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List of Top 10 Most Famous Cartoon Characters

List of Top 10 Most Famous Cartoon Characters

There are many things in the world which are always associated with kids and babies that are toys, games, and especially cartoons. ChildrenĀ are always attracted towards cartoons and wanted to watch them for longer hours because these are a good source of entertainment for them. In past, only a few cartoons were available for kids that include Tom and Jerry, Pink Panther and Rapunzel, etc. But with the passage of time and the invention of new technology many latest cartoons are seen on the television screens, and their characters are much famous among the Children. Kids are largely in love with those characters wanted to have different things with their picture like bags, lunch boxes, pencil box, shirt, etc. Cartoon characters do not only love to watch all kids but adults as well. Cartoons are the best way of to enjoyment and entertainment. These are good to spend extra time and to laugh while watching them. Cartoon Characters are very important to make the cartoons a big hit and are then popular among the kids and in markets as well.
The following are top 10 most popular and best cartoon characters that are seen on television:

10. Superman:

List of Top Ten Most Famous Cartoon CharactersSuperman is quite famous super-hero cartoon character that is seen on television. Most of the kids are fascinated because of its powers and capabilities. Superman is all time favorite cartoon character of almost all kids. He is considered as a hero and much known because of his good deeds and being helpful for everyone. The biggest power of Superman is that he can fly. He was also seen in Justice League of America and Super Friends. The most famous series of this character are Superman 1988 which promoted him and made him famous in the whole world.

9. The Power Puff Girls:

Top Ten Most Famous Cartoon CharactersThe Power Puff girls are the famous character that is favorite and loved by girls. These girls are made with many big powers, and they are also given names called Buttercup, Blossom, and Bubbles. Their whole cartoon series revolves around saving the USA from evil deeds. They have always worked for the safety of the country and dealing with the pressure to save it. The first premiere of these cartoon character was done in 1998 and are still famous in the world due to performance and interesting features of these cartoons.

8. Tom & Jerry:

Top Ten Famous Cartoon CharactersNo one in the world is unaware of the name of these cartoon characters and everyone in the world loves them including kids and adults as well. The name cartoon is always associated with Tom and Jerry in which Tome is a mouse while Jerry is a cat. They always fight and chase each other and Jerry always defeated Tom with his intelligence. It was first introduced in the world in 1940 and is still famous and watched. It is also named as the most watched cartoon on the channel called Cartoon Network. They are made to make people laugh.

7. Winnie the Pooh:

Top 10 Most Famous Cartoon CharactersWinnie the Pooh is a bear who always used to wear a red shirt. It is a very famous character among all cartoon character of Disney. It was first released in 1960`s and still famous among kids. Winnie the Pooh is the character that has been seen in many movies and cartoon films. Their most famous cartoons include The Honey Tree 1970, Tigger 1975, and Blustery Day in 1970, etc. All their movies are very successful and were loved by everyone in the world not only by kids.

6. Scooby Doo:

List of Top 10 Most Famous Cartoon CharactersScooby Doo is a quite known cartoon character that is very inspiring and famous for his action. It is a dog that is very funny and makes the people laugh. He is considered as a best friend of every kid and kids loves to watch him. The acts performed by him are amazing and mind blowing. The first Scooby-Doo cartoon was released in 1969 and is still watched and loved by kids. But the adults think that Scooby Doo is a very pathetic character, and adults are not much interested in him.

5. Dora the Explorer:

Top Five Most Famous Cartoon CharactersDora the Explorer is a very interesting cartoon character and is very famous among the kids. She is considered as a best friend of every girl. These cartoons are made to show the interesting adventures of the beautiful and young Dora and her most favorite monkey boots that are always with her. She completes her every work and also try to resolve all problem. These cartoons are very interesting because she is always on any mission and working for that.

4. Mickey Mouse:

Top 5 Most Famous Cartoon CharactersMickey Mouse is very old and a favorite cartoon of all times. This character got much fame and popularity due to its Disney movies. It was first released in 1928 and has the title of first ever cartoon introduced in the world. Mickey Mouse is named as an icon and is very famous among the kids. His voice is also very interesting and appealing. The actions of this character are very interesting and Mickey Mouse is cute.

3. Homer Simpson:

Top Three Most Famous Cartoon CharactersHere comes Homer Simpson, which is famous cartoon character among boys. He has been seen on the television for more than 20 seasons. This character is inspired by the father of Matt Groening as his name was also Homer. These cartoons are loved by everyone in the whole world. The actions performed by this character are very brilliant and famous among all types of age groups of people.

2. Bugs Bunny:

Top 3 Most Famous Cartoon CharactersBugs Bunny is most famous and recognizable cartoon character of the whole world. Bugs Bunny is a cute rabbit. The first appearance of this cartoon character was revealed in the movie called Looney Tunes. Bugs Bunny was first introduced to the world as a rabbit in Porky`s Hare Hunt in 1938. It still uses to come on cartoon channels on Saturday morning for kids and is quite famous among them.

1. Barbie:

 Most Famous Cartoon CharacterBarbie is considered as the most famous and the best cartoon character in the whole world. Barbie is loved by every girl and is very attractive which appeals girls towards them. Barbie`s are very beautiful and complete every task. They always perform all good deeds and are brilliant actors as well. The life of Barbie`s is very attractive because of the things used by them like their clothes, shoes, bags, doll houses, cars, etc.

Most Famous Cartoon Characters – Top Rated

Sr.No. Names Creators
1 Barbie Ruth Handler/ Mattel
2 Bugs Bunny Bob Clampett/ Tex Avery/ Robert McKimson
3 Homer Simpson Matt Groening
4 Mickey Mouse Walt Disney/ Ub Iwerks
5 Dora the Explorer Chris Gifford/ Valerie Walsh/ Eric Weiner
6 Scooby Doo Ken Spears/ Joe Ruby
7 Winnie the Pooh A.A.Milne
8 Tom & Jerry Joseph Barbera/ William Hanna
9 The Powerful Puff Girls Craig McCracken
10 Superman Joe Shuster/ Jerry Siegel


Cartoons are loved by everyone in the world not only by kids. Cartoons are the main reason that makes their characters famous in the world as kids are attracted by their deeds and their acts. All these cartoon characters are best in their ways and are capable of performing different tasks and are very attractive to the kids. These characters are seen in different movies and shows which made them more popular, and kids love to purchase different things associated with their favorite characters.