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Gustav Klimt- Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer II

Here we will discuss top 10 most expensive artwork of all the time. We as a whole realize that everybody adores excellence and excellent artworks too. These works of art are a genuine approach to express the excellence and delineate a few circumstances exceptionally well. A few artistic creations look like certain events and resemble those photos are talking something. There are several craftsmen in this world, yet some of them are more expert and experienced in this field. Here will be mainly discussing top 10 most expensive artworks of the world. In the past, there is a minimal pattern of artwork and people were not prepared to buy expensive artistic creations. Now the patterns are changed, and people love to purchase expensive compositions from plainly understood artisans too by which they can also flaunt to others by hanging them in their homes for diversion and happiness. More often than not, the most expensive depictions are sold through closeout as these sorts of canvases are not sold on everyday occasions or shops. A few sketches are additionally incorporated into the rundown of Guinness World Record as most expensive painting like a painting of Mona Lisa was also recorded as Most Expensive Artwork of All Times on the planet. The expensive artworks are also protected with the goal that they can be recouped rather than any misfortune or burglary.
The following are top ten Most Expensive Artwork of All Times:

10. Silver Car Crash by Andy Warhol:

List of Top ten Most Expensie Artworks of all Times Andy Warhol is a very famous American artist. It was made in 1963 by him who depicts a story. In this painting, the whole story of a car was shown in which the body of the car was twisted and was in pure silver color. It was considered as the masterpiece because of its look. It was displayed for the public from last 26 years and was last painting of the painter that was left in private hands. This painting selling art was an auction in 2013 and was sold for almost $105.4 million, and the name of the buyer was never disclosed to the public it is still a secret.

9. Nude, Green Leaves & Bust by Pablo Picasso:

Top Ten Most Expensive Artwork of all TimesIt is very famous and beautiful painting by Pablo Picasso. It was made for the personal collection for arts council of Los Angeles and was there for almost 60 years. It is currently displayed on the Tate Modern of London with all other beautiful paintings. It is now open for public since 1961. It is a beautiful masterpiece made with different colors that made it more precious and expensive as well. It was made in about 1932. It was sold at an auction for almost $106.5 million and is the most expensive painting of Picasso ever sold.

8. Flag by Jasper Johns:

Top 10 Most Expensive Artwork of all TimesIt is very famous painting done by a well known American artist called Jasper Johns. He was an army officer and after retirement he made this beautiful painting. It was inspired by the US flag and was made in 1958. This artist was more experienced and famous for all flag paintings. It was later sold at an auction for a high price tag of almost $110 million and is now displayed at MoMA.

7. The Scream by Edvard Munch:

All Times Most Expensive ArtworkEdvard Munch is a very famous name in terms of paintings and artwork. His paintings are considered as the expressions speaking like real ones. It is very colorful art that is available in 4 major colors, and we can say 4 versions while the master piece of this art is only one which is still in private hands. It was also sold in an auction at a very high price of almost $119.9 million which is a huge amount to be spent on a single picture.

6. Gustav Klimt-Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I:

Top 10 Expensive Artwork of all TimesThis painting was sold by Maria Altmann but was made by Klimt, but he won this painting in court. This painting was left by the Adele in the art gallery of the state. It was very real painting and beautiful as well. Then it was taken to auction and was purchased there by Ronald Lauder for his gallery in New York at a very high price of almost $135,000,000.

5. Willem De Kooning-Woman III:

Top Five Most Expensive Artwork of all TimesIt is a painting abstract made by the famous artist Willem De Kooning. It is a series in which there are 6 paintings by him. The theme in whole series was a woman. It was made in 1953 with this different theme. It was then sold in 2003 to a billionaire called Steven A. Cohen for a high price tag of almost $137,500,000 which is very large amount and can be affordable for that billionaire only.

4. Jackson Pollock:

Top 5 Most Expensive Artwork of all TimesHe is very famous and successful painter of America. He is famous for all his abstract painting expressions. He has a different style of art that is called drip painting. It was claimed by the New York Times that this was sold to David Martinez but later he issued a press release that it was not purchased by him. So the owner of this art is still is a mystery, and no one knows where it is but it was sold for almost $140 million.

3. Three Studies of Lucian Freud by Francis Bacon:

Top Three Most Expensive Artwork of all TimesIt is very famous painting made by a British painter called Francis Bacon. It was made of the relationship between Freud & Bacon was at its apex. It is not considered as the most expensive painting but has a record in itself as well because of its artwork. It was sold at a very high price tag of almost $142.4 million which is a very high price for a single painting.

2. La Reve by Pablo Picasso:

Top 3 Most Expensive Artworkd of all TimesIt is the most successful and famous painting made by Picasso. It was made with some expressions like depicting a lovely girl sitting in a red chair with her closed eyes. It was made according to the thinking of the painter. It was estimated to be sold at an auction for almost $155 million but later the deal was canceled as the painting was then damaged by the painter that was a complete bad luck for him.

1. The Card Players by Paul Cezanne:

Most Expensive Artwork of all TimeIt is an oil painting in which two players are shown who is playing cards. It is a series of painting from which a single edition was purchased by the royal family of Qatar. The models of this painting were normal people who were busy in their game without paying attention to the surroundings but were looking at their cards. It is considered as the most expensive painting in the world, and its value was almost $250 million.

List of Most Expensive Artwork of All Times:

Sr.No. Names $ Dollar Cost
1 The Card Players by Paul Cezanne 250 Million
2 Le Reve (The Dream) By Pablo Picasso 155 Million
3 Three Studies of Lucian Freud by Francis Bacon 142.4 Million
4 Jackson Pollock-No.5 140 Million
5 Willem De Kooning- Woman III 137.7 Million
6 Gustav Klimt- Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer II 135 Million
7 The Scream by Edvard Munch 119.9 Million
8 Flag by Jasper Johns 110 Million
9 Nude, Green leaves and bust by Pablo Picasso 106.5 Million
10 Silver Car Crash by Andy Warhol 105.4 Million
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