Best Christmas Gifts For Him

As Christmas comes near, one of the biggest concerns is getting the best Christmas gift for a husband or best Christmas gift for boyfriend. We have got you covered this time. In this article, you will find all options according to the interest of your man and also your price range.

Christmas presents should be well thought out, and this time around we have done that for you. It is always better to decide on a gift beforehand so that shopping is hassle free and you know exactly where to look from. The first thing you need to know is what is your husband or boyfriend most passionate about then what amount are you willing to spend on the Christmas gifts.
If your friend is a fitness freak, then give him something related to fitness. Below are two options.
Here is a list of top 10 best christmas gifts for him 2016

10. J.W Hulme Co. Wine Bag

Best Christmas Gifts For Him 2016This is a luxury wine bottle tote that is made up of pure leather. As it is Christmas and your man would surely have his wine supply covered, a wine tote would be an elegant gift choice. This gift is different from the usual which will make your boyfriend ecstatic. This is available at J.W Hulme’s website for $195.

9. Cohiba Dominican Robusto Cigars

Top Best Christmas Gifts For Him 2016At a lighter note if your man burns your priority should be making him quit smoking as it has adverse effects on the health. But if he is a smoking fanatic then here is a gift recommendation. These cigars are a medium strength. It has pepper and cedar flavor to it. This pack costs $250 and is a great option if your man is into smoking.

8. Detroit Starter shaving set

Best Christmas Gifts For HimThis shaving set is a favorite among men. It includes a shave cream of 4 oz., a shaving soap, and a shaving razor. This is a complete set and a classy option that looks very not only lovely and regal but also cuts very smooth. It is available at Detroit grooming company’s website for $45.95. This is affordable and best Christmas gift for boyfriend.

7. Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver

Best Christmas Gifts For Him EverWhen deciding on what to gift a man shaving related items come first to the mind. These are things that every person needs. This chargeable electric shaver is the best shaver in the market that has different speeds and can cut in different directions. Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver gives a smooth trim or a shave whatever its user intents. If your man is irresponsible and you fear him ruining it in the first week you should not be worried as this is waterproof and a slight drop does not damage it. It is priced at $275.

6. J. Crew Shirt

Top Best Christmas Gifts For HimThis option is also for a fashion follower who makes it a point to be on the latest trends.  A white core below shirt is a must-have for every guy. This is a shirt that can be paired with anything and everything. Let it be under a suit or a tuxedo or wearing it with plain jeans this can be rocked in any way. J. Crew being a pioneer in the field is a good option this shirt is priced at $88.

5. Gucci Fur loafers

Best Christmas Gifts Highly RatedAs Christmas comes in winters so Gucci Ful Loafers option is very suitable. These comfy fur loafers are what every man needs for fall this year. From actors to models all fashion related persons have been spotted wearing these. Priced at a whopping $1135 this is an expensive option but surely a classy one. If this comes to your budget and your man loves fashion we would advise you to go for best loafers in the market.

4. Giorgio Armani Beauty Mania for men

Best Christmas Gifts Ever Highly RatedThis is the best perfume for man for fall. Keeping it classy yet affordable this the best option for a person who is a groomer. The smell is a blend of light and strong notes giving a unique freshness to its smell. This is available at Giorgio Armani stores and online for $65. It is a bestseller perfume for men for fall and will surely impress your man.

3. Clarisonic Alfa Fit

Top Best Christmas Gifts For HimThis sonic technology cleansing system is making rounds in the beauty industry. It has been a staple for many women since long now. Clarisonic has now made one that is suitable for male skin. This device cleans face ten times better than the hands can. Its nylon fibers move and remove dirt from the face. Skin appears bright and fresh after use. If used before shaving it produces amazing results. This is available both on Clarisonic and Sephora website for $219. This is the best Christmas gift for your husband if he is a groomer.

2. Grid Mini

Top Best Christmas Gifts EverIf your man is a fitness lover and cannot tolerate any discomfort to his body give him a grid mini. Most people suffer from pains after a long flight because of sitting in one place for hours. If your husband travels a lot and is a fitness lover, this would be the best Christmas gift for your spouse. This travel size foam roller relieves all sorts of body pains after a long flight by rolling it in the affected area. This can be done right away making your husband fresh and fit again. This is priced at $25 and is an affordable option for a fitness lover who travels a lot.

1. Fitbit Alta fitness tracker

Best Christmas Gifts For Him 2016The trend of fitness gadgets is on the rise, and a fitness tracker watch is every fitness fanatics dream. Fitbit Alta Fitness tracker is available at their website for $119, and the shipping is also free. This is very reasonable as compared to Apple’s iWatch. This keeps a record of workouts, steps taken; floors climbed and activity time. Along with these it also shows calories burned and the heart and pulse rate. It can be connected to a smartphone and can notify of calls and messages. This is best Christmas gift for boyfriend.

Best Christmas Gifts For Him 2016 – Top Rated

Sr. No. Name Price
1 Fitbit Alta fitness tracker $119
2 Grid Mini $25
3 Clarisonic Alfa Fit $219
4 Giorgio Armani Beauty Mania for men $65
5 G ucci Fur loafers $1135
6 J. Crew Shirt $88
7 Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver $275
8 Detroit Starter shaving set $45.95
9 Cohiba Dominican Robusto Cigars $250
10 J.W Hulme Co. Wine Bag $195
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