Biggest Musical Festivals

Music is loved by everyone and is considered as the meal for the soul. There are many types of music which include pop, jazz, classical and folk as well. Musical festivals are conducted to promote them and introduce new artists to the public. The concept of Music Festivals was started in 1969 when the famous rock legends were moved to the Art Fair stage in New York. Festivals also made the singers much fine and had changed the concept of music in the world. There are many music lovers and fans that are willing to attend these kinds of festivals. The latest festivals are conducted with many efforts and feature all the leading singers and musical bands for the entertainment of people. It is said that these festivals must not be missed by the people. Musical festivals are considered as the lifetime events that provide a completely different experience to the people. In this article, we will only talk about the top 10 best musical festivals conducted in the whole world that were very successful.
The following are top 10 biggest and expensive musical festivals in the world:

10. Sziget:

List of Top Ten Biggest Musical Festivals in the WorldSziget is the festival that was held for 7 days of a non-stop party that was conducted in Obuda Island in Budapest which has brought the music of almost 70 countries of the world. Obuda Island is famous for its beauty in which there is no doubt. At this festival, there were almost 200 daily shows that were conducted at 60 different places to make it more happening. It also provides the opportunity of learning belly dance at places like Azelia, Hadouken, etc. Budapest is a very entertaining place that is best to explore, and its beaches are very famous among the people.

9. Fuji Rock Festival:

Top Ten Biggest Musical Festivals in the WorldFuji Rock Festival is the festival that provides an open-air stage and conducted it in full greenery. It is conducted at the beautiful Naeba Ski Resort which is located in Japan. The organizers of this concert also conduct a special cuisine taste of the world to the people coming there. Last year, this musical concert feature almost all the famous singers of the world that includes The Shins, Jack White and Radiohead.

8. Rock Werchter:

 Top Ten Biggest Musical FestivalsRock Werchter is one of the famous music festivals that are conducted in Europe. It is held in a small village where all music lovers are gathered which features multi-genre music for the people. It continues for 4 days and is not an ordinary one as it guarantees to entertain you to the fullest. The average attendance of rockers there was estimated to be 140,000 in 2012 and was proved as a standout concert. It has also been recognized by the Festival Awards conducted in Europe.

7. Splendour in the Grass:

Top 10 Biggest Musical Festivals in the WorldSplendour in the Grass is the musical festival of Australia. It is held on the beachside environment with the tepees, tents and camps to enjoy it the most and get the best experience. Most of the international acts are also seen there like Kimbra, White and Fun, which are a new thing for the world. It also arranges shows of street arts and some masterpieces of big artists. It is the festival that makes you enjoy, happy and feels free there.

6. Bonnaroo:

List of Top 10 Biggest Musical Festivals in the WorldBonnaroo is the music festival that is arranged for more than 80,000 spectators and is considered as one of the biggest musical gatherings of the world which should not be missed. It continues for 4 days and in it there are 150 different performances. The next festival is coming with many big stars that include Paul McCartney, Tom Petty and Mumford & Sons. It is considered as not only an ordinary festival that also helps to learn more about human rights and global warming.

5. INmusic:

Top Five Biggest Musical Festivals in the WorldINmusic is a very big festival that is also declared as legendary of the whole 21st century. In this festival, there are many rock performances that are made by famous and best rock legends of the world which are a big entertainment for all the spectators. It also has many other activities in it which are Dipping, Yoga, Swimming and sports at Lake national park. It is the festival that takes out the spirits inside the person enjoying it.

4. Sonar:

Top 5 Biggest Musical Festivals in the WorldSonar is the festival that is conducted not only in a day but in nights as well to make it more entertainment. Sonar is the festival that is conducted in beautiful place of Spain called Barcelona. At this festival, also, the artwork of famous artists is displayed with the amazing performances at concerts. It is the best fusion of art, technology and music as well. It also brings many eye-catching views for the people that are not to be missed by the people.

3. Glastonbury Festival:

Top Three Biggest Musical Festivals in the WorldGlastonbury Festival is one of the most famous music festivals in the whole world. It is performing art festival and is ranked as the biggest green music festival. The legend behind this super-entertaining and an amazing concert is Jimmi Hendrix. It has also arranged many theater and circus programs for the people there. They also have a dance village that is the biggest free festival for the kids of a country.

2. Primavera Sound:

Top 3 Biggest Musical Festivals in the WorldPrimavera Sound Festival is unbeatable regarding music and venue as well. People there can also enjoy jamming sessions and the venue of this concert of dropping view of mountain ranges which looks very beautiful. Primavera is the festival that is legendary and always made headlines by showcasing the new stars and the big stars as well. It also provides hip-hop, pop music and dances. All spectators there will completely fell in love with the sounds there.

1. Coachella:

Biggest Musical Festival in the WorldCoachella is the best musical festival that has retained its magic for many years as it was first started in 1999. It continues for two consecutive weekends which has 176 acts, star-studded venues and art installations. In 2013, many major performances of Phoenix, Blue and Red hot chili peppers. Coachella is considered as incomparable and the music there is superb. The locations and the whole arrangement there are very appealing and entertaining for the people coming there.

Biggest Musical Festivals – Top Rated

Sr.No. Names
1 Coachella
2 Primavera Sound
3 Glastonbury Festival
4 Sonar
5 INmusic
6 Bonnaroo
7 Splendour in the Grass
8 Rock Werchter
9 Fuji Rock Festival
10 Sziget


Music is loved by everyone and is considered as very soothing for the soul of the person. Musical festivals are held for the promotion of music and the new artists coming in the field. All these music festivals explained above are true entertainment for the people and are combined with many other activities to make the whole period there amazing and entertaining. They are held for specific time duration and are combined with different acts and performances. All these festivals are a big hit in their means and have also won many awards due to their popularity.

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