1. Coach:

List of top ten most expensive wallet brandsCoach is an old brand. It is famous for making leather products. It is making quality leather products for over 50 years. Its leather products are liked everywhere in the world. It is also providing unique designs in leather products. Coach leather wallets are appreciated by mostly men. Its products are stitched beautifully. Coach leather wallets can be used for many years. These are enough to give a luxurious look. It looks impressive to have a coach leather wallet in your pocket. Coach Brand is from America. Its main branch is in New York.

Names of Most Expensive Men Wallet Brands

Sr No. Name Company Stock Price
1 Coach $90
2 Hugo Boss $71
3 Tommy Hilfiger $35
4 Saddleback Leather Company $55
5  Alpine Swiss $35
6 Dosh $75
7 Sharkk $30
8 Joy-nin $20
9 Leatherology $35
10 Spec-Ops. Brand $33
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