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Top 10 Most Expensive Vehicles to Fill Up

Top 10 Most Expensive Vehicles to Fill Up

Vehicles are used for the convenience of the people and to make their journey comfortable. There are many types of vehicles in the whole world which can be seen on the roads which includes cars, bikes, trucks etc. Every vehicle has its own capacity and provides the specific performance which is different from other. The main problem which is faced by users in the whole market is the problem of fuel for their vehicles. As the price of fuel is changed every day and mostly the cost of fuel increased that is the reason people are stressed about it. Some of the vehicles are fuel efficient while some consume large amount of fuel which can be very costly for the owners to maintain them. Most commonly the luxurious and powerful cars are the major fuel consuming vehicles in the whole world. But it is said that the rich people who can afford to keep expensive cars for their standard can also spend more amount on their fuel. Here we will mainly discuss the vehicles that are expensive to make their tank full due to the prices of fuel.
The following are top 10 best vehicles costly for fuel in the whole world:

10. Lincoln Navigator Ultimate:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Vehicles to Fill UpLincoln Navigator is very high class and luxurious car in the world which has a powerful V8 engine in it and is combined with further components to make it fuel efficient. But as it is a big car, so it consumes more fuel than the normal ones. Once the tank of this car is full, it can cover almost 504 miles easily. The filling of the tank of this car can cost almost $110 at the average price of fuel. It is a big car and has many powerful features in it that are the reason it has fuel efficient technology in it.

9. Porsche Cayenne V6:

Top Ten Most Expensive Vehicles to Fill UpPorsche is very famous car brand in the whole market especially because of its luxurious cars and effective designs. This Porsche Cayenne V6 is the car that has a total tank of 26.4 gallons. It is the best luxurious fuel efficient car, but the main reason for the high cost of its filling is its large tank that will be filled completely in $110.09. It is very stylish kind of a car, and most of the people loved the whole look of the car that is very attractive. Porsche always focuses on making latest cars for the convenience of the people.

8. Mercedes-Benz GL450:

Top Ten Most Expensive VehiclesAgain here comes a super luxurious car brand which is Mercedes-Benz and is quite famous in the whole world also in underdeveloped countries. The specific model of Mercedes-Benz GL450 is the best model ever introduced by this brand. The size of its tank is same like discussed above and charges almost $110.09 to fill up its tank. The average use of this whole tank can be done with only 581 miles on the roads. It is a big car that is similar to a Pajero that is the reason it is very powerful.

7. Audi Q7 Premium Plus:

Top 10 Most Expensive Vehicles to Fill UpAudi is the brand that got much fame in some recent years because of its luxurious and high-class cars for the upper society. It has a big fuel tank, and this car is basically considered as the fuel friendly car. The tank of this car can be filled up only in $110.09. It can provide the driving range to the user for almost 607 miles which is very high range in all cars and is the main feature of this car. The tank of this car is considered similar to that of a truck rather than a car due to its size.

6. Chevrolet Avalanche LT:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Vehicles to Fill UpChevrolet Avalanche LT is the car that is a SUV and pickup at the same time. It is considered as the best utility vehicle available in the market. It has a large tank of almost 31.5 gallons and costs $123.48 to fill it up completely. It can cover 630 miles in the single tank which are very large average to be covered by a vehicle and even more than Mercedes as well. It is the best car for all types of roads not only for the best roads but the hilly areas as well due to its performance.

5. Ford Expedition EL Eddie Bauer:

Top Five Most Expensive Vehicles to Fill UpHere comes the Ford Expedition El Eddie Bauer, which is very powerful and expensive car. It can cost almost $131.32 to fill up its tank completely as its tank is of total 33.5 gallons. The cost of filling its tank is very expensive for most of the people because of the high rates of fuel. It does not have the fuel or diesel tank in it, but it works mainly on the gas that is the reason it is provided with a gas tank.

4. Ram 2500 Laramie:

Top 5 Most Expensive Vehicles to Fill UpRam 2500 Laramie is very heavy duty pickup available in the market. It is mostly used for different heavy work and is made powerful, so that is the reason it consumes more fuel. It has a large tank of 34 gallons in it, and that can be filled up in $141.10 which is a very high price to be spent on the fuel for the car. It is pickup car and has to carry different heavy things in it, which consumes more fuel and is costly for the users but is very helpful than the normal cars available on the market.

3. Ford F-150 XLT V8:

Top Three Most Expensive Vehicles to Fill UpAgain here comes a Ford F-150 XLT V8, which is also a pickup car and is combined with the V8 engine. This model of vehicle is very large that is the reason its tank is also of 36 gallons and is filled completely in $141.12 which is very costly. It consumes much more fuel than expected by its users because of its heavy work and most of the people resist purchasing it because of consuming more fuel.

2. Ford F-250 Lariat:

Top 3 Most Expensive Vehicles to Fill UpFord comes again in the list with the best model Ford F-250 Lariat which is very expensive to purchase and keep it as well. It has a large tank that can be filled up in $145.25 and is difficult to maintain by the users. It has a diesel engine that provides the best pick-up on the long routes. It is a large and comfortable car for the people and heavy luggage as well that is the reason it is quite famous among the people.

1. Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD LTZ:

Most Expensive Vehicle to Fill UpOn the top of the list is Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD LTZ, which is very powerful and best car regarding its features. It has a large tank and only works on diesel that can be filled up completely in $149.40. It is also a pickup kind of car which has a large space at the back for the luggage etc.

Sr.No. Names Full Tank Fuel Cost
1 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD LTZ $ 149.40
2 Ford F-250 Lariat $ 145.25
3 Ford F-150 XLT V8 $ 141.12
4 Ram 2500 Laramie $ 141.10
5 Ford Expedition EL Eddie Bauer $ 131.32
6 Chevrolet Avalanche LT $ 123.48
7 Audi Q7 Premium Plus $ 110.09
8 Mercedes-Benz GL450 $ 110.09
9 Porsche Cayenne V6 $ 110.09
10 Lincoln Navigator Ultimate $ 110


The above ranking of top 10 most expensive cars to fill up is given according to the price charged for the filing of their tank, and all these prices are given according to America and their fuel charges. All these cars are made by the famous brands of the world and are specially designed for heavy duty that is the reason charges large amount on their fuel. These cars are first difficult to purchase then difficult to maintain their fuel as well.