Countries With Craziest Soccer Fans

There are different types of entertainment for which people can easily spend many hours. There are many sports which are played and watched by the people, and millions of fans are located all over the world. Fans are committed to their favorite sport and soccer is one of the great games. There are various tournaments of football played in the world which are named as NHL, NBA, NFL and MLB. During these sports, millions of fans are gathered at the stadiums to support their favorite teams and players. Sometimes the fans have created significant problems for the players by throwing tear gas and flares to the ground. The stadiums are covered with the perfect security for the protection of the whole game and players where seating is mandatory. Soccer fans are located in different parts of the world and love to watch its various tournaments.
Here are the following top 10 countries with the most insane soccer fans all over the world, which are as follow:

10. Greece

Countries With Craziest Soccer FansGreece is the country which consists of many football fans, and insane community is located there. They mostly set the fire of ring for the entrance of players when they walk in the ground. The fans there come up with different singing, banners, fighting, and rioting. It is stated by British Newspaper that their fans are treated entirely especially in Olympics. Greece has won the European Championship in 2004 defeating the host country Portugal in the final match. Then Cristiano Ronaldo was in tears and was named as the 2nd best moment of the whole tournament.

9. Ukraine

Countries Ever With Craziest Soccer FansUkraine is the nation which is always fighting for the survival of their country and to succeed in the game. Malaysian airline was crashed which has killed 283 passengers and also 115 crew members and has created much violence in the streets there. During the Euro 2016 Championships, Ukraine fans are seen with the tattoos of the players which made these tournaments much famous. Their fans are much crazy about this sport.

8. Netherlands

Top Countries With Craziest Soccer FansNetherlands has the national outfit for this game in the orange color which is loved by the fans and great entertainment for them. They claim that their soccer is another name for the football and has inspired different generations. They have won various big tournaments at the national level especially with their neighboring country Germany. Their fans are much interested in this game and come to watch it by leaving their important work and to support their favorite players.

7. Croatia

Countries With Craziest Soccer Fans Highly RatedCroatia is named as the leading nation against the match of Czech Republic during the Euro 2016 Championship conducted in France. They have millions of supporters who always come to boost up the morale of their team by loud voices. The official color of their soccer team is red with white blocks which are used in their flag. It is much modest country located in Europe and has marked its name in the field of soccer in the whole world.

6. Germany

Top ountries With Craziest Soccer Fans Highly RatedGermany is a much great country when it comes to football which has won different domestic and national tournaments. The match of 2016 Bundesliga season consists of total 18 teams, and almost 43,300 fans came to witness each game. They have a team of different expensive football clubs in which matches are played on a small level but provide an electrifying atmosphere to the people coming there. Their fans are the main reason for their success in this particular game and made them famous all over the world.

5. Serbia

Countries Ever With Craziest Soccer Fans Top RatedSerbia is named as the country which consists of one of the best soccer teams in the world. But they have spread a culture of violence mainly by their fans and did some criminal acts as well. Their fans use this game for expressing different right activist. It is estimated that the soccer fans of Serbia are considered as the most unpredictable and dangerous ones in the whole world. They are known for promoting civil war rather than sports.

 4. Brazil

Top Countries Ever With Craziest Soccer Fans Highly RatedIt is said that soccer and Brazil are difficult to separate. They have won the World Cup Championships for five times because of their football passion. Their players are said to be naturally blessed with the skills of this game from many decades. They have defeated many larger countries in the main championships. They are also known for spreading the violence during the match and rivalries as well. It is named as the most famous country when comes to this particular game soccer.

3. Argentina

Top Countries With Craziest Soccer Fans Highly RatedArgentina is the famous country because it has won many FIFA World Cups in this game called football. They have received much support from the fans in different tournaments in the whole world. Argentina became the famous country in this game from the 20th century, but there are some worst events occurred there because of the fans which have killed almost 71 people in the championship of 1968. Argentina is known for providing the two best players in the world called Lionel Messi and Diego Maradona.

2. Italy

Top Countries With Craziest Soccer Fans Highly RatedItaly is the country which has won FIFA World Cup for almost four times in this sport soccer. Italy is not only famous for pizza, bikes, pasta but also for this game. They consist of many crazy fans located there which are always keen to watch the match even at different locations. But sometimes their fans become violent and cause various problems and issues for the players as well especially the activist group there. They are known for throwing the banana and monkey chanting to the opposite team which looks appalling and make their image worse all over the world.

1. Turkey

Countries With Craziest Soccer FansTurkish fans are considered as the biggest supporters for this game called Soccer and are named as extreme in their case. They are named as one of the best fans and spectacles of this match. They have won different victories with many big rivals which depict the ongoing story of their team. But their fans are also known for the street rioting and fireworks and also breaking the seats in the match which they have lost.

Countries With Craziest Soccer Fans – Top Rated

Sr. No. Name
1 Turkey
2 Italy
3 Argentina
4 Brazil
5 Serbia
6 Germany
7 Croatia
8 Netherlands
9 Ukraine
10 Greece
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