Best Locks In Rugby World

There are different types of games which are played and watched all over the world. Games are considered as the best way for the time pass and also for the physical activities of the person. Every person has a different selection when it comes to sports because games are mostly loved by the personality of the citizens. There are different championships of various sports which are conducted every year and are considered as a big attraction for the people.

The second row in the rugby ground is considered as the main engine of the rugby scrum and the main traditional position which is mostly given to the best and toughest player of the game. This post has produced different big and fantastic players for this game. Rugby is quite a famous game which is played with the help of the oval ball, and most of the countries have their teams of this particular sport. These players have marked their names in the whole world with their performance.
Here are the following top 10 best locks in rugby all over the world, which are as follow:

10. Will Skelton:

Top 10 Best Locks In Rugby WorldWill Skelton is considered as the super rugby player who has earned many caps, especially for the Wallabies. He is named after the fantastic finished product because he is known for improving his fitness according to the needs and is used as the starter for many years and in coming years as well. It is said that his strength and size is incomparable with any other big man and is not expected in any other player.

9. Paul O`Connell:

Best Locks In Rugby EverPaul O`Connell is named as one of the wiliest operators in the world of rugby these days and is known for the amazing tricks used by him. He is named as one of the players who leaves nothing unturned when he plays. Paul O`Connell is the player who is known for leading from the front and known for depicting his leadership skills in every match played by him. He is still named as one of the most fearsome locks in the whole world of rugby.

8. Alun-Wyn Jones:

Top 10 Best Locks In Rugby WorldAlun-Wyn Jones is named as one of the primary key men in the welsh and is known for his exceptional skills from many years. He is known for combining different styles of leadership and expertise which made an example of the new players in this field. He is named as one of the best players in this position and is named as the leading actor in the world cup of Welsh Hopes and is named as much successful one because of his performance.

7. Courtney Lawes:

Best Locks In Rugby Highly RatedCourtney Lawes is the player who is always included for all seasons and is named as the player who makes one of complete locks in this game. He comes with much great style and has given many hit shots for the fans all over the world. Courtney Lawes is now working to improve his discipline and also building the line outside of the game in which he is playing for the team. He has a large number of fans all around the world because of his playing style and tactics.

6. Bakkies Botha:

Best Locks In Rugby Ever Highly RatedBakkies Botha is considered as one of the most aggressive players of the rugby game. He creates much fear in the opponent, and the opposite team is afraid of his behavior and tactics. He is named as the player who is not enhanced with the legs which can be used for impactful performance, but during his game, he is known for his country and club to which he has brought much success and made him successful all around the world.

5. Joe Launchbury:

Top Best Locks In Rugby Highly RatedJoe Launchbury is the player who is not bothered of the different player because he is much confident of this own skills. He is known for his amazing work and known for his breakdowns and also provides full opportunities to his team. He has the experience of many years in this particular game and the partnership of Joe with Lawes looks one of the best things in this game which attracts a large number of the audience towards it and makes it more attractive to the people.

4. Victor Matfield:.

Best Locks In Rugby Highly RatedVictor Matfield is the player who got retired recently. He is not willing to return to this fantastic and entertaining sport. He was also included in the springbok’s squad in this year and played perfectly as well. Victor Matfield is named as the all rounder player in this game who needs to be involved in getting the best performance and making the team look stronger in front of the opponent.

3. Sam Whitelock:

Top Best Locks In Rugby EverSam Whitelock is named as one of the most impressive players of the second row player in the whole world of rugby. He is named to have the perfect partnership with the player called Brodie Rettalick and is designated to provide the best performance in this sport. It is also a lineout operator and is named as the ticket selling machine in any of the stadia in which the game is conducted. He has millions of fans all over the world because of his performance and the perfect skills which made him valuable player as well.

2. Eben Etzebeth:

Top Best Locks In Rugby Ever Highly RatedEben Etzebeth is a young player in this sport who is known for his style of playing the game. He is taken as one of the most successful players because of his skills, and the faces of opponents depict his great play. Eben Etzebeth is named as a very important operator in this game and highly demanded player of the world in the field of rugby. He is the player known for providing the best locks in this game because of his tactics and the style of playing it.

1. Brodie Retaalick:

Best Locks In RugbyBrodie Retaalick is the player who is considered as the great player in this game which provides fantastic forward option consistently. He is known for having the best partnership with Sam Whitelock especially in the 2nd row and complements the skills of each other. It is said that Brodie is the player who is considered as the player who is best in the field of defense and attacking in this own game which made him the number player in rugby in the whole world.

Top 10 Best Locks In Rugby World – Top Rated

Sr. No. Name
1 Brodie Retaalick
2 Eben Etzebeth
3 Sam Whitelock
4 Victor Matfield
5 Joe Launchbury
6 Bakkies Botha
7 Courtney Lawes
8 Alun-Wyn Jones
9 Paul O`Connell
10 Will Skelton
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