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List of Top 10 Ghost Towns in America

List of Top 10 Ghost Towns in America

There are different places which need to be visited by the people because these are very beautiful and attract most of the people towards them. The world is full of different locations which have beautiful places there and have attraction for the people all over the world especially tourists. Every place has its history which is appealing to the people to visit those places. Every place has its attractions some of them are beautiful, scary and best for the holidays as well. Some places are named as the ghost places because of their scary stories which have killed many people at those places. Scary stories attract some people because of their stories while some of them are man made stories which are spread by the people. The population at these scary places has zero population because of their stories and the ghost history everyone knows it is real fact that ghosts exist. Everyone is curious to know about the places and the history behind them.
The following are top 10 scariest ghost towns located in the whole America:

10. Calico, California:

List of Top Ten Ghost Towns in AmericaCalico ghost town is the place which is a silver mining town from 1880 to 1890 which consists of 500 total mines and the estimated value of these mines is $20 million. But then in 1890 the, value of this place was much decreased and, residents started to leave this place because of the stories of different buildings there. It has different attractions for the people and tourists which include gold planning, historic train tour, mystery shack, and many others. It was completely left by all the residents there.

9. Garnet, Montana:

Top Ten Ghost Towns in AmericaGarnet homes were famous with the name of gold and its mines till 1905 but after that gold was running out from there. A massive fire occurred there in 1912 which has demolished everything there. Then in World War II, some of the citizens were hung by different parties and buildings as well. It is now commonly called as the Montana`s ghost town. Later some of the volunteers started a campaign to get permission to live there in summer, but their applications were rejected due to the ghost stories related to that place.

8. Cahawba, Alabama:

 Top Ten Ghost TownsCahawba is the place which is located in Alabama and is the first capital of that place because of its location and population. It has major risk regarding floods because it has two major rivers near it. It is the main hub for the distribution of cotton and the prison for the soldiers. Till 20th century, all the buildings there were completely demolished and are known as the ghost town, and all the historical and other places are completely ruined there now.

7. Rhyolite, Nevada:

List of Top 10 Ghost Towns in AmericaRhyolite is the town which is commonly called as the Death Valley because of different incidents regarding this town. The whole infrastructure there was completely demolished like its water, electricity and railway as well. Later the earth quake in 1906 was again a disaster for this town, and it also has a museum which has kept all the valuable things of this town in it. It is completely abandoned now because no one lives there now due to the haunted stories occurred there.

6. Bannack State Park, Montana:

 Top 10 Ghost Towns in USABannack State Park is the place which is the territorial capital of whole Montana in 1864. It is very valuable place regarding the gold mines located there. It was then entirely abandoned in 1950 and all the structures there were demolished before that it was a perfectly maintained place and beautiful as well. It now looks like a haunted place because of its all look and the whole environment there and the stories related to this place.

5. St. Elmo, Colorado:

Top Five Ghost Towns in AmericaSt. Elmo is the home of almost 2000 people there and is much rich place due to the silver and gold mines located there. It was founded in 1880 but then was abandoned in 1920. All the residents of this place took the train and left this place permanently. It was an amazingly developed place and features telegraph office, hotel, schools, dance schools, and buildings as well. It is now completely closed and abandoned for the people not open for the locals to visit it.

4. Kennecott, Alaska:

Top 5 Ghost Towns in AmericaKennecott is also an abandoned place located in Alaska, which is known as the largest mining town and also has the largest national park in America. The mines there produced almost $200 million of different natural resources there which made this place much developed. Then in 1930, it started demolishing which also has made the national park as the main attraction for the visitors till now. All the residents there have left their homes, but still people, and tourists came to visit this national park because of its popularity.

3. Thurmond, West Virginia:

Top Three Ghost Towns in AmericaThurmond is the place located in West Virginia which consists of large coal mines in it. It has amazingly developed the entire infrastructure there until 20th century but after that, it started demolishing. The last census has estimated that its population is only 5 now which are surprising for most of the readers. The restoration process is continued there to get the people back there but still they don’t have any interest to get back to this place because of different reasons.

2. Dunton Hot Springs, Colorada:

Top 3 Ghost Towns in AmericaDunton Hot Springs is an entire ghost town which is available for the rent purpose. It held different mining camps which have a large number of population till 1905 but then in 1918 it was demolished completely. It is the main attraction for the tourists from all over the world and us now under major renovation. It is commonly called the perfect ghost town because of different stories and the whole environment of this place, but it was much-developed place before all this destruction.

1. Bodie, California:

Ghost Towns in AmericaBodie is the place which is located in California, which has a large quantity of metal mines there. It consists of a total population of 10,000 people but everything started demolishing there from 1940. All the buildings there started deserting, and the population was then forced to leave this place permanently. It is the biggest ghost town located in the whole America because of the environment and the stories relating to this place.

Ghost Towns in America – Top Ten Places

Sr.No. Names
1 Bodie, California
2 Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado
3 Thurmond, West Virginia
4 Kennecott, Alaska
5 St. Elmo, Colorado
6 Bannack State Park, Montana
7 Rhyolite, Nevada
8 Cahawba, Alabama
9 Garnet, Montana
10 Calico, California


Ghost towns have gained much popularity among the people because their stories get revolving of the people. America is much latest and developed nation but still they have some ghost towns which are completely demolished due to their stories and the events occurred there by different people. People living in these towns are forced to leave their homes due to different reasons.