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Magazines’ topics are based on the different ways of life subjects and social issues. If we look at the latest study by the ABC, 400 million magazines are sold each year. The USA is making 10 billion in production. This examination unmistakably demonstrates that how magazines are prominent in the world.
In the present time of such a bustling life, individuals are less keen on political issues, and business arranged issues. Rather, they discover more simplicity and relaxation in different parts of routine life, for instance, design, style, patterns, and effects of celebrating. The news of way of life captures the enthusiasm of individuals in show times. There are magazines which have high cost and cover the most elite, sumptuous way of life news. That is the reason magazines are incorporated into our lives in this present age. The magazines are made diversely of life, broadcast, material/stories of various division’s, i.e. sound living, prattle, wellness, family and home extravagance and so forth.
In this article, we will review the most luxurious magazines in the world. These magazines are costly, luxurious and trend oriented. If you are searching for luxury stuff, i.e. expensive and luxurious restaurants, bedrooms, expensive watch brands, and luxurious cars, etc. these are the best magazines selection list to buy.
Most magazines are tough to find which we are going to discuss here. You will have to pay a high cost to get them. These magazines publish on particular issues every year. So if you people are interested in the magazines which are most luxurious and different, then you are in the right place.
Here we have a list of most luxurious lifestyle magazines in the worldwide.

10. Dolce Vita (price per issue: $38)

dolce vitaOn number 10 we have a Dolce Vita which price $38 per issue. This expensive and luxurious lifestyle magazine has been serving about 16 years. The honors of this magazine are brother and sister, namely Fernando and Michelle Zeirllo who were interested in the fields of jewelry, automotive, most recent trends in fashion, world class business, high merit stylish living. They are still passionate in their respective fields. This luxurious lifestyle magazine is a vital director of luxury lifestyle and has 29, 0000 original copies in this regard for their readers. So this super luxury magazine has all stuff which you want from a luxury magazine and journal.

9. Islands (price per issue: $39.60)

Island magazineWe have another magazine Island in this list at number 9. This magazine has a strong history and was started in 1981. This magazine dealt with main issue n of travel and is a quality magazine.You cannot take this as an ordinary one. This magazine costs $39.6o per issue and it issue 8 per year. This super luxurious lifestyle magazine covers the all aspects of the adventure.  This magazine of luxury is the true outcome of your dream and destination.  Another important feature of this luxurious lifestyle magazine is food, lifestyle, and art. This magazine is so popular among the people and the readership of this magazine is 30,000, which is very competitive for others. So this lifestyle magazine deserves to be a part of this list.

8. Yachts International (price per issue: $41.94)

yachts internationalThe name of this lifestyle magazine shows and depicts the material in this magazine, which is all about Yachts. This lifestyle magazine has a great attraction for Yachts’ holders. The features of this journal are based on interesting, informative articles about fascinating kinds of Yachts. This journal gives the detail information about the industry, design and news about best yachts. This luxurious magazine price is $41.94 per issue. This journal has served since 1997; you can take this magazine as a handbook of the yachting lifestyle. This journal tells you all about luxury life style in detail. Yachts International luxurious magazine issues 6 per year. This journal captures the attention of the lover of yachts. So this luxurious magazine is a treasure of information about yachts. That’s why it is on number8 in the world ranking list.

7. Plane and Pilot (price per issue: $43. 89)

plane and pilot magazineHere we have another luxurious magazine, Plane and Pilot, the name of this journal also shows the contents and subject of the journal. This journal describes the techniques of aircraft and useful tips for pilots. This luxurious magazine discusses weather changing during the flight. There is also about pilot report using tips which will be very useful for the pilots. The issue cost of this journal is $43.89 and 11 issues per year. This luxurious magazine considered the best of aviation and proficiency of aircraft. This is really one of the most luxurious magazines in the world.

6. Saveur (price per issue: $45)

Saveur magazineThe name of this journal is the true depiction of its subject. It is a very expensive and luxurious magazine about food in the world. The price of this journal is $45 per issues 9 issues per year. This expensive magazine provides the important features of the best foods in the world. This journal is designed for those people who want to know the world throughout the world. The subscription of this journal is about billion, which shows its popularity in the world. This luxurious magazine provides very interesting information about food to its readers. So this luxurious magazine is truly made for this ranking list.

5. Unique Homes (price per issue:$47.95)

unique homesAt number 5 we have another exciting, expensive magazine, Unique Homes. This magazine costs $47.94 per issue and 6 issues per year. This journal is luxurious guide for estate owners of the world level. This journal provides online reviews of world’s unique homes to their customers. This expensive magazine displays the lavish lifestyle and provides an opportunity for the people who are longing for this kind of stuff. This journal describes the luxury living style and new trends of luxurious adaptation. So this expensive magazine is the right selection for this list.

4. Upscale Living (price per issue: $50)

upscale living magazinesIn an upscale living journal you can find the new trends about luxury living, home décor, healthy living style, entertainment, travel spots and everything which you desire for luxury. The price of this magazine is $50 per issue and 6 issues per year. If you are the lover of art and entertainment then you are on the right spot. This luxurious magazine provides all the luster of fun and pleasure of luxurious living. The features of this magazine are best in the world level. This periodical gives best information and news about the automobile. So the choice of this super luxurious journal from this list is very correct and accurate. There are certain reasons of the popularity of this luxurious journal that make this magazine unique and most readable journal in the world.

3. Architectural Digest (price per issue:$71. 40)

Architectural Digest sOur next selection is another luxurious journal that is Architectural Designs, is a true depiction of its name. This magazine provides very useful information about architecture. This is a monthly journal which is very helpful in architecture methods that’s why this magazine is in the top 3 three in the world ranking. In this journal you may find the world’s finest photography about architecture and splendid beautiful homes. This journal has an old history from 1920 and strong position on others. The price of this magazine is $71.40 and carries billions of subscribers. The selection of this journal from this list is quite right. This luxurious journal is a well-recognized and famous throughout the world.

2. Super Motors (price per: $102)

super motors magazineNow we have another most expensive and obviously most luxurious journal name Super Motors.  The cost of this magazine is $102 and this is so high cost than others, 6 issues per year. This is a large amount for any publication. So no doubt it’s a more expensive and luxurious journal in the world. This journal covers the luxurious motors cars and motorcycles which are very expensive too. This super luxurious journal introduces the new and latest models of cars and bikes.  This journal contains all the news of strong and new luxurious models of cars and bikes. This luxurious journal tells the fastest motors throughout the world. So the choice of this lifestyle magazine in this context of ranking is very true. This lifestyle magazine should be at this number in the ranking list.

1. Robb Report (price per: $108.88)

robbreport magazineOur last lifestyle magazine, which is on number 1 is the most expensive and luxurious journal. There are two reasons that’s why this magazine is at the top of this list. One is its too much costly price and the second is its grates luxurious living reporting in a beautiful style. You can never get another journal like Robb Report. It describes the luxurious lifestyle, jewelry, yachts, automobile, travel target, beautiful boats in an exclusive way. Although this is very expensive and luxurious magazine in the world, but it has billions of subscribers even at this high rate. So it is very good and true choice in this regard.

Top Ten Luxurious Magazines at a Glance

Rank Name Price per issue
1. Robb Report $108.88
2. Super Motors $102
3. Architectural Digest $71.40
4. Upscale Living $50
5. Unique Homes $47.95
6. Saveur $45
7. Plane and Pilot $43.89
8. Yachts International $41.94
9. Islands $39.60
10. Dolce Vita $38
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