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Top 10 Celebrities Who are Aged as you Think

Top 10 Celebrities Who are Aged as you Think

Everyone loves to have some entertainment in their life by watching movies or listening songs etc. There are different film industries which are making movies for the entertainment of people. There are almost Thousands of celebrities in the world and their millions of fans all around the globe as well of their work and their personalities. Celebrities are very fit and beautiful, and their fans always love to read more and more about them. Their real age is not depicted by their looks because they are very fit and attractive to do their work and look glamorous in their movies. But some celebrities are much younger than the people judge about their age which includes Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, etc. Some people face premature aging in their look which is also very beautiful, but most of the celebrities have preserved that and look much younger than their age. Celebrities are fit because they eat balanced food, exercise a lot and have much money to spend on them to look good.
The following are top 10 well known celebrities who are younger than their actual age in the whole world:

10. Salma Hayek:

List of Top Ten Celebrities Who are Aged as you ThinkSalma Hayek is a celebrity of the world because of her attractive look and dark haired which also lists her as one of the sexy celebrity of the world. She has crossed the 4 decades of her life and now going to finish the 5th one as well as she was born in 1966, and her age will be 50 in 2016. She has a great body, beautiful hair and also very attractive skin which has made her included in this list, she has many fans in the world.

9. Alex Trebak:

Top Ten Celebrities Who are Aged as you ThinkAlex Trebak has been the best host from 1984 as he was in mod forties at that time. But still he is very graceful and has his full hair. Most of the people will not believe that he is 75 years old but does not look like with his looks. He has entertained the audience for a large period of time and young viewers as well. He was a perfect role model for the people starting hosting career as he was perfect in that.

8. Jane Fonda:

 Top Ten CelebritiesJane Fonda is considered as the women of steel because of her work. She was famous in 1980 by her DVD for the coaching of women and men. She was also one of the most controversial ladies because of her some anti-war proponents. Her exact age of 78 years old and she does not look like that old because she is fit. She has many wrinkles when she is not wearing any makeup which is part of her age. She looks much healthier than other ladies of her age in the world.

7. Avril Lavigne:

Top 10 Celebrities Who are Aged as you ThinkAvril Lavigne is considered as the most beautiful and fresh beauty of pop music in 2002. She has very beautiful skin, blonde hair and perfect blue eyes. She looks much younger than her age but most of the people will be shocked to know that her exact age is 31. Most of the people considered that 31 is a big number but she has proved it wrong. She has won the heart of large number of people by her looks and amazing voice as well.

6. M.I.A:

List of Top 10 Celebrities Who are Aged as you ThinkM.I.A is the celebrity which has been using her personality and looks to attract the people and show her presence. It is said that her appearance speak a lot about her. Her age is 40 which is just a number as she does not look like a lady of 40 years old. The main provider of her looks is that she does not smoke and is conscious about her fitness. She is known for her style statement which always attracts people to adopt them and follow them. She is the perfect blend of style and beauty.

5. Sandra Bullock:

Top Five Celebrities Who are Aged as you ThinkHere comes one of the most beautiful celebrities of the world named Sandra Bullock. She has played beautiful role of beauty pageant even after 16 years of her release of Miss Congeniality for which she has also won Academy Award. Her exact age is 51 years which is not depicted in her looks. She was also named as the most beautiful woman by the People Magazine. She has perfect look with grace and is altogether a perfect beauty in the world.

4. Dylan McDermott:

Top 5 Celebrities Who are Aged as you ThinkDylan McDermott is the celebrity who was also included in the list of Hollywood`s most handsome men`s because of his looks. He was very fit according to his age as his exact age is almost 54 years only. He was listed with other men with the maximum age of 35 only because of his looks and attractive personality. He is famous as gay which is a single trait of this person and for which his personality cannot be avoided.

3. Jared Leto:

Top Three Celebrities Who are Aged as you ThinkJared Leto is the celebrity who got much fame because of his soap called my so-called life. He was basically an AIDS patient in that movie with Taylor Swift and it is difficult to believe that his age is 44 now. He is very mature person who is known for his strong Hollywood roles performed in different movies. He has his own style statement with long hair and most attractive feature of this celebrity is his eyes. He looks quite young but does not look like of a person who is 44 years old.

2. Ariana Grande:

Top 3 Celebrities Who are Aged as you ThinkAriana Grande is the celebrity who looks like only 15 years old by her looks, but her real age is 22, but she has a baby face, so it is difficult to believe for most of the people. She is very pretty, thin and adorable. She has her style of a school girl which makes to believe the people that she is in teens. She has extended her career with her skills and performances and is expected to believe a big celebrity like Sandra Bullock in future which will be beneficial for her strong career.

1. Jason Earles:

Top Celebrity Who are Aged as you ThinkJason Earles is the person who has played the goofy`s brother in Hannah Montana. His actual age is 38 and is going to be 40 soon which are unbelievable for all the readers. He is much known for his acting skills and strong performances which have given him much success and fame in very young age. He dresses up like a young high school boy who has created his image of a young boy.

Celebrities Who are Aged as you Think – Top Ten List

Sr.No. Names Height
1 Jason Earles 1.65 (M)
2 Ariana Grande 1.53 (M)
3 Jared Leto 175 (CM)
4 Dylan McDermott 1.83 (M)
5 Sandra Bullock 1.71 (M)
6 M.I.A 1.65 (M)
7 Avril Lavigne 1.55 (M)
8 Jane Fonda 1.73 (M)
9 Alex Trebek 1.73 (M)
10 Salma Hayek 1.57 (M)


Celebrities are very attractive and much known for their style statements in the world which have given them millions of fans all around the world by their strong performances. All these celebrities explained above looks much younger than their age because they look fit and beautiful which made them look young.