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Today we will give you the List of Top Ten Most Expensive Cakes in the World as we all love treats. Everybody likes to have pastries after general suppers. More often than not, people cherish treats like Fruit Trifles, sweet pies, puddings and in particular cakes with various advancements. Separated birthday gatherings and weddings cake plans are loved by people in the schedule. There are tasty mouth-watering sorts of wedding cake outlines. The cakes adored by kids are chocolate cakes. In any case, there are tremendous assortments of cakes like pineapple, dark timberland, and cherry delicious cake. There are a great many various types of cake improving thoughts. In this article, we are not going to reveal to you regular sorts of cakes. We will talk about the most expensive birthday cakes in the world. These cakes are expensive past the cost of the cakes we eat. So if you are not ready to purchase these cakes, but rather it is intriguing to think about these cakes.
Here we go into details

10. Ten Tier Vanilla Buttercream Cake:

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Cakes in the WorldThis was first manufactured in 2000. It was made for the wedding ceremony of Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas. Their marriage ceremony took place in New York City in Plaza Hotel. Placed in the center of the stage. The cake ten tired. It was made up of vanilla and butter cream. The manufacturer of a sweet was Sylvia Weinstock. They have also made the largest cake of Leonard da Vinci. The height of this product was that much that it was not fit according to the walls of the room. Last two tires of the sweet had been removed. That’s how the cake managed to fetch in the ballroom.  The height of dessert was six feet. There were thousands of sugar flowers that were used in the decoration of this sweet.

9. Chelsea Clinton wedding cake:

Top Ten Most Expensive Cakes in the WorldIt was wedding cake of Chelsea Clinton and Marc Mezvinsky. The details of this sweet was kept in secret. But after the wedding ceremony they revealed the details of this most expensive product. The designers and manufacturers of this product were La Tulip Desserts. They secretly made this wedding cake ideas. This dessert was dream wedding cake of Chelsea Clinton. They made it with gluten free flour. It was vanilla sponge cake. There were folds of dark chocolate mousses. The height of a product was 4 feet. There were nine tires of cake made up of vanilla fondant. There was a decoration of many roses, lilies, and cherries on tires. Can you guess the number of flowers and weight of the cake? Ok, we will tell you. There about 1000 flowers on a dessert. The weight was 500 pounds.

8. Kim Kardashian wedding cake:

Top 10 Expensive Cakes in the WorldThis wedding cake was made for the wedding of Kim Kardashian. She got married to the star of NBA Kris Humphries. The wedding cake was brilliant looking one has to say that dessert was as glamorous as the star is. It was eight foot tall. The creator of the sweet was Patrick Hanson. The weight of a product was 600 pounds. It was chocolate chip marble dessert. It was frosted with buttercream. You can be impressed easily by the height of the sweet. But colors of the product was not so good. There was an alteration of colors between the tiers. So this alteration gave the modern look. It was difficult to cut the layers of a product. So the cake was served to guests after difficult task of cutting.

7. Swarovski Crystal Cake:

World Top Ten Most Expensive CakesIf you want to make a cake more presentable, then you should add Swarovski crystals to it. These crystals can make a product wonderful. Ron Ben Israel the most famous designer of the cakes. He made this sweet for the wedding ceremony. But the special dessert that he made was for sex city New York. More than 4000 Swarovski crystals was given to him. Ron Ben and his team decorated the product with these crystals. The crystals were hanging up and bottom of the sweet. These crystals made it amazing. You can stop yourself from saying “wow” after watching this sweet. It was purely made up of vanilla and white cloud. It was divided into five tires, and crystals were hung. The height of product was 6 feet and 4 inches. It was distributed to more 485 guests. It was made in 450 hours.

6. Royal Style cake:

Top 10 Most Expensive Cakes in the WorldThe cake made at the wedding ceremony of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. The cake of grand royal wedding. The wedding that was held in St. Paul Cathedral London in England. In 1981 the year of wedding in which it was made. It was designed by David Avery of the Royal Naval Cookery School. The height of the product was five feet. It was decorated with rose’s lilies and orchids. Although the product was huge there many other, that were made for the wedding. There were 27 small cakes that were made and served to the guests.

5. Twelve Tiered cake:

Top Five Most Expensive Cakes in the WorldThe amount is an approximation. It was such an expensive product also made on a wedding. The wedding was Liza Minnelli and David Gest. An amazing wedding ceremony that ever took place. In this wedding, Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson were also present. In my perception, this wedding should have the position one. The product that were made for the wedding were 12 tired.  It was decorated with black, white and red accents. There were beautiful strips along with every tire of the sweet. You can also see the red and purple flowers on the product. The appearance of the dessert was excellent and worth watching.

4. Royal Wedding Cake:

Top 5 Most Expensive Cakes in the WorldYes, another royal wedding. This wedding was the son of Princess Diana. The amazing royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The event was watched by the entire world. The designer was Fiona Caims. It was gradually transported from bakery to royal place. It was eight tiered cake. It was artistically manufactured. It indeed the masterpiece of the designer. It was purely white and covers with cream. The white icing made this product adorable. It was covered with various 17 kinds of flowers. This flower decoration was stunning to look. All flowers were sugar pasted and edible. The flowers were representatives of different countries.

3. Luster Dust Cake:

Top Three Most Expensive Cakes in the WorldYes, a huge amount needed to buy this sweet. It was made for Dallas Bridal Fair. This was first time when a cake was displayed. It was made up of ivory fondant. There were curvy lines of silver dust on it. The weight of this dessert was 160 pounds. It was decorated with strings of diamonds. These diamonds made this so precious and expensive. The layers of diamonds were placed on every tire. There were large diamonds and sapphires’ were also included. The total number of diamonds that were used was 12,00. Total 320 people enjoyed this dessert. Guess what is the price of one slice of the sweet? It was 3125 dollars.

2. Luxury Bridal show cake:

Top 3 Expensive Cakes in the WorldThe cake was placed on the bridal show in California. This place is for placing the most expensive cakes. It was made in 2006. The designer of the product was Nahid Parsa. It was covered with thick frosty cream on the top. The lower part was covered by the thick ivory fondant. In the middle, there are various flowers in order to decorate the dessert. The base part of this expensive product was covered with gold flakes. Theses gold flakes added glimmer to the product. But why this product was million dollar? It was because of precious diamonds that were placed top to bottom on the sweet. These diamonds were supplied by Jewelers of Beverly. In a first look, you would find this sweet amazing. But how does it taste like? The answer of this is still a mystery. The guests of Beverly had never tasted it. It was surrounded by six armed guards.

1. National Day Wedding Show cake:

Most Expensive Cake in the WorldIt was created in England in a bakery named Chester. It is world’s most expensive cake. It was made for the wedding. It was displayed in National Gay Show. The ceremony was held in Liverpool in March 2013. The consisted of eight tires. The icing on the cake was thoroughly white. In order to add glimmer, the product was decorated with 4000 diamonds. The diamonds were given by the jewelers of the Liverpool.

List of Most Expensive Cakes in the World:

Sr.No. Names Dollar Price
1 National Day Wedding Show $52.7 Million
2 Luxury Bridal show $20 Million
3 Luster Dust $1.3 Million
4 Royal Wedding $80,000
5 Twelve Tiered $40,000
6 Royal Style $40,000
7 Swarovski Crystal $32,000
8 Kim Kardashian wedding $20,000
9 Chelsea Clinton wedding $11,000
10 Ten Tier Vanilla Butter Cream $7000
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