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Today, we will talk about the most expensive bracelets in the world alongside their prices. Young ladies love to wear rare gems. They are partial to wearing one of a kind and up-to-date gems. Numerous things are checked in gems. Armlets, rings, and accessories are worn as gems. Young ladies dependably stay looking for more lovely jewels. For this, they even prepared to pay much cash. Among different sorts of jewels, form wristbands are usually preferred by all young ladies. Kinship wrist trinkets are likewise well known among ladies. These armlets add magnificence to their hands. These armlets have unique pearls in it. These are precious stone armlets. These have world expensive precious stones in it. This article will reveal to you the quality and cost of most expensive wrist trinkets of the world. These most expensive chains and bangles are uncommon and exorbitant. Wealthy women buy These expensive bracelets. They buy these wristbands as a grown-up toy. They buy these expensive bracelets to include more extravagance in their lives. They have high class and lavish way of life. Thus, to modify in this way of life, they stay looking for purchasing increasingly unique and expensive bracelets. Here is the rundown of best ten most expensive bracelets. These wrist trinkets are for the most part sold in legitimate closeouts.
Following are the most expensive bracelets in the world:

10. Diamond 18k White Gold Bracelet:

List of top ten most expensive bracelets in the worldIts sale price is $1, 35,811. It is made of 100% pure and natural diamonds. It is bangle shaped bracelet. Its diamonds are weighted for 38.60 carats. It has 18k white gold in it. Firenze Jewellers are ready to sale it. If you are interested in purchasing this bracelet, then you can also buy through Amazon.com. It is available to be sold through the online channel. It is the world 10th expensive bracelet.

09. Diamond Bracelet by Van Cleef & Arpels:

Most expensive bracelets in the worldThis diamond bracelet is designed by Cleef & Arpels. It includes rare and expensive diamonds in it. It also includes French assay marked for gold. It has added value to this bracelets. It is 19 cm long. This bracelet has been signed by the Gerard. This bracelet was sold in an auction for $1,467,466 along with a necklace, ring and earrings.

08. Natural pearl and diamond Parure by Gerard:

Top ten most expensive bracelets brands in the worldThis Parure includes a necklace, earrings, armlets and rings. It was sold for $1,467,666. This armlet has a beautiful and rare button shaped pearl at the centre of it. It weight is 50.56 carats. It has six rows of natural pearls at the both side of central pearl. This bracelet is 18 cm long. It has natural pearls in it this is the reason of its high cost. It has total 134 pearls in it. It is a highly brilliant cut bracelet.

07. Rare 18th Century Diamond Golden Fleece Bracelet:

Ranking of most expensive bracelets brandsThis bracelet was sold in an auction in King’s Street 2001. It was made in 1770. It is made on the style of neck badge of Australian royal army. It has four diamond rows in it. Its price is $168,858. It has oval shaped diamonds in it. It looks so elegant. It is known as historical and ancient armlet. It is a rare bracelet that also has gold and silver in it. It was sold in Christie’s auction. It is famous and expensive for its rare features. Australian army neck badge shape has made it more rare for people.

06. Pair of Diamond Bangles by JAR:

Ranking of world,s most expensive bracelets in the worldThis pair of bracelets has faint pink colours diamond in it. It was estimated to have cost of $500000. But luckily it was sold for $1,136,000. It was sold for more than the estimated cost. It has a cushion cut diamonds in it. It is made by JAR Paris. It is also mounted in platinum. JAR is a famous designer for jewellery. This brand has made world famous and expensive pieces of jewellery. It is famous for the rare work and designs.

05. Martin Katz Diamond Bracelets:

Ranking of top ten most expensive bracelets in the worldIt is made by Martin Katz. Oscar award ceremony is used to exhibit world’s expensive fashion trends. Celebrities on Oscar red carpet get attention of the whole world. Because in this ceremony many famous and rare pieces of jewellery has been shown. Like world’s most expensive shoes by designer are also first shown in Oscar. So, this armlet was also shown in Oscar. It was displayed in 80th annual academy awards fashion preview. Renowned designers like Oscar De La Renta and Kevan Hall has worked to showcase this armlet. Its price is above one million dollars. It has world’s rare diamonds in it.

04. Highly Important Diamond Bracelet by Gerard:

Most expensive bracelets brandsIt contains 29.01 carat diamonds. It has splendid diamonds in it. It looks very beautiful and eye catching. This bracelet has a big diamond rock at the center of the armlets. On both sides of this rock, there are two rows of diamonds. Once it had been in some royal house collection of jewels and watches. It was purchased by someone in 2006 at an auction. It was sold for $1513024. It strips are 17.5 cm long. This bracelet has used French gold in it. It was sold in Geneva. It is among the world most expensive bracelets.

03. Emerald Bracelet:

Top 5 most expensive bracelets in the worldIt is the part of Bvlgari Emerald suite. It is made of beautiful emerald and diamonds. It is an amazing mixture of emerald and diamonds. It has caught the attraction of many. It is now in the possession of Taylor. It was sold for $24,799,000 along with necklace, ring, brooch and earrings. Price of this emerald and diamond armlet is $4,002,500. It is very beautiful and elegant bracelet. It is one of the expensive bracelets in the world. Perhaps it is the most beautiful bracelet in this list of the world most expensive bracelets.

02. Wallis Simpson Onyx and diamond panther bracelet:

Top 10 most expensive bracelets brandsThis is historically important bracelet. It is in the shape of Panther. This bracelet has some memorable memories attached with it. It is said that King Edward VIII gave this panther bracelet to the Wallis Simpson at his marriage ceremony. He had to quit his throne to marry with this lay. And after then he gave her the world most expensive bracelet as the wedding gift. It was also sold in an auction for above 12.5 million dollars. It was sold in 2010. This rare and amazing bracelet reminds the world with the love story of a king.

1. Gulf Pearl Parure Bracelet:

List of top ten most expensive bracelets in the worldIt is the most expensive bracelet in the world. It was sold the combine with other jewellery. This gulf Pearl Parure includes a ring, earrings, bracelet and necklace. Combine it was sold for above 31 million dollars. It is difficult to find out the exact cost of a single bracelet. But it is included among world’s most expensive pearl bracelets. It has total 24 diamonds in it. 12 brilliant cut diamonds and other 12 are marquise cut diamonds are in it. It also has  spherical, and pear-shaped pearls at its edges. It was sold in Royal House Sale. It was sold in 2006. It is 19.5 cm long.

List Of Most Expensive Bracelets In The World with Price:

Sr No. Name Approximate Price
1  Gulf Pearl Parure Bracelet $31 million
2 Waliis Simpson Onyx and diamond panther bracelet $12.5 million
3 Emerald Bracelet $4,002,500
4 Highly Important Diamond Bracelet by Gerard $1513024
5 Martin Katz Diamond Bracelets $1 million
6 Pair of Diamond Bangles by JAR $1,136,000
7 Rare 18th Century Diamond Golden Fleece Bracelet $168,858
8 Natural pearl and diamond Parure by Gerard $1,467,666
9 Diamond Bracelet by Van Cleef & Arpels $1,467,466
10  Diamond 18k white Gold bracelet $1, 35,811
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