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List of Beautiful Temples in the World

List of Beautiful Temples in the World

There are many places located in the world which are known for their beautiful views which attract people. Anything can be beautiful which has a perfect look and the luxurious views as well. Temples are the places which were built a long time ago and had strong historical background. Temples are the place in which people used to worship their God and is the best effort of a combination of different factors which include money, time, effort and deity. Temples are named as the must see location for everyone when a person visits a new place or something. The oldest temples are quite interesting and entertaining for the people as they depict the old culture of that specific place, and their designs are also very attractive. Temples are located in different countries of the world and are a good spot for watching the best and religious place of a specific religion. These temples are made with high budgets because of their structures and the further finishing done to them.

10. Jetavanaramaya, Sri Lanka:

List of Top Ten Most Beautiful Temples in the WorldJetavanaramaya is named as the heritage temple which is located in the big country of Sri Lanka and is named after the temple which has faced major issues and tensions between Mahayana and Theravada of the Buddhist monks. It is also named as one of the tallest structures of the ancient time. The most amazing thing about this temple is that the belt or sash which was being used by the Buddha is enshrined is done in this temple and is major tourists attraction.

9. Temple of Heaven, China:

Top Ten Most Beautiful Temples in the WorldTemple of Heaven is located in China which was constructed almost 5 centuries ago by the famous Ming Dynasty for the honor the sky. It is located in the large area of 2.7 million square meters and is divided further into some outer and inner part. It also features the rectangular southern wall which is given the symbol of earth, and the circular part represents the look of heaven. It is named after the big cultural and historical landmark located there.

8. Borobudur, Indonesia:

Top Ten Beautiful Temples in the WorldBorobudur is the temple which was made on the beautiful location of a beautiful lake which is given a similar look of the temple in which Buddha was born. It is located in the Central Java location of Indonesia and was abandoned for almost more than thousands of years and was then renovated and rediscovered in 1814. It is given the name of one of the World`s Heritage sit according to UNESCO and also features big bells and has almost 504 different Buddha statues located in it which make it the oldest Buddhist temple in the world.

7. Tigers Nest Monastery, Bhutan:

Top 10 Most Beautiful Temples in the WorldTigers Nest Monastery is the Buddhist temple which is commonly called as the 2nd Buddha and is much known for its beautiful location and the architectural beauty as well. The exact location of this temple is the Himalayas on the high cliff located in Paro Valley. They have witnessed the flying tiger on which its name was kept and is named as the one of the most famous sacred places of Bhutan, which has most beautiful views surrounding it.

6. Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar:

List of Beautiful Temples in the WorldIt is the gilded temple which is located at the height of 998 meters and is enhanced with many golden decorations which have the weight of almost 9 tons. It is known, and much impressed the people because of the amazing statues and the mythical information and feeling related to it. It is located on the top of the Pagoda tower of the famous city Myanmar and is also enhanced with the 8 pieces of hair from the head of Buddha which has made it much more precious for the people.

5. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, India:

Top Five Most Beautiful Temples in the WorldAgain here comes the Hindu Temple which is located in the famous district called Srirangam of Trichy. It is named as one of the most important temples for the Vishnu community of the whole world. It is dedicated to the God Ranganatha and they claim that the prayers in this temple are must listen, and all worshippers are blessed as well. It is located on the total area of 156 acres and has the tower of 236 feet high, and it is perfectly colorfully painted for the attraction of people.

4. Prambanan, Indonesia:

Top 5 Most Beautiful Temples in the WorldPrambanan is the temple which was built in the 10th century and according to the Hindu structure and was made especially for the Hindu Religion and their people located in Indonesia. It stands at the height of 47 meters and has almost 3 buildings, and each one of them is given the names which include Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma and all the directions face the east side. It also has the smaller shrines which are 250 in number and decorated with the natural ornaments.

3. The Golden Temple, India:

List of Beautiful Temples in the WorldThere is an artificial island located in India in Punjab, which is named as the best Buddha temples there. It is the famous Golden Temple which was built on the island for the Sikh religion and is serves as the spiritual center. It also has mirror room which is decorated with the symbol shaped like Umbrella. It is made in the 16th century which is further decorated with the gold canopy and is enhanced with the precious gems and stones.

2. Angkor Wat, Cambodia:

Top 3 Most Beautiful Temples in the WorldAngkor Wat is the Buddhist temple which was made by the Khmer Civilization and is named as the masterpieces ever constructed in the world according to its architectural design. It is very different temple because it has 3 different levels and the tallest one is standing high at the height of 65 meters and has different statues of Gods. A large number of pilgrims of the world visits this temple every year and is the most famous tourist spot in India.

1. Wat Rong Khun, Thailand:

Most Beautiful Temple in the WorldWat Rong Khun is the most beautiful and amazing temple which has the best traditional design regarding the latest art and technology. The whole temple is painted in a white color to represent the purity of Buddha. It has different gold decorations and the reflective glass which are unique and precious ones. The experience visiting this temple is the best one and completely worth it.

List of Beautiful Temples in the World – Most Visited

  1. Wat Rong Khun, Thailand
  2. Angkor Wat, Cambodia
  3. The Golden Temple, India
  4. Prambanan, Indonesia
  5. Sri Ranganathaswamy Temple, India
  6. Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar
  7. Tigers Nest Monastery, Bhutan
  8. Borobudur, Indonesia
  9. Temple of Heaven, China
  10. Jetavanaramaya, Sri Lanka