Ghost Towns

There are different places which need to be visited by the people those are very beautiful and attract most of the people towards them. The universe is full of different locations which have beautiful places there and these are main attraction for the people all over the world especially for tourists. Every place has its history which is appealing to the visitors to visit those places there. Every place has its attractions some of them are lovely, scary and best for the holidays as well. Some locations are named as the ghost places because of their scary stories which have killed many people at those places. Scary stories attract some people of the world while some of them are man made stories which are spread by the people. The population at these scary places has zero population because of their stories and the ghost history which everyone knows, it is real fact that ghosts exist. Everyone is curious to know about the places and the history behind them.
The following are top 10 scariest ghost towns situated all over the world which has strong, scary stories there:

10. Pyramiden, Norway:

List of Top Ten Ghost Towns in the WorldPyramiden is the area which is located in Norway, it consists of pyramid shaped mountains there which have a large number of coal mines which was abandoned in 1998 by the government. Most of the buildings located there still exist which are owned by the Russian firm these are now transformed into the tourists hub. It has strong history regarding scary stories and ghosts which have killed many people due to these stories and also has a very little population which is almost 1200 people only due to these stories.

9. Fordlandia, Brazil:

Top Ten Ghost Towns in the WorldFordlandia is the beautiful rainforest which is located in Brazil and was the attractive creation of Henry Ford in 1928 which consists of many big factories. It is named as the home of Brazilian workers which have faced different problems there that include different tensions and diseases there after the World War II. It has many stories related to ghosts and scary one due to which all land there is sold.

8. Port Arthur, Tasmania:

 Top Ten Ghost TownsPort Arthur is very beautiful heritage place which is located in Tasmania, which is the main attraction for the tourists from all over the world because of its history. It was located in Australian Island and has strong, scary stories related to it. It was famous till 1996 which has killed almost 35 people as it is said these people were killed by the ghosts and wounded as well due to these scary issues. Although it is a very beautiful place which has attracted many people even though it’s scary place.

7. Kolmanskop, Namibia:

Top 10 Ghost Towns in the WorldKolmanskop is the place which has many family homes and the whole place is filled with sand but was abandoned due to the scary stories and is located in Namibia Island. It is made with the specific German style which was much developed by the invention of diamonds in 1908. Then it was destroyed by the government there in 1954 because of the haunted stories related to this place. It is a completely sand place but still attractive one because of its history and location.

6. Imber, England:

List of Top 10 Ghost Towns in the WorldImber is a village which is located in England and was completely under the control of Allied troops of Europe. It was a big training ground used for the training of British soldiers and was also open for the tourists from all over the world on different major occasions that are Christmas and holidays etc. The residents there were sent out and were never allowed to return to it and are only re-open on different occasions because of the scary stories and ghosts who are threatening the people.

5. Bodie, California:

Top Five Ghost Towns in the WorldBodie is the town which is located in California and is the amazing example of the settlement there during the period of the gold rush there. It had a large number of residents there till the 1940s and was commonly called as the historic park in 1962 and after that, it was completely abandoned. The population there at that time was 10,000 and after that all buildings etc. were demolished to get gold from under the ground, and people have to leave their homes due to this still some homes is there with their previous owners.

4. Varosha, Cyprus:

Top 5 Ghost Towns in the WorldVarosha is the place which is located in Cyprus and was named as the most glamorous place which was loved by the big personalities like Elizabeth Taylor and many others but is not completely demolished. It was abandoned by the Turkish troops and is still occupied by them. It has many stories related to ghosts who have to threaten the people and forced them to leave this place to live peaceful and comfortable life at some other place.

3. Oradour-Sur-Glane, France:

Top Three Ghost Towns in the WorldOradour-Sur-Glane is the place which is located in France and was destroyed by the end of World War II and has almost 642 people living there in 1944. A new village was built near it which has 2000 people living in it to send the population there from this area. Almost 400 children and women were killed and burned alive there by the ghosts which were a massive bad point about this place and people didn’t want to return to this place even after many years due to these stories.

2. Hashima Island, Japan:

Top 3 Ghost Towns in the WorldHashima Island is the beautiful place which is located in Japan, and almost all the James Bond fans will know about this place and is commonly called as the Battleship Island. Almost it has 5000 people living there and then this island was abandoned. It has faced large disaster due to different stories related to this place and people there have to leave their homes. It has large coal mines in it which have enhanced the business of this country by its export to all other countries of the world.

1. Pripyat, Ukraine:

Ghost Town in the WorldPripyat is the place which is located in Ukraine and almost all photographers of the world visit this place to get best pictures. This place consists of different possessions and classrooms there. It was abandoned in 1986 which is named as the most famous ghost place located all over the world. The destruction of this place has stolen the homes of 50,000 people living there due to these scary stories.

Ghost Towns in the World – List

Sr.No. Name
1 Pripyat, Ukraine
2 Hashima Island, Japan
3 Oradour-Sur-Glance, France
4 Varosha, Cyprus
5 Bodie, California
6 Imber, England
7 Kolmanskop, Namibia
8 Port Arthur, Tasmania
9 Fordlandia, Brazil
10 Pyramiden, Norway


Every place has its stories which are always remembered and related to that place so are the ghost stories which have to threaten the people and also taken the life of many people as well. All these places discussed above are considered as the ghosts places due to their stories and the events occurred there which have amazed the people and forced them to leave them for rest of their life.

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