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Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in Bhutan

Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in Bhutan

Hotels are very important in every country as people from other countries and tourists have to stay in those places. There are many types of hotels in every country among which some of them are ordinary ones while some are very luxurious. Hotels are made with many luxuries and tried to provide all the facilities to make their guests more comfortable and relaxed as well. The facilities provided in the luxurious hotels are best beds, luxurious bathrooms, WIFI facility, laundry etc. In some hotels there are some luxurious facilities as well for the people like swimming pool, gym and disco`s which are very attractive for the fun loving people in the world. Accommodation in the hotels is the most important thing for the trip to different countries. People traveling to other countries are always looking for a comfortable place to spend their time.  There are many hotels in Bhutan which completely defines the true luxuries of the life to provide the luxurious experience to the people. Whether the trip of the person is short or long but the important feature is the comfortable place to stay with all the facilities as well. These luxurious hotels will make the stay of the people memorable and a lifetime experience.
The following are top 10 best hotels of Bhutan in the world:

10. Taj Tashi Thimphu:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Hotels in BhutanTaj Tashi is located near mountains and is the most beautiful hotel of Bhutan because of the location. It also has some historical temples near it which makes it the most luxurious one as it is the perfect combination of the beauty and luxuries as well. The name of the hotel shows Taj which means royal and something superb. The hospitality of this hotel is amazing and not matched to any other hotel of Bhutan. It has 66 rooms in it which are filled with all the luxuries. It also has some traditional touches in the decor of this hotel which makes it inspiring for all the tourists coming and staying at this hotel.

9. Namgay Heritage Hotel Thimphu:

Top Ten Most Expensive Hotels in BhutanThe name of the hotel completely describes the theme of the hotel. It is made of the same concept which completely depicts the culture and history of Bhutan to the people of other countries. It is the best hotel for the people who wanted to stay in their traditional hotel and wanted to witness the whole culture of this country.  It is also renovated in some modern style and facilities to give it new touch as well. It is also considered as the best hotel for the stay in this beautiful place Bhutan.

8. Bhutan Suites Thimphu:

Top Ten Expensive Hotels in BhutanBhutan Suites is located far from the city which makes it very relaxing place and quite as well. It is located in the beautiful Thimphu valley which is the most attractive place for the people coming from all over the world. The décor and rooms of this hotel are perfect blend of the modern ad traditional features and the friendly atmosphere as well. It is full of luxuries for the people like bar, tea lounge, WIFI, room service, laundry, currency exchange as well which are all the luxuries people wanted to have during their stay.

7. Hotel Migmar Thimphu:

Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in Bhutan Migmar Thimphu is the new restaurant that is constructed in the Bhutan and is full of luxuries and is considered as the super high-class restaurant for the rich people. It is located a 1 km away from the main town in very quite an area which is loved about this place. It is the new addition to the restaurant list in Bhutan and is the best addition as well. It is very beautiful and made with all latest facilities as well.

6. Terma Linca Resort and Spa:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in BhutanThe name of the restaurant completely defines the environment and the place of the restaurant. It is located on the side of the river which enhanced its beauty and also provides the best bathing luxury to the people as well. The time spent for going to this location takes only 110 minutes from the Thimphu city center. It also has the paddy fields and snow waters as well which are the appealing views for the people and tourists as well. It also has a luxurious spa with it which enhanced the luxuries of this hotel as well.

5. Tashi Namgay Resort Paro:

Top Five Most Expensive Hotels in BhutanThe location of this restaurant is very appealing for the people as it located on the mountain from where the view is very attractive. Form this hotel, international airport, and Pa Chu River can be seen which the attractive view is for the people going there. It is made on large area which is almost 5 acres and large grounds as well which are green and beautiful as well.

4. Tiger Nest Resorts Paro:

Top 5 Most Expensive Hotels in BhutanTiger Nest is the beautiful and luxurious resort that is located in the valley of Paro which is almost 10 minutes drive from the downtown. It is very different hotel that is made with the traditional décor and is mostly work is done from wood that the floors and staircase are made of wood. It is very attractive and beautiful hotel with all the luxuries of life but in traditional style which completely provides the best cultural experience to the people staying there.

3. Zhiwaling Hotel:

Top Three Most Expensive Hotels in BhutanZhiwaling is located in the district of Bhutan that is Paro. It is the most luxurious hotel of Bhutan which is almost 12km away from the International Airport. It has 45 rooms in it for the visitors and tourists from all over the world. It is made with all the latest technology of 21st century which made it the luxurious and modern restaurant of Bhutan for the people going to spend the vacations.

2. Uma Resort:

Top 3 Most Expensive Hotels in BhutanUma Resort is a five-star hotel which is made in very different style and is located on the hillside on a pine. It is very close to Paro which is the heart of the Bhutan. It has 29 rooms in it for the people. The whole hotel is surrounded by the beautiful mountains, valleys and orchards as well which enhanced the whole look of the hotel and made it more attractive.

1. Amankora Hotel:

Most Expensive Hotel in BhutanIt is the most luxurious and best hotel of Bhutan. It has many branches at different places like Paro, Thimphu, Gangtey and Bumthang as well. It is made with all the luxuries of life for making the stay of the people comfortable and happening as well. It is at many places which make it available for more people in the world and Bhutan as well.


List of Most Expensive Hotels in Bhutan:

Sr.No. Names Address/Contact
1 Amankora Hotel Paro, Thimphu, Punakha, Gangtey, Bumthang, Kingdom of Bhutan
Tel: (975) 8 272 333
2 Uma Resort Uma by COMO Paro Bhutan, PO Box 222, Paro Bhutan
Tel:+975 8 271597
3 Zhiwaling Hotel Tel:+ 975-8-271277
4 Tiger Nest Resorts Paro Paro bhutan, satsam chorten, Paro, Bhutan
Tell:+975 77 19 02 71
5 Tashi Namgay Resort Paro Opposite Paro International Airport, Paro, Bhutan
Tell:+975 8 272 318
6 Terma  Linca Resort and Spa Phuntsholing – Thimphu Hwy, Bhutan
Tell:+975 2 351 490
7 Hotel Migmar Thimphu Olakha Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan
Tell:+975 17 11 79 99
8 Bhutan Suites Thimphu Deki Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan
9 Namgay Heritage hotel Thimphu Jangchhub Lam, Thimphu, Bhutan
Tell:+975 2 337 113
10 Taj Tashi Thimphu 524, Samten Lam, Chubachu, Thimphu, Kingdom of Bhutan
Tel: (975 – 2) 33 66 99


We conclude that hotels are the most important place in every country as people and tourists stay in those resorts. Bhutan is a beautiful Asian country, here we mentioned some restaurants from this country. All these hotels discussed above are made with Bhutan’s traditional culture and with all the facilities to make the stay of the people comfortable. Some of them are very expensive because of their facilities and location as well while some are cheap and are easily affordable.