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There are many things in the world which are used for writing like tablets, computers, typewriters and mainly pens. Pens are a very common item in the world which is used in daily routine by every person. There are many brands in the market which are making pens for the people and are available at different prices. Some of the latest pens come with more comfortable leather panels to make the whole writing experience comfortable for the people so that they can use these pens for a long time. In some exams, the main purpose of students is to complete their paper in a limited period for which they need pens with the fast speed with which they can easily complete their paper in time. Some people prefer some brands of pens which are used by famous authors and writers to get the best experience from them. Nowadays on television, the ads of best pen brands are also seen to enhance awareness among the people, and they can select the best one for their precious work.
The following are top 10 best selling pen brands in the market:

10. Hero:

List of Top Ten Best Pen Brands in the WorldHero is quite famous pen brand of the market and it is said that all literate people of, the world are well aware of the name of this marque. Hero is the brand which is known for creating different writing instruments in cheaper rates which is amazing thing about this marque. The products of this label can be easily found at almost every stationary shop and most of the people prefer this label for writing and while purchasing the best marque for their writing pieces.

9. Papermate:

Top Ten Best Pen Brands in the WorldPapermate is the company which is not available in every country but features only few countries. Its products are not widely available all around the world which is the worst thing about this brand and hinders its expansion in the whole market. All other features of this brand are perfect and good. It is named after the company which produces the most stylish pens on the market and loved by the people because of this reason.

8. Sheaffer:

 Top Ten Best Pen BrandsSheaffer is also included in the top 10 best brands in the world. The best feature of this brand is that its writing instruments can be easily fitted to any hand and provides them comfort while writing. The flow of writing by this brand is also very smooth and stylish in its look which is different from all other pen brands. It is said that pens of this brand are very elegant and comfortable for the users. It is not the brand which is widely available in the whole world.

7. Aurora:

Top 10 Best Pen Brands in the WorldAurora is basically a brand which belongs to Italy and is the company which is only involved in making writing instruments for the people and especially writers. It was the company which was started in 1919 and is considered as the as the one of the renowned pen brand of the market. Its pens are available in the whole world and most of the best authors use their pens to create something different and special.

6. Cross:

List of Top 10 Best Pen Brands in the WorldCross is a famous pen brand of America which was started in the field of writing in 1846 and still famous among the people. It is the marque which produces pens of all types starting from simple pens to color pencils. It is also named as one of the top selling pen brands of the world due to the quality and comfort of its products. It is easily available in the whole world and is preferred by everyone due to its popularity of creating something special and beautiful by using it.

5. Camlin:

Top Five Best Pen Brands in the WorldCamlin is the brand and its full name if Kokuyo Camlin but common with the name of Kokuyo. It is an Italian brand which was started in 1931 by creating stationery products. The main headquarters of this brand are located in India. It not only produces pens but all the stationary products needs by the people and their pens are produced in large number which is used by the people in the whole world. It is named as the best pen manufacturing brand of the world.

4. Reynolds:

Top 5 Best Pen Brands in the WorldReynolds is the brand which is considered as one of the best producers of pen. It is more famous for making ball pens. The name of this label was basically derived from the name of its owner called Milton Reynolds; he was a successful American entrepreneur. It is named after the best selling pen brand in the whole world. Reynolds is little expensive than the normal pen brands in the market but the quality of this brand is amazing and unmatchable with any other marque.

3. Cello:

Top Three Best Pen Brands in the WorldCello is very famous pen brand which can be seen on television many times in a single day. Almost all people of the world are aware of its name because of its popularity on television. The main tagline they use for their product is The Joy of Writing. It is very easy to use and widely available and the best thing is that is very cheap brand. It is also recommended as the best pen brand to be purchased for having best writing and for comfortable use.

2. Mont Blanc:

Top 3 Best Pen Brands in the WorldMont Blanc is the best brand for producing writing instruments for the people. This company was established in 1906 and still working successfully. It is always recognized with the white styled 6 pointed start pens with rounded edges which are considered as the trademark of the company. It produces pens with different designs and also has the title of producing the most stylish and expensive pens of the whole world. Mont Blanc is little expensive label and is not commonly available all around the globe, but its writing is amazing which is worth trying once.

1. Parker:

Best Pen Brand in the WorldParker is the most famous pen brand of the whole world according to the preference of the users. It is the company which was established in 1888. It is said that the entire professional commonly use pens of this brand for their signatures and giving autographs. It is considered as the pen which provides a high-class look to the writing and the pen made with dignity. It is named after the most popular brand of pen in the whole stationary market.

Top 10 Best Pen Brands in the World – Rating

Sr.No. Names
1 Parker
2 Mont Blanc
3 Cello
4 Reynolds
5 Camlin
6 Cross
7 Aurora
8 Sheaffer
9 Papermate
10 Hero


Pens are widely used in the whole world for writing and are considered as the best writing instrument available in the market. There are many brands in the world which are making different kinds of pens for the people and have different unique features in them which attracts writers towards them. Their price also varies according to the type of brand and their popularity as well but people who wanted to have perfect writing will not compromise on their prices and will purchase the best one.

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