Expensive Essential Oils

Oil is a very important thing that are used for the multiple purposes like medicines, perfumes, etc. In this world, every person has different problems, and all natural things are made with some benefits that can be obtained from them. There are so many types of essential oils available which are available in the market but are rare that is the reason are very expensive not affordable for everyone. Most of the people love the essential oil that are very expensive and are fine for the treatment of hair which add more value to the purpose for which they are used. Some of the oils have different fragrances that enhance the whole experience of the oil and best for the people who avoid oils because of their irritating smells. The quality of these oils is perfect and grows in their specific areas but is available in the whole world for the people. In this article we will talk about only 10 most expensive ingredients, used in oils that are rare and important for the oil.
The following are top 10 most expensive essential oils available in the market:

10. Neroli Essential Oil:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Essential Oils in the WorldNeroli Essential liquid comes from the flowers that are very different kind of flower and most of the people haven’t seen in their life. It was much popular because of the Princess of Nerola in the 17th century who belongs to Italy. She always uses this lubricant that was with fragrance and also adds into her bath. It is considered as the most important ingredient in the making of perfumes. It is also very effective skin product used in most of the cosmetics. It is very effective for calming nerves and circulation of blood in the body. It is also used in making of Coca-Cola. The price of this product is $354 for each ounce.

9. Sandalwood Essential Oil:

Top Ten Most Expensive Essential Oils in the WorldSandalwood is only comes from India and is located in most of the places that have a restriction on its cultivation, so it is very rare. It is mainly called as the Santalum album in the world. The cultivating and its manufacturing is done by the Indian government and production is done in limited number to generate more profit from its sale. It is the most famous ingredient used in making of colognes and perfumes with fresh smells. It is also used in some religious rituals of India and is very expensive one as its price is $492 for a single ounce.

8. Elacampane Essential Oil:

Top Ten Expensive Essential Oils in the WorldElacampane essential lubricant is one of the rarest oils in the world which is mainly used for the treatment of respiratory problems like a cough, asthma etc. It comes from a flower and is very different in shape that is difficult to recognize. It is the best things in the world for the treatment of diarrhea patients. The exact design of this flower is similar to the sunflower but is different to some extent. The price of this product is $560 for each ounce.

7. Seaweed Absolute Extra essential oil:

Top 10 Most Expensive Essential Oils in the WorldSeaweed Absolute is the one of the rare liquid in the whole market to which most of the people are unfamiliar. It has great smell that is the reason it is being used in perfumes and colognes. The most famous brand of the world Calvin Klein is also using this product in their perfumes to have some different fragrance and make them perfect. It is also used for different skin products for the treatment of skin problems. The price of this Seaweed Absolute  is $650 for each ounce and is very different in the look.

6. Rose Essential Oil:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Essential Oils in the WorldRose is the most famous flower in the world which is considered as the true symbol of love. The liquid of rose is very rare and expensive to afford as its price is estimated to be $700 for each ounce. It takes almost 4 tons of rose petals to get only a single pound of oil that is the reason it is very expensive. It has strong smell and is very concentrated. It is considered as the best one for the removal of strains from the legs and arms. Most of the rose liquid came from China but is used all around the world. It provides magical effects to the skin of the people.

5. Agarwood Essential Oil:

Top Five Most Expensive Essential Oils in the WorldAgarwood Essential oil is very rare and not used commonly in the world. It is commonly called Oud in the market. It is not obtained from flowers but the trees. Most of the trees of this oil grow in New Zealand and some parts of Asia. The oil is in high demand in the world. It takes a long time for the growth of the tree that is a reason it is very rare in the world. The smell of the oil is very sweet and is used in many perfumes by famous brand. The price of this oil is $850 for each ounce.

4. Cannabis Flower Essential Oil:

Top 5 Most Expensive Essential Oils in the WorldCannabis Flower is a much-regulated flower from which oil is obtained and is very expensive that cost almost $946 for each ounce. It is very famous oil used in different perfumes and food items as well. It is very effective for the relaxing from the tension and cause relaxation of the body. It is also very useful for the medical treatment of different diseases. It is very different kind of flower which has white crystals on it and is a unique flower in the whole universe.

3. Frangipani Absolute Essential Oil:

Top Three Most Expensive Essential Oils in the WorldFrangipani Absolute is very creamy texture oil that has a perfect smell. It is very expensive one that is not easily affordable for everyone as its price is $1,482 for a single ounce. It is a very rare flower that is only found on some islands of France. It needs low heat for its perfect growth and is used in perfumes due to its interesting smell. It has unique smell that is loved by the perfume lovers of the world.

2. Tuberose Absolute Essential Oil:

Top 3 Most Expensive Essential Oils in the WorldTuberose is very high class and luxurious essential oil that is very expensive. It is obtained from flowers and has an amazing smell that is very appealing for everyone. It has some relaxing properties in it which can be used by the people. The price of this product is $1,645. The look of the flowers is like the common flowers in white color, but the real people with flowers knowledge can easily recognize them easily.

1. Champaca Absolute Essential Oil:

Most Expensive Essential Oil in the WorldChampaca Absolute is the best oil for the treatment of depression. It has been used in the whole world by most of the people. It has a perfect smell that most of the Indian people are using in their perfumes. It is considered as the happy essential oil that is powerful oil in the whole oil market. The price of this Champaca essential oil is $2,256.

List of Most Expensive Essential Oils in the World

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Champaca Absolute Essential $ 2256
2 Tuberose Absolute Essential $ 1645
3 Frangipani Absolute Essential $ 1482
4 Cannabis Flower Essential $ 946
5 Agarwood essential $ 850
6 Rose Essential $ 700
7 Seaweed Absolute Extra essential $ 650
8 Elecampane Essential $ 560
9 Sandalwood $ 492
10 Neroli $ 354


The above ranking of the top 10 most expensive essential oils in the market is given according to the price of these oils in the market. All these oils are rare in the world and have perfect fragrances. All these oils have different benefits and are used in many different things like medicines perfumes etc. These oils are not affordable for everyone, but rich people can afford it to get their benefits.

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