Most Expensive Fast Food Items

Fast food is the food that is mainly available at different restaurants with different price range. There are many fast food brands in the whole world which are operating at different locations and offer their specialties for the valuable customers. Fast food is not the cheap item but is normally very expensive, but some of the food chains offer their products at affordable prices. The main price of their food is available at the price of $20. Some people are willing to pay high prices to get the healthy food in return of high price as they are not willing to compromise on their health. Most of the expensive food items are served with the edible gold leaf to make them more attractive and luxurious. Most of the people prefer to eat fast food to change their taste and satisfy their taste buds as well. There are specific foods item that are included in fast food that includes pizza, burger, salads, and sandwiches, etc.
The following are top 10 best and most expensive fast food items available in the food market:

10. Soft Shell Crab Tacos:

List of Top Ten Best Fast Food ItemsSoft Shell crab tacos are the dish that was invented by the “The Brentwood” and is available in Los Angeles. It has been served by this restaurant since 1999. It has a large variety in a menu that includes cheese, macaroni, and burgers as well. They food there is of the best quality and the sitting environment is also amazing which is loved by all their customers. This restaurant is located in the most luxurious place of USA, and that is the reason their prices are also set according to their place. This price of this special dish is almost $28.50.

9. Hot Dog:

Top Ten Most Expensive Fast Food ItemsHot Dog is very famous in the whole world that is quite famous in the whole world. It was invented by the Stephen Bruce, and the price of this hot dog is $69. This restaurant is located in New York City and is serving in this field since 1954. It is the biggest tourists’ attraction for the people there and many movies are also recorded there including some comedy films. It also offers a special haute dog which the grilled truffle butter and is also given the rank of the most expensive hot dog in the world given the title by Guinness world record.

8. Macaroni and Cheese:

Top Ten Best Fast Food ItemsMacaroni and Cheese are the dishes that is served at the French restaurant called Melisse and is located in California. It is considered as the best and luxurious restaurant that has also won two Michelin star awards and also rated as the number 1 in the whole Los Angeles. The price of this luxurious dish is estimated to be $95. It is basically a white truffle which the restaurant serves only from October to December. During these all months, the price of this dish remains the same for a single plate. It is not a very big restaurant but is quite famous in the whole world.

7. Philly Cheesesteak:

Top 10 Best Fast Food Items in the WorldPhilly cheesesteak is the dish that was invented by the Barclay Prime and is served at the price of $100. Every major city of USA has some specialty in their food item, and Philadelphia is the place that is associated with this Philly Cheesesteak and is kind of a sandwich which has a cheese roll with it. This restaurant is very luxurious regarding food item and the environment provided to their customers. Recently, they have changed the ingredients of their sandwich which are yet to disclose to the world and its latest price as well.

6. Coffee:

Top 10 Most Expensive Fast Food Items in the WorldCoffee is the most common drink in the whole world, and people like to drink it as well. Today there are many varieties of coffee available for the people. This special coffee is served and was created by the Asian Palm Civet at the price of $600 for a single pound. It is very rare kind of coffee which is only available at this restaurant not at any other in the whole world. The harvesting methods and the procedure of making it is very difficult that is the reason it is quite expensive to afford by the people. It is also served in luxurious style to provide the best experience for the people.

5. Bagel:

Top Five Best Fast Food ItemsBagel is the luxurious dish that was created by Frank Tujague and is available at the price of $1,000. Every city of USA has its specialty, and this is the special dish of New York City. It is available in the restaurant at any time either day or night at the high price. The topping of this dish is done with the berry jelly, white truffle and further enhanced with the gold leaf to make it luxurious as a whole. It is a very delicious dish that is loved by the fast food lovers in the whole world.

4. Omelet:

Top 5 Most Expensive Fast Food ItemsThe omelet is the food item that is made by using a limited number of ingredients and takes a little time in its preparation. It was created by Norma`s and is available at the price of $1, 000. It is the best option for the people who wanted to have quick breakfast without any delay. This restaurant is located in New York City. This omelet is made from the ingredients like lobster sevruga caviar and eggs as well. It is garnished in very attractive style to make it look more delicious and tempting for the people.

3. Pizza:

Best and Most Expensive Fast Food ItemsPizza is the most common fast food item in the world, and everyone is famous for its name and taste. This specific pizza was created by Domenico Crolla at the price of $4,200. It is the best meal and is an Italian dish that is loved by everyone. It is the most expensive pizza as recorded in 2006 in the whole world and its topping is done with the expensive ingredients like venison, edible gold flakes of 24k, champagne, and lobsters. It also was auctioned on eBay at the high price of $4,200 which is very high.

2. Hamburger:

Top Three Most Expensive Fast Food ItemsHamburger is very luxurious and expensive one that was created by Hubert Keller and is served at the price of $5,000. It is very high-class food item that was made by the celebrity chef called Daniel Boulud and is served with expensive wine. It is made from the Kobe beef and is enhanced with the topping of truffle and a bun. It is served with the bottle of champagne which was imported from Italy and is very high class.

1. Ice Cream Sundae:

Best and Most Expensive Fast Food ItemsIce Cream Sundae is a dessert that was created by Serendipity 3 at the price of $25,000 and is the most expensive food item in the world. It is very luxurious one that is made from whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and many other ingredients. It was also seen in headlines in 2004 because it was introduced on the 50th anniversary of the restaurant. It is further enhanced with the edible gold leaves of 24k. This expensive and luxurious dish is served with the gold spoon to provide the whole luxurious experience to the person.

List of Best and Most Expensive Fast Food Items

Sr.No. Names Price
1 Ice Cream Sundae $ 25000
2 Hamburger $ 5000
3 Pizza $ 4200
4 Omelet $ 1000
5 Bagel $ 1000
6 Coffee $ 600
7 Philly Cheesesteak $ 100
8 Macaroni and Cheese $ 95
9 Hot Dog $ 69
10 Soft Shell Crab Tacos $ 28.5


The above ranking of top 10 most expensive and best fast food items is given according to the price of different items in the different restaurants of the world. All these food dishes are very luxurious and expensive not affordable for everyone. Some of the dishes have set some records in the world due to their high prices but the whole experience provided to the people is totally exceptional and lifetime that is the main thing in return of money and is totally worth it.

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