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List of Most Expensive Dams in the World

List of Most Expensive Dams in the World

We all know that dams are very important for every country and its survival as well. These dams are not only helpful in making electricity for the whole country but also for storing water in difficult situations like floods etc. Dams are very large that is the reason; dams are made with high budgets and technology. Hydro energy is also named as the best power for generating electricity in the whole world, and almost 90% of electricity in the world is made from it. The trend of constructing dams was introduced in the world in an early 20th century and is now the basic need of every country. It is a very easy method of producing electricity but also creates pollution in the air which is harmful to the people. It has many advantages as well as it is not a very expensive way of producing electricity, but only its construction is very expensive. There are many countries that are still developing and have to expand their economies have to work on the construction of these dams. Some dams are very large that made many records and were helpful for the country. In this article, we will talk about top 5 most expensive dams ever made in the world.
The following are top 5 largest dams in the world:

5. Grand Ethiopia Renaissance Dam, Ethiopia:

Top Five Most Expenisve Dams in the WorldGrand Ethiopia embankment was made on the upper portion of the River Nile to produce energy and save water in the situations of floods as well. This barrage was made for selling electricity to the neighboring places like Egypt and Sudan. Some critics say that this barrage is not suitable for the place on which it is built as it will be more useful for the agricultural areas of the countries. This embankment will be completed in coming 2017 for their defined purposes. The total cost of this barrage is estimated to be $5 Billion. Egypt is continuously trying to stop the construction of this barrage in Ethiopia for some reasons.

4. Xiluodu Dam, Yunnan Province, China:

List of Top 5 Most Expensive Dams in the WorldChina is very famous and developed country of the world which is more known for its advanced technology. Xiluodu barrage is very tall embankment that is built on the famous Jinsha river that will be completed nearly in 2015 and the main purpose of this barrage is provide electricity to China and enhance its power sector as well. The total construction cost of this barrage is to be $12 billion, and it also has a special center for the flood control center as well. The cost of this dam includes the resettling of almost 40,000 people.

3. Baihetan Dam, China:

TOp Three Most Expensive Dams in the WorldAgain here comes China, which is very advanced country and developed as well. For this dam, it needs resettling of more than 70,000 people who is very difficult but China can cope with it. Baihetan Dam is made for generating electricity to enhance the power situations of China. It is also very helpful for storing water in the critical situations of floods. It was constructed in 2008, but the power generation by this dam will start in 2019. The cost of this barrage is estimated to be $13 billion.

2. Belo Monte Dam, Brazil:

Top 3 Most Expensive Dams in the WorldBelo Monte Dam is a very controversial project of the world because of the area on which it is being made and has to displace the local people living there as well. It was first proposed in 1970 but was constructed after many years. It has many small reservoirs in it which are sensitive and made with the latest technology. On this dam, a film of James Cameron was made in 2010 which enhanced the knowledge of the people about it and to work on its destruction of this dam. This dam will raise the economy of the country by producing electricity for the country. This dam was made with the budget of $18.5 billion.

1. Grand Inga Dam, the Democratic Republic of the Congo:

Most Expensive Dam in the WorldGrand Inga dam is considered as the most expensive dam ever made in the world as it is made with high cost and technology as well. It was made with the funding partner World Bank because of its high cost. It is made on an underdeveloped place because of its bad infrastructure. It is made with the high budget of $80 billion. It can help to escape the poverty of the country and to make it a more successful place to live.

Top 5 Most Expensive Dams in the World

Sr.No. Names Budget
1 Grand Inga, Democratic Republic of the Congo $ 80 Billion
2 Belo Monte, Brazil $ 18.5 Billion
3 Baihetan Dam, China $ 13 Billion
4 Xiluodo Dam, Yunnan Province, China $ 12 Billion
5 Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam, Ethiopia $ 5 Billion


The above ranking of these most expensive dams in the world is given according to the cost and total budget of these dams for their construction. All these dams are made for specific purposes like for generating electricity and to boost the economy as well. These dams are made with advanced technology that enhanced its cost. These largest dams will be best for the country and their success as well.