Best Cricket Bat Brands
Adidas Incurza

Cricket is the most famous game in the world and everyone plays it no matter what their age is. We all know that bat is the basic thing to play this game. Some people know that how professional bat’s are as better cricket can be played with them. It is mostly considered as the sport of the gentlemen. All best cricket coaches and players need kits to play this game in which the basic things are bat and ball. There are some basic things which make the performance of the cricketers more good in which bat plays the most important part. Not only bat, but regular practice and fitness make the player more powerful and strong player of this game. Every player on his own and according to his fitness can choose their bat that fits their requirements. The viewers in the world cannot consider that bat is that important in this game? There are many types of bat’s which are available in the market to play this game.
The following are top 10 best cricket bats names in the world:

10. Kookaburra Angry Bird:

List of Top ten Best Cricket Bat Brands in the WorldIt is very famous brand in the whole world and has different classes of bat as well. It is considered as one of the highest graded bat in the world. It is made with natural drying right after its harvesting. They have big profiles and are very light as well. Their design is very different and is handmade as well. Its shape is excellent and considered best for the strokes as well. It is used and endorsed by famous batsman in the world like Matthew Wade, Brad Hodge and many others as well.

9. Spartan CG Authority:

Top Ten Best Cricket Bat Brands in the WorldIt is considered as one of the best and quality bat products used in the whole world. Their product have the power to hit big strokes and face fast balls as well. It is made in very excellent manner according to the modern cricket and to hit big shots as well. The edges of their bat products are very thick to make it strong. The handle of this bat is made with rubber and to increase the grip of the bat. The face of the bat is flat which also has a curve in it. The most amazing this is that it is advertised by big crickets in the world like Chris Gayle and Michael Clarke as well.

8. Reebok Blast:

Top Ten Cricket Bat Brands in the WorldReebok is very famous brand in the whole world which is involved in making of sports equipment and their products are available all around the world. It has excellent collection of bat products for the cricket lovers. Their items are made in very traditional look which are very light as well to make it easier for the players to handle them. This brand focuses to make their bat items more professional by involving more experts. Their latest bat is made with very precious cane which also has absorption and can do better performance as well. Their bat items are advertised by famous cricketer of the world like Yuvraj Singh, Sanath Jaysuriya and MS Dhoni as well.

7. SS Tone Gladiator:

TOp 10 Best Cricket Bat Brands in the WorldIt is considered as one of the oldest brand of bat’s product in India which makes cricket bats for the players. Their bat items are very famous among the professional and local players as well. Their bat products have excellent power to hit big shots and can maintain balance as well. It is basically handmade bat which has good absorption capability and has thick edges which are round. Their round edges make this bat better for the big hitters in cricket field. Their bat’s are mostly endorsed by the well known players like Dinesh Karthik, Kumar Sangarkara and some others as well.

6. Puma Ballistic:

List of Top 10 Best Cricket Bat Brands in the WorldPuma is very famous sports brand in the whole world and their products are used in different sports not only in cricket. Their bats are best and the best one to play cricket. It is made with excellent willow which is of good quality. Their bats are very light weight and provide very good performance as well. They are best for big and fast hits. Their bats are advertised by many famous cricketers like Adam Gilchrist, Yuvraj Singh, and Brendan McCullum etc. Because of the advertisement of their bats by famous crickets, this made their bats more famous and popular among the people.

5. Sanspareils Greenlands Cobra Select:

Top Five Best Cricket Bat Brands in the WorldIt is the biggest manufacturer of cricket products in the world. It is basically the brand of India but known in the whole world. Their bats are used by domestic players and international ones as well. Their bats are made up of high quality and handle is very comfortable and easy to grip. The shape of their bat is very traditional and is best to play big shots. Their bats are mostly advertised by big and famous cricketers like Suresh Raina, Wasim Jaffer and many others.

4. Gunn & Moore Icon:

Top 5 Best Cricket Bat Brands in the WorldThey have the best staff to manufacture the best cricket bats for the whole world. Their bats of excellent quality and are made with the latest technology as well. They also have the capability to make the latest bats which are best for the performance as well. It is usually made with all new material and is very light weight. It has thick edges and curved face to hit big shots. Their bats are advertised on TV by big players like Ross Taylor, Shane Watson and many others.

3. Gray Nicolls Viper:

Top Three Best Cricket Bat Brands in the WorldGray Nicolls is the best brand that manufactures the best bats in the world and their colored bats are most popular in the world. Their bats are of very high quality and made with latest technology. They have made their products with perfect blend of innovation and tradition as well. By these bats, players can perform at every level because of its light weight. The bats of this brand are finished by hands and checked by experts as well. Their sports equipment is advertised by famous cricketers like David Warner and Cameron white.

2. Adidas Incurza:

Top 3 Best Cricket Bat Brands in the WorldAdidas is very famous brand in the whole world and no one needs introduction about it. They are mainly famous for their sports equipment. Their cricket bats are used by international players. They are designed to play in full power and to hit big shots as well. It is the most used bat as well in cricket by most of the players. It has been advertised by players like Suresh Raina, Sachin Tendulkar and many others as well.

1. Kookaburra Kahuna:

Best Cricket Bat Brand in the WorldKookaburra is very well known manufacturers of bats. They offer a large variety of bats in the world. Kookaburra bats are in great power and have the capability to hit big shots as well. Its shape and design is also very latest and comfortable as well. No doubt it is a best cricket bat brand in the world. They are advertised by famous cricketers like Ricky Ponting, A.B De Villiers and some others.

List of Best Cricket Bat Brands in the World:

Sr.No. Names
1 Kookaburra Kahuna
2 Adidas Incurza
3 Gray Nicolls Viper
4 Gunn & Moore Icon
5 Sanspareils Greenlands Cobra Select
6 Puma Ballistic
7 SS Ton Gladiator
8 Reebok Blast
9 Spartan CG Authority
10 Kookaburra Angry Bird


We conclude that cricket is very famous and most expensive sport in the world and people love to play it as well. Almost every country has its own teams for this game. All these brands are making cricket bats for the whole world and are of best quality as well. Their bats are used by all the professional batsman of the world. These famous brands are advertising their products by different cricketers to make them more known.

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