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Top 10 Most Expensive Desserts in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Desserts in the World

Every person in the world loves to eat food and to taste different kinds of food as well. Some food items are the basic need of every person. Desserts are very important part of any meal, and there are many desserts in the world which are made from different ingredients as well. Every person wanted to eat a tasty and healthy meal and after that wants perfect dessert to complete the whole night. There are different desserts in the world like bread pudding, expensive cakes, pastries, cookies, etc. Some desserts in the world are very expensive, and some desserts are the specialty of some restaurants that are not available on all others. Everyone in the world cannot afford to eat desserts after meals and to spend thousands of dollars on them. The look of some desserts is mouth watering for the people, but their high price tags will de-motivate the people to purchase them. The overall look and presentation of the desserts will make them more appealing that tempt them to order that right after their meal to complete the whole enjoyment.
The following are top 10 most expensive desserts in the world:

10. Noka Chocolate, Vintage Collection:

List of Top ten Most Expensive Desserts in the WorldNoka Chocolate is very simple kind of dessert, but it is made with an expensive type of chocolate which is very expensive and available at the price of $854 for each pound. This chocolate is sold under the name of the company and is considered as one of the finest and best chocolate in the world. It is available at the place like Venezuela, Thailand, and Trinidad, etc. It is kind of dark chocolate that is made from 75% of cocoa. Every box of this chocolate is packed and available in a beautiful and classic box. It is available in many different flavors from which the best can be chosen the best from that.

9. Golden Opulence Sundae:

Top Ten Most Expensive Desserts in the WorldGolden Opulence sundae is the best dessert ever made in the world. It is the special dish of the famous Serendipity 3 restaurant in New York, and the price of this dish is almost $1,000. This dish was made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this restaurant. In this dish, there are 5 big scoops that are further decorated with the 23k gold leaf that is also edible. It also has many unique ingredients like fruits, nuts, truffles and cherries as well. It is served in the glass bowl that is filled with fruits to enhance its taste and color. The best thing about this dish is that for eating this dish the restaurant serves the 18k gold spoon that is amazing.

8. The Brownie Extraordinaire:

Top Ten Expensive Desserts in the WorldThe Brownie Extraordinaire is the famous dish that is sold at Brule restaurant located in Atlantic City. It is made from the dark chocolate that is covered with hazelnuts imported from Italy and is served with the scoop of ice cream. The whole look of the dish looks like a luxurious dish that can be purchased at the price of $1,000. This dish is also available on the special deal for Valentine’s Day that costs $15,000 which is combined with romantic dinner and night stay.

7. The Sultan`s Golden Cake:

Top 10 Most Expensive Desserts in the WorldThe look of this the Sultan`s Cake is more like a gold brick due to its whole look. It is the special dish of the Ciragan Palace in Istanbul, and the price of this famous dessert is $1,000. This delicious cake is made with many ingredients like apricot, figs, and pears and then combined with jams. Its topping is done with the truffles, caramel and further with 24k gold leaf. It takes almost 72 hours in making this cake and it is packed in a beautiful silver box and is specially designed for the big occasions as weddings etc.

6. Macaroons Haute Couture:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Desserts in the WorldMacaroons are very famous dessert in the whole world. Macaroons are two puffs that are joined with buttercream. This dessert is very famous in France and is very delicious as well. The famous French chef Pierre Herme makes this expensive dessert of the world. The price of this tasty dessert is $7,414. Macaroons Haute Couture is made with many different ingredients that are expensive and the best as well.

5. The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence:

Top Five Most Expensive Desserts in the WorldIt completely fits on this dish that the presentation of the food is very important and attracts people towards it. It is the famous dish available in Sri Lanka and is a popular tradition of that place as well. It was made to pay tribute to the stilt fishing scene that is served with mangoes. It is served on a beautiful silver tray to represent the whole look. This delicious dish was first served in the famous restaurant called Wine3 fisherman stilt restaurant. The price of this jewel shaped dessert is $14,500.

4. Frrrozen Haute Chocolate:

Top 5 Most Expensive Desserts in the WorldFrrrozen Haute Chocolate desserts are also the famous dessert of the restaurant Serendipity 3, and it is a drink. The price of this dessert is $25,000 and is made with the different kinds of cocoa imported from almost 14 different countries and is made with 5 grams of 24k gold. It is further decorated with expensive diamonds to complete its look and golden spoon as well. It was also included in the Guinness World Record as most expensive dessert in the world. But it is surprising to see that a cocoa drink for a very high price tag.

3. Platinum Cake:

Top Three Most Expensive Desserts in the WorldPlatinum Cake is the invention of a Japanese chef called Nobue Ikara, and the price of this dish is $130,000 which looks like a dream. It is decorated with the plain white cream and is then decorated with different jewelry like pins, chains, necklaces, etc. It was designed for the ladies. This cake is still not sold, and the company does not know that whether it will be sold or not. It is not affordable for everyone because of its high price.

2. Strawberries Arnaud:

Top 3 Most Expensive Desserts in the WorldStrawberries are the most use ingredient in many different desserts of the world. It is served in Arnaud restaurant located in New Orleans. Its topping is done with mint and cream as well. The price of this delicious dish is estimated to be $1.4 million. It also has an expensive ring with it as to be used in engagements or proposals. The look of this dish is very ordinary, but its taste is amazing and loved by the people.

1. Diamond Fruitcake:

Most Expensive Dessert in the WorldDiamond Fruitcake is the cake that was made especially for Christmas and the best gift for everyone. The price of this dish is $1.65 million which made it the most expensive dessert of the world. It is made by the pastry chef of Tokyo and was sold in an auction which increased its price. It took almost 6 months in its making and was decorated with diamonds. It is considered as the best gift for Christmas.

List of Most Expensive Desserts in the World

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Diamond Fruitcake $ 1.65 Million
2 Strawberries Arnaud $ 1.4 Million
3 Platinum Cake $ 130000
4 Frrrozen Haute Chocolate $ 25000
5 The Fortress Stilt Fisherman Indulgence $ 14500
6 Macaroons Haute Couture $ 7414
7 The Sultan`s Golden Cake $ 1000
8 The Brownie Extraordinaire $ 15000
9 Golden Opulence Sundae $ 1000
10 Noka Chocolate, Vintage Collection $ 854


The above ranking of the most expensive desserts in the world is given according to the price of these desserts on restaurants on which they are available. All these desserts are made with different ingredients and also served in beautiful style to make them more attractive. These desserts are the specialty of different restaurants in which they are invented. These desserts are not affordable for everyone due to their high prices.