Most Expensive Clothing Brands

Clothes are worn by everyone in the world, but the forms of clothes are different which includes cultural, western, etc. Almost everyone is conscious of their look and wanted to wear best and stylish clothes according to latest trends to look attractive. There are many brands in the world which are making clothes for people and are expensive as well which are not affordable for everyone in the world. It is said that to dress up in an elegant and beautiful way is the right and the main concern of everyone. Everyone is willing to spend a large amount of money to grab best and different clothes to look unique than others. All these famous brands have outlet in different countries to make them available for the people. Their best and latest clothes are first worn by famous celebrities and personalities to make them known among the people. These brands not only provide clothes but also different matching accessories with them as well like shoes, bags and jewelry as well to complete the whole look.
The following are 10 top rated clothing brands available in the market to get perfect look:

10. Valentino:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the WorldValentino is the brand which has gained much fame and success among the people in some recent year. It is the brand which is known for its fashionable and unique designs which make almost all ladies fall in love with them. They have outlets in different countries to treat all fashion lovers of the world. The best and specialized range of this brand is their evening wear to provide you the perfect look for some special event. It provides clothes from rich class to the bold designs to make them available for the people with different choices.

9. Versace:

Top Ten Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the WorldVersace is basically in Italian brand which produces clothes equally stylish both for women and men as well. It is the best brand for all the fashion lovers but is quite expensive due to their perfect quality. It has introduced clothes for almost all types of events leaving no space in the market for the competitors. Some big fashion designers consider it only a seasonal brand but, they don’t admit it. It is much known for providing luxurious clothing to the people and continuously expanding their clothing range according to the fashion and taste of the people.

8. Guess:

Top Ten Expensive Clothing Brands in the WorldGuess is the world famous brand and everyone in the world is well aware of its name because of its quality products. Guess is basically an American brand and mostly known for its stylish denim jeans. This produces special items by targeting young generation as young generation is conscious of their style. All young fashion lovers in the world love their jeans and t-shirts mainly which are very cool and casual as well.

7. Dior:

Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the WorldDior is the brand which is considered as the most luxurious and sophisticated brand which is very modern and elegant in their design. The products of this brand are of best quality which is considered as status symbol in the society. But it is one of the most expensive brands in the world. It not only produces clothes but also sun glasses, bags, perfumes and bags as well. Its products are available almost in all countries of the world which is much appreciated by the buyers as well.

6. Marc Jacobs:

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the WorldMarc Jacobs is the brand which introduces many seasonal variations in their products which enhance their sale in the market and made them more successful. It is commonly known as the fashionable clothing brand from long time. It has recently introduced products in some other fields like shoes and handbags matching with their outfits. The best and main advantage of this brand is their high sales and earning profit from their clothing.

5. Armani:

Top Five Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the WorldArmani is one of the most expensive brands in the world which is famous all around the globe. In the world, there are very less brands which are offering very large range of products for their customers and Armani is the brand which offers a huge range of clothes. It is very old name in the field of t-shirts and jeans mainly. They have recently launched kid’s collection to target those people as well. Their clothes are designed by the best designers to provide best ones for their customers worldwide.

4. Dolce & Gabbana:

Top 5 Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the WorldDolce & Gabbana is the brand which is more famous in the world with the name D&G. It is world famous brand and most desirable among the people. D&G is the brand which works on the pattern of Italian culture. They offer products both for women and men as well. The quality and print of their clothes does not match with any other brand as it is exceptional. It was named as the most expensive clothing label in the world in 2013.

3. Prada:

Top Three Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the WorldPrada is the brand which is known for changing the style of people and the best choice they ever made while purchasing. It is also an Italian brand which offers trendy clothes especially for the young generation. They have outlets in almost all countries of the world and are included in the top brands from long time. Their clothes are comfortable, simple and unique as well. It has most reputable name in the market.

2. Chanel:

Top 3 Most Expensive Clothing Brands in the WorldChanel is the brand which has huge demand in the world because of their fashionable clothing line. They offer big variety of clothes which are very stylish and available in different price ranges. They have their own style and maintained it throughout the existence of this brand in the market. They also offer shades, beauty products, skin care product and bags etc. It is most popular fashion brand in the market especially for the young fashion lovers.

1. Gucci:

Most Expensive Clothing Brand in the WorldGucci is the most expensive brand in the world which is an Italian brand known for its quality products. They design products both for women and men. They produce not only clothes but also shoes, ties, bags and luggage bags as well. It is very stylish and luxurious fashion brand available in the market. It has many competitors in a market but still managed to get to the top because of their exceptional designs and styles according to the latest trends.

Most Expensive Clothing Brands – Top Rated

Sr.No. Names
1 Gucci
2 Chanel
3 Prada
4 Dolce & Gabbana
5 Armani
6 Marc Jacobs
7 Dior
8 Guess
9 Versace
10 Valentino


Fashion is described by the latest trends in the market and can be seen by the clothing line of different brands. As trends are changing among the people and people are getting more conscious about their clothes and wanted to look fashionable for which they are willing to spend more on clothes. All these brands are international brands which are operating worldwide to provide latest and fashionable clothes for the people but are very expensive not affordable for everyone.

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