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Food is the most important thing in life, and no one in this world can live without food. Every person is fond of food and love to eat the specific food items that are their favorite. There are many types of nourishment according to different countries like Chinese, Thai, Italian, Indian and many others. Every person in this earth has different choices and loves them, according to their taste. Some people love to eat junk food like burgers, pizza while some people love desi nourishment items. There are many food brands in the globe which are making edibles for the people and have opened their branches in almost all over the world. Fast food chains are the most famous and used in the whole globe, and it is estimated that almost millions of people eat them every day. Some of the fast food restaurants are famous all over the earth, and people love to eat them. These chains also provide the facility of dine in and take away as well which is easy for the people.
The following are top 10 fast food chains brand in the world:

10. Arby`s:

List of Top Ten Best Food Brands in the WorldArby`s is a privately owned foodstuff chain that sells sandwiches in the globe. It is considered as the 2nd largest quick sandwich maker in the globe. It has almost 3400 chains in the whole America. Later it also purchased a brand called Roark which was selling the roast, beef and cheese sandwiches. It also has opened many franchises in different countries to reach more people that are almost 2448 and in many countries the company owns its restaurants that are 956. It is operating in many big countries like Qatar, UAE, Turkey and many others.

9. Chick-fil-A:

Top Ten Best Food Brands in the WorldChick-fil-A is very famous American fast food restaurant. It is working from the Atlanta. It is more famous for their specialize product that is a chicken sandwich. It started to work in this field in 1946. It has many chains in the whole USA that are almost 1,850 and also some branches in Columbia as well. This restaurant is opened for 6 days a week, but their restaurant is closed on Sunday. It is also earning a large amount of revenues which shows the success and popularity of this restaurant.

8. Pizza Hut:

Top Ten Food Brands in the WorldAs the name of the restaurant shows that this is involved in the business of pizza and selling it in the whole globe. It is an American restaurant and is serving some side dishes in the globe. It is also the subsidiary of the brand Yum which is also the largest restaurants in the globe. Pizza Hut is very famous in the whole earth and owns almost 5,890 chains in the whole globe. It owns 6000 chains of it in the USA which shows the success and popularity of this restaurant. It has been working in more than 94 countries of the globe.

7. Burger King:

Top 10 Best Food Brands in the WorldBurger King is a very famous restaurant in the whole world and is working in almost all countries of the earth. It is an American restaurant. This famous restaurant has almost 13000 nutriment chains in more than 79 countries. It is involved in making of burgers, fries, and milkshakes, etc. It is famous in the globe and considered as the luxurious restaurant of the earth. It has now recently opened its branches in Asian countries like Pakistan & India which shows the popularity of this restaurant and its name in the globe as well.

6. McDonald`s:

List of Top 10 Best Brands in the WorldMcDonald`s is famous all over the world, and everyone in this world is well aware of its name. It is considered as the largest food chain in the globe which is serving almost 68 million people in the earth. It has more than 35000 restaurants in 119 countries of the globe. It has recently launched a barbecue restaurant by its name as well. It serves many products to their customers like Milkshakes, desserts, burgers, chicken, fries, etc. It is very successful, and the big fast nutriment chain is earning the profit of billions every year. It is considered the symbol of luxury.

5. Dairy Queen:

Top Five Best Food Brands in the WorldDairy Queen is also very famous food brand in the world. It is more known in the globe with DQ. It not only serves fast nourishment but some soft servings as well. This restaurant started to work in this field in 1940. It is a Canadian restaurant. It also serves desserts like ice cream and frozen desserts. It has almost 802 restaurants in the whole globe and is famous as well among the people.

4. Taco Bell:

Top 5 Best Food Brands in the WorldTaco Bell is very famous and delicious fast nutriment chain of the earth. It is a California based company. It serves mainly the fast nourishment products like nachos, burgers, tacos, etc. It has almost 6500 restaurants only in the whole USA. It is estimated by them that they serve 2 billion customers every year. Their franchises in the world are owned by them and some independent people as well. It is also earning a lot of revenues every year.

3. Subway:

Top Three Best Food Brands in the WorldSubway is an American fast food restaurant in the world. It mainly sells sandwiches and is famous with that. It is also one of the fastest growing franchises in the world. It has almost 43,035 in more than 108 countries of the world. It is considered as the largest fast food chain operator in the world. It is operating in many big countries like Amsterdam, Australia, New Zealand and many others.

2. Wendy`s:

Top 3 Best Food Brands in the WorldWendy`s is very famous fast food chain that is working in this field in 1969. It is considered as the 3rd largest fast food chain in the world which has almost 6650 restaurants in the world. Their 85% of all restaurants are franchised. It is also a very profitable restaurant of the world. It not only serves burgers but also fries sandwiches, drinks, and many other food items as well. It is very famous and loved by the people in the whole world.

1. KFC:

Best Food Brand in the WorldKFC is very famous fast food chain in the world. It is more specialized in fried chicken. It is considered as the 2nd largest fast food chain in the world. KFC has almost 18,875 chains in more than 118 countries of the world. It serves not only fried chicken but also burgers, sandwiches, salads and many other products as well. It is the most successful and famous restaurant in the world.

List of Best Food Brands in the World

Sr.No. Names Founders
1 KFC Colonel Sanders
2 Wendy`s John T. Schuessler/Dave Thomas
3 Subway Peter Buck/Fred DeLuca
4 Taco Bell Glen Bell
5 Dairy Queen John Fremont McCullough
6 McDonald`s Ray Kroc
7 Burger King David Edgerton/James McLamore
8 Pizza Hut Dan Carney/Frank Carney
9 Chick-Fil-A S. Truett Cathy
10 Arby`s Leroy Raffel/Forrest Raffel


We conclude that food is loved by everyone in this world. Food is the basic need, and now people want to try different kinds of foods. Most of the people now love to eat fast food rather than normal food. All these food brands are very famous in the world and are operating almost in the whole world. Their food is loved by the people and is famous among the people as well.

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