Different Types Of Ear Piercings

Now a days people are conscious about their style statement and wanted to look perfect in every style. There are different accessories which are used by the people to complete their whole look of the individual. Pendants are respected as one of the essential accessories to be combined with the clothes and are available in different designs. With the passage of time, trends and styles in earrings are also changed, and people are adopting them quickly to look stylish.

Ear Piercing is the very common thing which is taken by almost every lady as their lifestyle, and now men are also taking them to have a cool look. Individuals Ear Piercing is becoming different and unique to the people, and people are taking them to attract others towards them. People can select the ear piercing according to their personality and also their choice.
Here are the following 10 top rated ear piercings that are loved by the people of the world, which are as follow:

10. Tragus Piercing:

Different Types Of Ear Piercings That You LoveTragus Piercing is named as one of the least popular piercings in the whole world because of a vast number of infections related to it and also the irritations occurred due to it. The outer portion of the ear which goes towards the inner side of the face is pierced to get this look. It is mostly equipped with different precious gems to make the look beautiful and stunning which looks classy but is not common among the people.

9. Rook Piercing:

Types Of Ear Piercings That You Love EverRook Piercing is considered as very industrial piercing because it needs proper care and attention during it. It can be done in two different cartilages and mostly on the upper inner ear. It is said to cause much pain because it is pierced on the inflamed area of the ear. It can be enhanced with the beautiful stud in it which can complete the look of it and makes the pain worth it to get the stylish look.

8. Snug Piercing:

Different Types Of Ear Piercings That You LoveSnug Piercing is a type of piercing which is mostly adjacent and is done on the spiritual counterpart of the ear. It is mostly called as the anti-helix piercing. It is done on the cartilages which are not much deep. The suitable earring for this type of piercing is mostly the ring or the dangling ball earring in it which looks super stylish and completes the whole look of it.

7. Orbital Piercing:

Types Of Ear Piercings That You Love Highly RatedOrbital Piercing is named as the industrial piercing because the piece of jewelry wire in it is not connected with the holes did for it. In this type of piercing, mostly the heart shape and the circular ring is used to enhance its look and make it look beautiful. It can provide an incredible and beautiful look to the overall look of the person and can be combined with many latest types of earrings to make it more attractive.

6. Anti-Tragus Piercing:

Types Of Ear Piercings That You Love Ever Highly RatedAnti-Tragus Piercing is considered as the neighbor of the helix. It is said to be done in the similar way of Tragus and looks like that. Anti-Tragus Piercing is considered as effective because it does not occur any irritation and stretching which is the right thing. It is mostly enhanced with the stylish ring which can complete its look and does not make it more over. It is entirely a different type of piercing which is not common among the people but gaining popularity due to its stylish look.

5. Daith Piercing:

Top Types Of Ear Piercings That You Love EverDaith Piercing is considered as a horrible one for most of the people because it is the very painful procedure. It is mostly similar to the tragus one because of its position but looks cool. It is done with many complications and causes much irritation due to its which discourages people towards it. It is mostly enhanced with the heart shaped or round earrings to complete its look and make it look attractive.

4. Graduate Lobe Piercing:

Top Types Of Ear Piercings That You Love Highly RatedGraduate Lobe Piercing is an amazing one which can be adopted for the same style of earrings and the design of different sizes. It is mostly combined with the combination of different piercing and interval is done between each one. It is widely enhanced with the sparkling gems to make it look attractive. It is named as the center of attraction and gains the attention of people and versatile one.

3. Transverse Lobe Piercing:

Top Types Of Ear Piercings That You Love Ever

Transverse Lobe Piercing is the one which is done with the barbell. It is done in the horizontal position and is enhanced with the piece of jewelry and is mostly eye-catching for the people. It provides the full opportunity of choosing the right and desired direction for it. It heals quickly and done without much pain in it. But it needs proper cleaning with the saline solution to keep it in the exact position and without any infection.

2. Forward Helix Piercing:

Top Types Of Ear Piercings That You Love Ever Highly RatedForward Helix Piercing is another similar type of piercing which is done on the graduate lobe. In this piercing, the ear is pierced in three different places with equal intervals and is then enhanced with the studs to look perfect and attractive. It is considered as very painful one and takes much time for healing and to get back to normal one. Its healing can be done with the help of saline fermentation and making it heal and is considered as quite an effective one.

1. Ear Weaving Piercing:

Types Of Ear Piercings That You LoveEar Weaving piercing is the one which is done in the top spot of the ear and is mostly connected through the single piece of jewelry mostly individuals. It is considered as highly attractive for the people, and people are adopting it in large number because of the pain occurred due to it, but the pain is totally worth it because of the strange look provided by it. Few people are adopting separate rings for it.

Types Of Ear Piercings That You Love-Top Rated

Sr. No. Name
1 Ear Weaving Piercing
2 Forward Helix Piercing
3 Transverse Lobe Piercing
4 Graduate Lobe Piercing
5 Daith Piercing
6 Anti-Tragus Piercing
7 Orbital Piercing
8 Snug Piercing
9 Rook Piercing
10 Tragus Piercing
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