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This article is written especially for the parents and for the cute baby girls who are interested in dollhouses. This article has the list of world’s top 10 most expensive dollhouses and their price as well. As we know that girls love dolls and their interests are almost same so, every girl loves dolls and also want dollhouse to play. In fact, every girl has a dream of having a dollhouse to play with. As we know that the technology has put its effect on almost every field of the life, so the toys, coming for the kids to play are also based on very advanced technology and are too much expensive. But girls still want to play with dollhouses instead of these highly sophisticated and expensive toys. Dollhouses are made of different precious material which can be further decorated to make it more beautiful, attractive and more expensive. This article is going to let you know about the top 10 most expensive dollhouses of the world.

10. Sara Rothe Dollhouse:

Top Ten Most Expensive Dollhouses in the WorldIt is a Dutch doll house which is now displayed in Netherlands, and Sara Rothe was its owner in about 18th century. It has a cabinet door and windows which are decorated very well. Its dining room has all cutlery used in real house with plates which are in pure silver. It also has a library in it which is full of books and is mini-sized books but look very real. On the walls of this dollhouse, there are paintings and wall hangings by real artists. It is very large house which has 12 rooms in it and is now displayed in the museum of Netherlands. Its price is $12,000.

9. Petronella Oortman`s Dollhouse:

Top 10 Most Expensive Dollhouses in the WorldThis expensive dollhouse was made in 1686. It was made for Petronella as a gift. It is a complete look like a real house, and it has glassblowers, baskets, nursery room, etc. It was furnished by real artists. It has very beautiful handmade paintings on its ceiling which looks very beautiful and further enhanced its beauty. It also has a nursery in it which there are beautiful golden frame, baby chair, and much other equipment. It also has some beautiful paintings which are made by famous artists of the world. Its price is Rs 18,000.

8. The 16th century Dollhouse:

World Top 10 Most Expensive DollhousesIt was made by husband & wife who were famous because of their architecture and was made after 25 years experience in this field. They are famous for creating historical building as a miniature and beautiful European castles. This couple visited many countries to explore different countries and make something new. They made a beautiful dollhouse in 2009, and its value was about $70,000. This beautiful dollhouse was made as a result of about 10,000 hours and is very beautiful. It also has beautiful crystal chandelier which is very expensive. It is much equipped with expensive material and furnished with it as well. Their rooms are inspired by different places the couple visited and many other things.

7. Japanese Dollhouse:

Top Ten Most Expensive DollhousesThis beautiful Japanese dollhouse was purchased by the daughter of a richest businessman of America in 1900 and for almost $80,000. The maker of this beautiful dollhouse has to take permission from the Japanese government for making it like their historical buildings. He made not only a dollhouse but also temples and shops as well. It was made according to the demands of its buyer and has many features according to her.

6. English Gothic House:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Dollhouses in the WorldThis beautiful and very different dollhouse was made by a 69 years old artist in 1994. He has his construction company from which he generated the idea for its creation. This beautiful house was sold for almost $82,000 and was purchased by a Canadian person. It was a big house which has 23 rooms in it. It also has many things like library and dining room as well. The maker tells he faced many problems in making of this beautiful house. It is very beautiful and luxurious dollhouse.

5. Titania`s Palace:

Top Five Most Expensive Dollhouses in the WorldIt was very beautiful and big dollhouse which was purchased by a citizen of Denmark in 1978. At that time, it was considered as the most expensive toy in the world. It took about 15 years to complete this beautiful dollhouse. It was made by an English artist. It looks like a fairy tale house. It has about 18 rooms in it. It is now located in Castle of Denmark. It was sold for a high price tag of $256,500.

4. Chicago`s Fairy Castle:

World Top 10 Most Expensis DollhousesThis beautiful luxurious dollhouse was made by an American Actress Colleen Moore. It took almost seven years to complete this beautiful house. It has about 12 rooms and looks like a fairy tale. It also has a drawing room, library, princess room, prince room and a magic garden as well. It also has 500 years old gems in it which make it more precious. It has chandeliers made up of diamonds and gold. It is now located at the Museum of Chicago. Its value is about $500,000.

3. Stettheimer`s Dollhouse:

Top Three Most Expensive Dollhouses in the WorldStettheimer sisters were considered as the richest women in 1900. This beautiful dollhouse was made for them in the time duration of 25 years. It was a complete house like a real one and which has small copies of all real things like paintings, decoration pieces, etc. It also has a beautiful staircase and many other different things. It is now located in Museum of New York. Its value was almost $1 million.

2. The Astolat Dollhouse:

World Top Three Most Expensive DollhousesThis dollhouse was made by very famous artist in about 1974 to 1987. It is full of luxurious things in it which has almost 100,000 hands crafted paintings in it. It is full of beautiful looks as it has mirrors, paintings, wooden floor, marble bathrooms and gold chandeliers as well. The most amazing thing about this house is its lighting system which makes it more amazing. This beautiful house is now located in the Museum of New York. Its value is almost $1.1 million.

1. Queen Mary`s Dollhouse:

Most Expensive Dollhouse in the WorldIt is very beautiful, most expensive and luxurious house plan for dolls, ever made in the world. It was made by about 1500 workers and was made to gift to Queen Mary. Many things in this house are by original companies but in a small form like toilets and many other things. It also has a dining room, kitchen and also cars in it like Rolls Royce and many other expensive things as well. It is very beautiful and large house which has many floors in it. It has no value it is priceless and most amazing dollhouse in the world.

Most Expensive Dollhouses in the World

Sr.No. Names Cost
1 Queen Mary`s Dollhouse $7 Million
2 The Astolat Dollhouse $1.1 Million
3 Stettheimer`s Dollhouse $1 Million
4 Chicago Fairy Castle $500,000
5 Titania`s Palace $256,500
6 English Gothic House $82,000
7 Japanese Dollhouse $80,000
8 The 16th Century Dollhouse $70,000
9 Petronella Oortman`s Dollhouse $18,000
10 Sara Rothe Dollhouse $12,000
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