and reviews suggest it is a cult favorite. Nars is famous for its explicit love related names of products. Its blushes and concealers are everyone’s Holy Grail products. Nars is a high-end brand with a price range of $40-$50.

1. Mac

Best Cosmetic Brands In The WorldMac Cosmetic is one of the pioneers in the industry. Unlike other cosmetic brands, it is not only famous for one product line, but a lot of goods from Mac are industry leaders. Mac is a brand that is a favorite of celebrity makeup artists and can be spotted backstage at all events.  The popularity of the name is evident from the fact that most foundations are matched with Mac foundation numbering when finding a foundation shade. Mac falls in the medium price category neither it is too expensive nor very cheap. It gives good value for money with most products lying in $20-$35 range.

Best Cosmetic Brands In The World – Top Rated

Sr. No. Name Price Range
1 Mac $20-$35
2 Nars $40-$50
3 Urban decay $30-$55
4 Clinique $30-$55
5 Benefit $25-$35
6 Maybelline $7-$25
7 Nyx starts from $1.50
8 Estee Lauder starts from $35
9 Lancôme $30-$80
10 Chanel $50-$250