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Here we will talk about top 10 most expensive video games that are totally failed. Everyone wants some entertainment in their life to spend their extra time. Most of the kids wanted to play video games either on television or special games to spend their time. Videos games are very entertaining and most favorite time pass of every kid. The latest technology has completely changed the whole game sector by introducing latest feature game. It is said that 40 years ago, there was no concept of video games among the people and people were more involved in playing physical games. This 21st century has given very latest video games to the people which are made with high technology that is the reason they are very expensive to make. Their developers were quite sure about the success of their games, but the reality was completely different from their words and was proven a big loss for the developers. There are many companies which are working with the latest technology to make games for the entertainment of the people.
The following are top 10 most expensive and worst video games that are totally failed in the world:

10. Shenmue:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Video Games that are Totally FailedShenmue is a very adventurous game which was released in 1997 which has set a very low standard among the people. It was developed with the total budget of $70 million and was made with many enhanced graphics. This playdown never gained attraction from the users, and the expectations were completely failed. It was developed by the company called SEGA which went into bankruptcy right after its failure. It also has some technical problems in it and was a big disaster for the gaming development industry.

9. Nuke Nukem Forever:

Top Ten Most Expensive Video Games that are Totally FailedNuke Nukem Forever was the sequel to a famous game called Duke Nukem PC which was released in 1998. It was released with large advertisement campaign and showing its trailers for a long time. This sequel was released in 2006 with much latest technology. It was full of innovative features in it which were also enhanced with some 3D techniques in it. This company also went to bankruptcy right after its failure which has shocked its makers as its first part was a big hit and successful among all users located al around the globe.

8. Driv3r:

Top Ten Expensive Video Games that are Totally FailedDriv3r is the game which was developed by the company called Atari and was much advance. It was released as the sequel of Driver 2 which was released in 1998. This part was released in 2004 and was released all over the world at that time. It was estimated that this playoff suffered the total loss of $16.9 million during the whole period of 6 months and was then named as the legendary cautionary tale for the whole gaming industry. This whole game was totally about the vehicles and the characters inside those vehicles but was quite interesting.

7. Superman:

Top 10 Most Expensive Video Games that are Totally FailedSuperman is the game which was developed by the French developers called Titus software which has managed to produce this game with much excitement and interesting. It lacks some basic control features in it and the producing delay right from the beginning. It was then released in 1999 for the special Nintendo 6 system. This playoff received a much bad response from the whole world and then the result was it was badly failed in the whole game world because of the dissatisfaction of the people, and their expectations were failed completely which was developed before its release.

6. Lair:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Video Games that are Totally FailedLair is the game which was released in 2007 especially for PS3 and was developed by the famous game producing company called Factor 5. This playdown was made on the theme of complete adventurous trips by different characters flying on the dragon. The whole experience of playing this game is very exciting. Its reviews were very discouraging for the producers who were shown to them right after its release. It faced large facial loss by its failure and then this company was closed in 2009 due to bankruptcy only because of this game.

5. Pac-Man:

Top Five Most Expensive Video Games that are Totally FailedMost of the people are well aware of the name of this game called Pac-man which was released in 1983. This playoff was a pure dramatic movie. This company was already in threat of bankruptcy which became true right after the release of this game which failed badly. Almost 7 million people have purchased this game, but still it was not satisfactory, and the reviews were also very bad. This game was made by the company called Atari which faced the total loss of $356 million in 1983 which resulted in its bankruptcy.

4. Daikatana:

Top 5 Most Expensive Video Games that are Totally FailedDaikatana is the game which was developed by Ion Storm and was released in 2000. It was the game about the future of martial arts with a magic sword. It was made in the period of 3 years but right after its release it received many bad comments from the critics due to an inconsistent storyline and the bad sequences of it. It faced a total loss of $25 million, and almost 200,000 total copies of this game were sold in the market which is a quite disappointing situation for the developers.

3. Messiah:

Top Three Most Expensive Video Games that are Totally FailedMessiah is the game which is all about an angel called Bob who was sent by the God to the battle. It was released in 2000 and was the complete package of adventure and excitement but still was a bad game. The graphics of this game were also very bad which were not much innovative which took it to failure. It received a commercial failure in the whole world and was considered that it can rule in hell as it was worst.

2. Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness:

Top 3 Most Expensive Video Games that are Totally FailedTomb Raider is the game which was released in 2003 by Published Eidos and was released after many delays. It was made on a dark themed storyline and about different traits of their characters. People have huge expectations for this game before its release as it took large time for making. It was made with little innovative technology and was considered as still incomplete. It is called as the biggest flop ever in the whole gaming industry.

1. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial:

Most Expensive Video Game that is Totally FailedE.T The Extra Terrestrial is very unimpressive fame which was released in 1982. It was made to deliver a big entertainment experience to the users, but that was a wrong belief. It is the game which was developed by the company called Atari. This whole game was about fun and the stories related to it. It was considered as the complete waste of money on purchasing it. It was also called as the lame and badly designed game.

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Video games are loved and played by everyone in the world to have some entertainment in their life. There are many types of video games available on the market, and every person has a different choice in games. All these games are developed by different famous companies which are then brought to bankruptcy right after the failure of their games, and these games were proven as their worst work which brought them to these bad situations.

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