Best Christmas Gifts Ideas

As Christmas is around the corner and preparations, have started it is high time to think of a unique Christmas gift for your wife. The underlying concern here is the liking and interests for your girl. When that is sorted, then you can know exactly what she would like. Around Christmas time you can find some great bargains that would not even be hefty in the pocket. In here you will find best gift ideas for wife categorized in both high and reasonable price limit.
Hereabouts is a shortlist of the top 10 Christmas gift ideas for wife and Christmas gift ideas for girlfriend:

10. Tommy Hilfiger Duffle sport bag

Christmas Gifts For Her 2016This duffle bag by Tommy Hilfiger is multi-purpose as it can be used as a sports bag, gym bag and also as a luggage bag when going out of town for a day or two. It comes in a lot of colors and designs, and many designs are also on sale making them even more reasonable. This duffle bag costs $40-$65 and is a great gift for a fitness fanatic to take it to the gym or for sports.

9. Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch

Christmas Gifts For HerIf your girlfriend or wife is fitness enthusiastic, then this would make a great Christmas gift. The trend of owning a smartwatch to pair with your smartphone is on the rise. But this watch by Motorola does more than just show notifications. It also shows the heart rate and calculates your steps. This sleek and stylish watch cost $149 only.

8. M&S Trinket plate set

Top Christmas Gifts For Her 2016This is a reasonable alternative if your girl likes to decorate her house. From the Marks and Spencer home collection, this plate set is a delicate yet very elegant gift. This is a set of three plates which can also be used to serve food to guests. This plate set is very light in the pocket as it only costs $30. Your girl would love the effort you put into finding this cute set.

7. Versace Photo Frame

Christmas Gifts For HerThis is a classy gift if your wife or girlfriend likes decorating their room with excellent pieces. Versace is another name of the class, and your wife would love this gift without a doubt. They have many designs of photo frame you can get the one that matches your wife’s or girlfriend’s room decor. Versace photo frames are available online in the USA else they are available in the stores only. They range from $200- $300.

6. Black Star by Avril Lavigne

Christmas Gifts Ever For Her 2016If your girl loves fragrances, but you want one that is not too heavy in the pocket, then this black star perfume made by Avril Lavigne is a high pick. To add if your girlfriend is an Avril Lavigne fan, it would be even better. This perfume has a very fresh fruity smells with a mixture of hibiscus flower and black plum. It has a very cute bottle and 1 oz. is sold for $29.

5. Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Cologne

Christmas Ever Gifts For HerThis is the best Christmas gift for wife or girlfriend if she loves fragrances. Jo Malone makes luxury candles, home fragrances, and colognes. The unique combination of pear and freesia makes a bad smell. This cologne is available at both Jo Malone shops and online on their website. The small bottle of 30 ml is sold for $65, and 100ml is sold for $130. Your girl will surely love this.

4. Zara A-line dresses with frills

Best Christmas Gifts Ideas For Her 2016If your budget is less and yet you want a Christmas gift for girlfriend that is branded you should check out this extremely chic dress from Zara. It has two colors maroon and black you can get whichever your friend prefers but maroon would suit the occasion more. It retails for $35.90. For this price, you would not be able to find anything that is this good and right on trend.

3. Kate Spade handbag

Christmas Gifts For Her Highly RatedIf your wife or girlfriend is into fashion accessories like trendy handbags, then you must check out the Kate Spade shop for some ultra-fashionable bags. Kate Spade is a brand that is very popular among women of 25-35. If your girl falls into that age range, then she will love it. Kate Spade satchel costs around $270. These bags are leather bags of high quality.

2. Morphe 350 eye palette

Christmas Gifts For Her Highly RatedA reasonable yet excellent quality makeup gift for a girl is Morphe Eyeshadow palettes. 35O is the most loved and is usually out of stock, and you need to visit the website quite a few times for availability. This palette has 35 eyeshadows which include both matte and shimmers. This palette retails for $24 but many bloggers, and makeup artists have 15% coupon code discount which can be availed which will make it even cheaper.

1. Anastasia Glow Kit

Best Christmas Gifts Ideas For Her 2016This highlighter palette is being raved by every makeup artist since its launch. This is a new baby that just started this summers. It has some beautiful highlighter shades and with the rising trend of highlighting no girl would leave an opportunity of owning this gem. This kit is available in Sephora and Anastasia Beverly Hills stores and online. It is likely to have some price reduction near Christmas, but at the moment it retails for $40. This is a high-end option for a gift for a makeup lover.

Best Christmas Gifts Ideas For Her 2016 – Top Rated

Sr. No. Name Price
1 Anastasia Glow Kit $40
2 Morphe 350 eye palette $24
3 Kate Spade handbag $270
4 Zara A-line dresses with frills $35.90
5 Jo Malone English Pear & Freesia Cologne $65 (30 ml),$130 (100ml)
6 Black Star by Avril Lavigne $29
7 Versace Photo Frame $200- $300
8 M&S Trinket Plate set $30
9 Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch $149
10 Tommy Hilfiger Duffle sport bag $40-$65
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