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AFK Cherubini Crib silver and gold

Kids are the most precious gift from GOD to the parents. It’s a blessing of GOD for someone to have children. Parents always wanted to provide every facility to their kids. In providing comfort, parents cross every limit like they do not care if the thing which they are going to buy to add comfort in their child’s life is very expensive and precious. And people usually like to buy expensive items for their child because as a parent it is complicated for them to be satisfied from comforts they are providing to their child as people’s parenting side is compassionate. They never negotiate on the quality of the items which will be under usage of their child. They always try to provide the best product to their child no matter how much the item or product costs. Today’s article is all about the baby products which parents want to provide to their child. So this article is all about the most expensive baby products in the world. After reading the article, you will be aware of the expensive baby products and their prices as well. So let’s have a look.

10.Swarovski Baby bathtub:

List of Most Expensive Baby Products in the WorldThis bathing tub has some special crystals in it. It looks so beautiful and luxurious. It is made by shinning crystals. It will add beauty and elegance to your kid’s washroom. Your kids will enjoy having bath in this beautiful bathtub. You can purchase it in any colour of your choice. You can purchase this amazing bathtub in 3800 dollars. Rich and wealthy parents buy this bathtub to add luxury to their babies life style. It is on number 10 in the list of most expensive infant products. It is very much splendid that your kids will be attracted to it very quickly.

9.AFK Cherubini Crib silver and gold:

Top Ten Most Expensive Baby Products in the WorldThis Crib is made of Gold and Silver. Many parents will see it as wastage of money. But for the parents who can afford it is a special gift for their children. In this Gold and silver crib, your child will look like a little prince or princes. It will tell the world that you are not reluctant of spending money on your infant. It is very stylish. It also provides comfort to your kid while sleeping. It will remain in your kid room intact for many years and will remind your child of your special love and care. Its cost is $4400.

8.The Roddler:

Top 10 Most Expensive Baby Products in the WorldIt is made customized as per the choice of parents. It has many features that will entertain your kid. Your kid will not get bored while sitting in it. You can carry it anywhere. While going for shopping you can take this toddler with you. Its price is $4400. It seat is very soft and provides comfort to kid. Its seat is made by the skin of Alligator. In this toddler, there is also a place to keep iPod. So, your kid can enjoy songs while sitting in it. It is durable and strong just like an aeroplane.

7.Majestic Carriage Crib:

Top 10 Most Luxurious Baby Products in the WorldMajestic Carriage Crib has a unique design. You can take it anywhere in your home as it has movable wheels. It looks so classical and stylish. Its seat is made by leather. It is durable and builds with cedar. Initially, its price was so high. Its starting prices were $19995. Now you can by this majestic carriage crib with $11500. It is the 7th most expensive baby fashion in the world.

6.Swarovski High Chair:

WOrld Most Luxurious Top 10 baby Products in the WorldThis high chair is made by Swarovski. It is a famous baby brand. It is well known for making luxurious baby products. This high chair is another addition to it’s luxurious and expensive baby items range. This Swarovski High Chair is purchased by the famous singers Beyonce and Jay –Z. The couple bought this for their daughter. The couple also gifted one Swarovski High Chair to the baby of celebrity Kim Kardashian. Its price is 15000 dollars; you can also purchase it online. The company also provide the option of customization to the celebrities.

5.Diamond Pacifier:

Top Five Most Expensive Baby Products in the WorldThis diamond pacifier will make you surprised. It has diamonds in it. It is said that it has 18k white gold in it. This diamond pacifier is of no use because its nipple is made by Silicon. So, it is prohibited by experts to use it for your baby. It is introduced by the famous baby products brand Glittering Binky. This brand has introduced many expensive baby items. Usually, its baby items are considered useless. As it is luxurious brand so, wealthy parents love to purchase its products. Its cost is $17000.

4.Floating Baby Bed:

Top 5 Expensive Baby Products in the WorldThis child bed is floating. It serves as the boat for your baby. It has the shape just like old ships. This floating baby bed is made from the pure latex. Wool and Bamboo are also used in its production. It is very much comfortable. It looks very stylish and eye catching. You can purchase this baby bed for your kid for 25000 dollars. It is on number 4th in this list of expensive kids toys.

3.Bespoke Handcrafted Mattress:

Top Three Most Expensive Baby Products in the WorldIt is one of the most luxurious things that is in our list of expensive baby items. Hypnos is a famous brand of making mattresses. It is luxurious mattresses making brand. It has been making mattresses exclusively for the royal family of Great Britain. It has got an honour to make mattresses for prince Harry and William. Its mattresses made for babies are known as bespoke mattresses. These are made by hands. Handcraft mattresses give the chance to parents to order mattresses according to their specifications.  The Bespoke Handcraft Mattress has the cost of $50000. These mattresses are built for different shapes and sizes according to the choice of parents.

2.Fantasy Coach:

Top 5 Most Expensive Baby Products in the WorldThis fantasy coach is made by hands. If you want to purchase this coach you have to give order before some months. It takes almost 6 months to build this fantasy coach. Your kid will feel himself or herself the part of a fairyland when he or she will be in this coach. As its name describes it is made specially to fulfil the fantasies of a baby. Its price is almost $65000. It is made of top quality wood. It is the invention of top quality baby products brand Posh Tots.

1.Solid Gold Pony:

Most Luxurios Baby Product in the WorldOne more totally useless luxury for a baby is this Solid Gold Pony. It is a little horse made by gold. It was built by the famous goldsmith Ginza Tanaka. He has written his name on the front of this gold pony. He made this toy for the Prince Hisahito. Jay-Z famous American singer and husband of Beyonce has also ordered this gold pony for his daughter. This Solid Gold Pony is on number one in the list of most luxurious baby products. Its cost is $600000.

Most Expensive Baby Products in the World

Sr.No. Names $ Cost
1 Solid Gold Pony 600,000
2 Fantasy Coach 65,000
3 Bespoke Handcrafted Mattress 50,000
4 Floating Baby Bed 25,000
5 Diamond Pacifier 17,000
6 Swarovski High Chair 15,000
7 Majestic Carriage Crib 11,500
8 The Roddler 4,400
9 AFK Cherubini Crib silver and gold 4,400
10 Swarovski Baby bathtub 3,800
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