4. Saddleback:

World,s most expensive wallets brandsIt is a famous company for men leather wallets. It is producing top quality leather goods. It is a small company. It’s a family leather business. This company is producing leather products on the small scale. Its leather purses are specially designed to cover a small market. So, it has its small and royal customers. Lets re full of characters. These are long lasting. A unique thing about its leather wallets is the warrantee. This company gives the warranty of 100 years. It means its leather will not be defected for the next 100 years. So, if you are in search of a long-lasting purse, then you must go for Saddleback leather company’s wallets.

3. Tommy Hilfiger:

List of most expensive wallets brandsTomy Hilfiger leather wallets are the most stylish ones. These are among world most expensive wallets. It has a wide range of styles for the leather products. Tommy Hilfiger has its stores in many other countries of the world. It is a big name in America among fashion accessories. Its products are sold in big stores. In spite of leather wallets, it is also famous in producing glasses, watches and shoes. Its products are very stylish. These are made slim and traditional.

2. Hugo Boss:

Top ten expensive most wallets in the worldIt is famous bran. This brand is famous in style and luxurious fashion goods. Its products have customers in all over the world. Its fans are found in many countries. Its products are famous for quality, style and smartness. Its wallets look simple in design but still these are very classical. Its wallets are usually black. The black color looks very gorgeous. It is made by the leather of cow.  Simplicity is on the peak in the wallets of boss. But the luxury is also not behind the simplicity. So, if you are in need of a simple and gorgeous wallet, you can go retail shops of Boss.

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